This is a list of episodes for the fan fiction series The New Oddventures of Timmy. It has 9 seasons.

Season 1

1 Voyage to the Bottom of Poof Poof is missing his bottle so Timmy and his fairies go on a big voyage to look for his bottle. November 18, 2010
2A Hey, New Kid After getting to many Fs in Crocker's class, Timmy decides to take a vacation and gets replaced by Remy. November 30, 2010
2B Heather, Heather Quite Contrary Heather moves in to Dimmsdale and falls in love with Timmy, And Trixie gets jealous and must rescue Timmy. November 30, 2010
3A Just The Two Of Us! Again Timmy wishes he and Trixie were the only people on Earth again. And by that Trixie wants to spend some "two of us time" with Timmy so he does. He and Trixie date until it leads to trouble when Timmy rejects Trixie again and wishes for all the people to come back to Earth. Then he fells sorry for Trixie and kisses her. December 1, 2010
3B Eye! Timmy turns into a eye after a wishing accident. December 1, 2010
4A The Ice Cream of Truth When Crocker's obsession with fairies costs him his teaching job, he once again turns his 'Unsuspecting Van' into an ice cream truck. However, it's not just so he could make money. He's also lacing his ice creams with truth serums and asking every kid customer of his if they have fairies. Will he be stopped before Timmy Turner buys some ice cream? December 2, 2010
4B Juandissimo's Bad Day It's Juandissimo's bad day and, as usual, he decides to use it to literally take Wanda away from Cosmo since this is the only day of the Millenium he can do it without Jorgen being able to punish him for this since Da Rules requires every fairy to be bad once every thousand years. December 2, 2010
5A Fishing Timmy and Chester go fishing. Meanwhile Cosmo, Wanda and Poof fall in love with a TV set. December 3, 2010
5B Alejandro Alejandro moves in, And Timmy dosen't belive he's that cool even though he's a hottie and tries to prove it. December 3, 2010
6A Ghostly-Normal Activity Ghosts begin haunting the Turner,s house. December 27, 2010
6B Tests Crocker gives everyone tests for a week. December 27, 2010
7A Sneak Peek Timmy wishes up some sort of contraption to see peoples' childhood, and they all get a sneak peek of Wanda's childhood. Did Wanda and Blonda fight all the time, like Wanda said? Janurary 20, 2011
7B Return Of The Norm Norm returns after a long vacation and tries to capture Timmy, so he can be his godparent. Janurary 20, 2011
8A Chompy is the Mayor! Chompy becomes the mayor. Janurary 29, 2011
8B Where's the Phone? Chester & AJ uses both Pixies' phones as props for their Project at The Science Fair, and Timmy,Cosmo,Wanda and Poof Have to get back the phones since They are Granting Chester and AJ,s wishes.
Note: This episode is a remake of the 1998 "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" short "Where's The Wand?
Janurary 29, 2011
9A Happy Anniversary Jorgen and Tooth Fairy celebrate their Anniversary. February 15, 2011
9B Timmy,s Diary Timmy gets a diary and must stop Vicky from stealing it. February 15, 2011
10A Wah, Wah, Wah! Wanda Gets turned into a baby. Feburary 27, 2011
10B Baby In Training Poof takes fairy lessons from Jorgan Von Strangle. Feburary 27, 2011
11A Every One Hates Timmy After a accident, everyone begins hating Timmy and he runs away and wanders away in a new town and loses his memory. March 8, 2011
11B Get Rid Of Him Timmy tries getting rid of Crocker. March 8, 2011
12A Timmy The Goat Timmy wishes he was a goat, and chaos ensues.. March 19, 2011
12B Jorgen-A-Borgen Fairy World gets ruled by Pixies for no reason. March 19, 2011
13A Great Aunt Theda Turner Timmy's great aunt, Theda, is coming for a vist. March 26, 2011
13B The Pizza Timmy orders a pizza. March 26, 2011
14A Tiner Dash Timmy causes chaos at a Fairy World restaurant. April 5, 2011
14B Pixies Go To Hollywood The Pixies go to Hollywood to complete in a film contest against Cosmo and Wanda. April 5, 2011
15A The Day the Earth Stood on Timmy,s Hands Timmy wished that he was a giant but soon he grows bigger than the earth! April 19, 2011
15B The Return of Flappy Bob Flappy Bob has returned but somehow he is a kid again. April 19, 2011
16A History of Timmy Timmy alters history so it looks like he did everything in order to beat AJ in a history test. April 29, 2011
16B Hocus Pocus Timmy Finds a Magic Hat in the Park. He Reads the Faint Message Written on it. It is Revealed to be a Super Hat. Timmy Could get Any Wish he wanted, All he had to do was tell his wish and tap the hat with the wand 3 times. But when he wished that kids ruled the world, the hat Refused. Timmy tried again. It responded with a growl. Timmy yelled at the hat and threw it on the floor and stomped on it. The hat grew eyes and devil ears and fangs and rose into the sky. Timmy then Tried to run away but fell into a river. the hat then swooped Down and poofed Timmy into a self conscious world. Timmy then tried to call for Wanda and Cosmo but the self Conscious world was magic proof. Now how can Timmy escape the horrible mess He Made? April 29, 2011
17A The Return Of Nega Timmy Nega Timmy returns and Timmy must beat him up. May 8, 2011 The Return Of Nega Timmy
17B Catman Meets The Crimson Chin Again Catman meets The Crimson Chin again and somehow they must compelete against each other to see which will the bestest hero on Earth. May 8, 2011 Catman Meets The Crimson Chin Again
18A Rub Soap on Poof Timmy rubs a tooth brush on Poof's pants. Than he wishes that whenever he rubs soap on Poof, it'll protect him, Cosmo and Wanda from getting kidnapped by Mr. Crocker. May 19, 2011
18B Rise 'n' Shinpe! Timmy wishes he was Poof. During the 1st and 2nd Poof's nap, the second Poof wishes he was Timmy again. May 19, 2011

Season 2

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
19-20 Channel Chasers 2: The Great Escape Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof runaway to the television again. And Timmy's parents find him again, but the the Pixies and the fairy officers chase them in the car (parody of Flushed Away). The Mad Hatter, The March Hare, and 52 SWAT Dormouse will stop their car. July 9, 2011 Channel Chasers 2 The Great Escape
21A Giant Cradle Poof is tired so going into the goldfish bowl so Timmy decides to poof him up a cradle so he can sleep right next to him. Timmy's parents find out and take Poof to the store since Timmy said its a toy. July 14, 2011
21B Super Dog Poof is bored and Timmy decides to wish Poof a dog. Poof plays with it but eventually poofs out of the house and Cosmo and Wanda have no idea where he goes. Can Timmy help out? July 14, 2011
22A Poofy Words Timmy starts to act like Poof after bumping his head on a wall. July 22, 2011
22B Sing a Song of Cosmo Cosmo stinks at singing so Timmy wishes he was the best singer ever. July 22, 2011
23A Ms. Sunshine Model Pirate Timmy wishes that Ms. Sunshine was the beautiful and fantastic model pirate. And it makes Crocker jealous. July 31, 2011
23B Fairly Crock Parent Mr Crocker turns into a fairy to get Timmy's fairies. July 31, 2011
24A Timmy TV 2 Timmy discovers Fairy World is making a TV show called "Timmy TV 2" and he's stared on it. August 14, 2011
24B Kung Timmy 2 Timmy learns Kung-Fu again and he must now defend Trixie from Francis and save his school. August 30, 2011
25A The Masked Magican 2 Timmy wishes to be the Masked Magican again and he must rescue Dimmsdale from a volcano. August 30, 2011
25B Fly Boy 2 Timmy becomes a fly again. His fairies become flies too. Now he must escape due to a disaster that his parents believe he is a fly. Can Timmy wish himself back to normal or will he and his fairies become flies forever? August 30, 2011
26A It's A Wished Up Life Timmy discovers his life is wished up. September 12, 2011
26B Timmy's 2-D House of Scares Timmy wishes for 2-D scary glasses to scare away the Anti-Fairies. September 12, 2011
27A Dad Overborad 2 Mr. Turner gets casted away on an island. Now Timmy, his mom and his fairies will have to rescue him or else Mr. Turner will be stuck as a homeless father forever. September 23, 2011
27B Timmy Triple Timmy wishes for 2 copies of himself because he is tired of getting babysitted by Vicky. September 23, 2011
28A Turnerdepence Day Timmy and his parents celebrate 4th of July with a huge picnic. October 9, 2011
28B AJ Gets An A MINUS AJ breaks down after getting an A- on the class test. Now Timmy has to Convince him that Life isn't all About Getting A+,s. October 9, 2011
29A Wedding in Disaster Timmy goes back in time to see his mom and dad's wedding after Cosmo destroys the Turner house and all of the documents in it. October 15, 2011
29B A Girl Called Charlotte Timmy becomes friends with A.J.'s new true love Charlotte. October 15, 2011
30A Timputer Timmy turns into a computer. October 23, 2011
30B Francis Magic Timmy Finds out that Francis has a Godparent Named Madonna who is Revealed to Be Wanda,s Sister. Francis finds out that Timmy Found out and Challenges Him to a Magical Duel. Who will Win? October 23, 2011
31A Allergy of Doom Timmy discovers he is allergic to Goldfish. Novemeber 3, 2011
31B Love Arrow Fun Timmy, Cosmo, & Poof have fun with Cupid's love arrows causing them to fall in love with different people of Dimmsdale. Meanwhile Wanda helps Blonda audition for a musical called "Blonda: The Muscial Starring Blonda". Novemeber 3, 2011
32A Presto Change-O 2 Timmy swaps minds with people again. Novemeber 12, 2011
32B Timmy Hero Timmy becomes a hero after saving Stiffy. Novemeber 12, 2011
33A Vicky Cloned Vicky clones herself 10 times. Novemeber 25, 2011
33B Presto Change-O 3 Vicky steals the joy buzzer to swap brains with people. Novemeber 25, 2011
34A Timmy's Vacation Adventure Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof go on a vacation. December 14, 2011
34B The Cosmo Files Cosmo makes his own file on Timmy's computer. December 14, 2011
35A Return to Unwish Island Timmy returns back to Unwish Island and he tries looking for his unwished wishes. Meanwhile Poof and Cosmo are making sculptures. December 23, 2011
35B Fairy Attack Cosmo gets caused with a disease known as the "Fairy Attack", a thing that each time a fairy sneezes magic comes out of there mouth. Now Wanda and Timmy have to get him better before he becomes worst. December 23, 2011
36A The Rich Kids on Wave At the beach, Timmy finds out Trixie, Tad, Chad, Veronica, and Remy are surfing on the waves. Timmy joins in the fun while Timmy's parents relax. December 31, 2011
36B Bath Time Timmy Timmy dreams of surfing in his bathtub. December 31, 2011
37A Navy Father Timmy's dad joins in the navy to make his son proud. Janurary 8, 2012
37B Rock-A-Bye Police Woman Poof's baby magic accidentally turns the police woman into a baby and Timmy and his fairies must babysit her to make her normal again. Feburary 6, 2012
38A Timmy and the Beanstalk Timmy drops a magic beanstalk (made by Cosmo), and one morning the bean grows very big and Timmy, his fairies, and parents discover a big castle. Then they see a huge giant and they try to find a way out. Feburary 27, 2012
38B Hound Dog Cosmo becomes a hound dog. Janurary 8, 2012
39A Chubby Bubbies Poof plays with his chubby bubbies. Feburary 6, 2012
39B Bad Luck's 4th Gleaming Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda return for revenge, and it's at the Dimmsdale 128th Air Show! Feburary 27, 2012
40 A Tale of Two Trixie's After another rejection, Timmy Turner loses all hope that he and Trixie Tang will ever be together. But once again a few choice words land him in a position he couldn't have possibly seen coming… Feburary 27, 2012
41A Date with Tootie Timmy is in love with Tootie and he takes her for his first date. Feburary 26, 2012
41B Crocker's Plan Crocker must plan to capture fairy godparents. Feburary 26, 2012
42A Air Four-ce Hon: Part 1 Timmy wishes his teeth were perfect. As a result, he instantly becomes popular. With this newfound popularity, he becomes the president, and takes Trixie Tang, Veronica, and Tad and Chad on an around-the-world flight in Air Force One, but then the fuel runs out. Feburary 25, 2012
42B Air Four-ce Hon: Part 2 When we last left Timmy, he was pummeling downward at an alarming rate in Air Force One. So Timmy wishes that the fuel tank was full, and the plane continues. However, Timmy doesn't want this to happen again, so he wishes everything back to normal. Feburary 25, 2012

Season 3

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
43A Baby Go Boom When Poof gets hurt by Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda don't talk to Timmy. Feburary 24, 2012
43B Ya' Wanna The Da Future Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof go to the fairy matchmaker to see what Poof will look like when he is grown. March 3, 2012
44A Wrench! Timmy meets Wrench, a goth 10 year old girl that has godparents. April 1, 2012
44B Old Mc Timmy's Timmy spends his time in a Wild West camp with his friends and fairies. April 2, 2012
45A Crocker's Big Chance Crocker finds his true love, who helps him sucessfully capture a fairy. April 3, 2012
45B This Old Monkey Timmy wishes that an old monkey at the zoo can talk. The monkey tricks Timmy into taking him home, which gets him into much trouble with the zookeeper. March 30, 2012
46A The Big Sleepy Timmy goes to bed one night, and by Poof's baby magic, he wakes up a giant. May 1, 2012
46B Hospital Expedition Timmy goes on a huge journey in the hospital for Poof, who gets lost in there, while Cosmo and Wanda are on vacation. May 1, 2012
47A Small Problems Timmy wishes he were the size of an ant for his school project, but Vicky tries to squish him several times. April 22, 2012
47B Buggy Bites Poof gets a rare case of Buggy Bites. April 4, 2012
48A Poof's First Tooth Cosmo and Wanda prepare for Poof's first baby tooth. May 30, 2012
48B The Girl Who Got Away Timmy dates Veronica to make Trixie jealous. August 1, 2012
49 A Plan Gone Right For Once Anti-Wanda has hatched up a plan to steal an unmentioned crystal, while Anti-Cosmo is sick, and is disguised as a human called I.M.A. Bloo Hugh Mann. However, after a long while, Anti-Wanda is revealed, and takes the crystal. Yet, the power of the crystal is too powerful to handle. May 30, 2012
50A Wish Rehab! Timmy is sent to "Wish Rehab" to reconsider his method and style of wishing, since it usually turns out bad. September 2, 2012
50B And Now Anti-Fairy Episode #5 The Anti-Fairies make a fifth episode to destroy Fairy World. August 30, 2012
51A Poof Goes The Weasel Timmy wishes that Poof had a pet, (which is a weasel) but the weasel is atcually Norm in disguise! August 29, 2012
51B A Poof Cartoon While on a walk, Poof wanders away on a construction site,and Timmy,Wanda and Cosmo must protect him from danger! August 31, 2012
52A Go To Sleep Timmy Timmy tries to take a nap after a long night September 1, 2012
52B Evil Wanda A anti-spell causes Wanda to act evil and Timmy tries to stop her or she'll be bad forever. November 30, 2012
53A Creating Chaos! Timmy makes too many chaos in his house after he wishes for a toy copy machine, a wished up machine that makes you copy toys. Janurary 13, 2013
53B One Crock Banned Timmy and his fairies go back in time to 1985 to see how Crocker got banned from Cincinnati. October 11, 2012
54A The Attack of Wandazilla Timmy makes Cosmo throw Wanda her own parade, but after a lighting strike hits one of the floats, Cosmo and Timmy must battle a 50 foot Wanda float. October 12, 2012
55B Super Timmyo World Timmy goes to a "Super Mario World" game parody to save Trixie. October 12, 2012
54A Po-Timmy-cally Correct Timmy is turned reality with the help of Poof and all kinds of politically is on the loose in Dimmsdale. November 30, 2012
55B Duel Triangle Poof battles Foop in many Fairy Duel Compentions to win Goldie's love. November 29, 2012
56A Abra-Catastrophe 2 Timmy Has another Fairyversary with His Godparents. November 28, 2012 Abra Catastrophe 2
56B My Name's Not Floot Foop get mistaken for a name after a name tag gets stuck on him. November 27, 2012 My Name's Not Floot
57A Wrong Squid in Town Mandie gets mistaken for a alien which is Timmy. Can Mark, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof rescue him? April 5, 2013 Wrong Squid In Town
57B Chicken Poofs 2 Poof gets Chicken Poofs again. April 5, 2013 Chicken Poofs 2
58A GodParent's Wish All of the GodParents become zombies to scare children in the house. August 2, 2013
58B Summer Bummer Time Vicky babysits every child in Dimmsdale while all of the parents are wished of to Florida. August 1, 2013
59A Imaginary Gary's Last Stand Timmy's Imaginary friend Gary, who got defeated by Timmy in "Imaginary Gary" and "Escape to Unwish Island" tries to finally get revenge on Timmy. August 3, 2013
59B The Fairy Games Cosmo & Wanda need to win the trophy or else they’ll work for the Pixies. October 2, 2013
60A Crocker Loses His Icky Crocker is meaner than ever so Timmy wishes he was nice. October 2, 2013
60B Toying With The Pixies There's a new toyshop in Dimmsdale that is owned by the Pixies and Timmy and his fairies go in it. October 2, 2013
61A 101 Fools Cosmo copies himself 101 times and the answer is chaos. December 1, 2013
61B Fieldtrip of Doom Timmy goes on a fieldtrip, but he meets Mrs Sunshine a.k.a. Mrs. Doombringer who's back again for her horrible revenge. December 2, 2013

Season 4

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
62A The Love Dinner Timmy comes to Cupid's early breakfast and Cosmo wins a toy at the skill crane. Meanwhile Cupid and Poof get in a fight about love. Feburary 14, 2014
62B Cosmo's Baby Burp It's Cosmo's birthday and Timmy helps him make wool beacause he has a burping disorder. Feburary 12, 2014
63A Vicky Quits Timmy makes Vicky cry and she quits. Now Timmy needs a new babysitter... But maybe is Vicky less Icky then the new ones. Feburary 13, 2014
63B Coupe la Cosmo Feeling ignored by Timmy, Wanda, and Poof during the day, Cosmo gets work as a haircutter but his new boss, Mr. Edwards is none other than Big Daddy. Feburary 15, 2014
64A Take This You The Pixies start an rap show to brainwash the fairies. Feburary 16, 2014
64B It's Raining Gumballs Everyone in Dimmsdale falls for raining gumballs. March 25, 2014
65A Norm's Last Stand Norm tries to destory the earth and Fairy World. May 30, 2014
65B Fairy Change Day Cosmo becomes AJ's fairy godparent for one day, and Wanda from Chester while Poof becomes Timmy's godparent. June 3, 2014
66A Crismon Love The Crimson Chin falls in love with Vicky. June 4, 2014
66B The Truth Crocker shows that fairies exist in Fairy World, and this time they believe them. June 2, 2014
67A Bug Bash The town is full of nasty bugs and Timmy has to take care of them. June 1, 2014
67B Pinheads Timmy uses magic to win a bowling match (for fun) but he must enter the championship August 22, 2014
68A The Curse on a Crock Norm uses a curse to let everyone in Dimmsdale act like Crocker. August 22, 2014
68B Timmy's Magic Touch Everyone who gets touched by Timmy must obey him. August 22, 2014
69A The Chip Family Chip Skylark is having "Parents Day". His father, mother and grandfather are coming to visit. Chip is embarressed and needs Timmy's help to make Chip's family think he's smart. September 14, 2014
69B Love Is In The Chairs Gary wants revenge of Timmy by stealing Tootie from him and making her his fiance. Timmy must stop him before it's too late. September 14, 2014
70A Curse Of The Fair-Wolf Cosmo gets bitten by a "fair wolf", causing him to turn into a fair-wolf himself, which is mixture of a vampire and a werewolf attacking Timmy, Poof, and Wanda! Now the three know the cure to change a fair-wolfis for him to touch garlic but where are they are going to find it? December 3, 2014
70B TV Nebula Timmy wishes that he was in the Crash Nebula TV show because he thinks reality is stupid. He gets proclaimed as Crash Nebula's sidekick, with Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda. But soon his action is affecting not just the Crash Nebula universe, but the real world as well! Can Timmy escape this space nightmare. December 2, 2014
71A No Parents! Timmy wishes there were no adults on earth. December 1, 2014
71B Timmy's Karate Timmy wishes he was the best karate kid ever. December 3, 2014
72A One Less Wanda Timmy makes more wishes for Cosmo, so Wanda quits being Timmy's godparent. January 8, 2015
72B Too Much Veggies Timmy stops eating veggies. January 8, 2015
73A I Don't Like Golide Lulu, a girl who has a crush on Poof, hates Golide and Poof has to figure out why. January 9, 2015
73B Smellmentary School 2 Foop creates a new school to get rid of every fairy including Poof. January 9, 2015
74A Foop's Great Escape Foop tries to escape from jail to defeat the fairies. January 10, 2015
74B Crock Shock Crocker becomes normal again. January 10, 2015
75A Fairlyastic Voyage Timmy has too much wishing, so Poof, Cosmo, & Wanda travel inside Timmy's body. January 11, 2015
75B Bummer! There's a Twister! A storm happens at the capital of Dimmsdale. January 11, 2015
76A Toolin Deadly Mr. Crocker goes in the Turners' house to pretend to be good and to not capture Timmy's fairies. But Timmy and his fairies are in danger because Crocker is not good. January 12, 2015
76B Trading and Change Timmy and Vicky switch brains. January 12, 2015
77-79 A Fairly OddMusical Timmy is sick of being treated like a miserable kid because of Vicky and staying in the house with her. So he tries to get treated like a adult but things change when he begins to fall in love with Tootie and marry her. He will also miss his godparents because Da Rules makes kids give up fairy godparents when they grow up. Timmy and Tootie are happily married at the end of the musical. January 13, 2015
80A Loving the World Timmy thinks he loves the world. March 4, 2015
80B Timmy's World Record Timmy makes a world record to run at the Dimmsdale Olympics. April 3, 2015
81A Cosmo's World Cosmo makes his own world. March 4, 2015
81B The Water's Gone Dimmsdale runs out of water and Timmy has to solve the case. April 3, 2015
82A Rock The Butt Timmy and Poof start a rock band. June 25, 2015
82B Go To The Ocean Timmy and friends go to the ocean. June 25, 2015
83A Sea You Timmy becomes a sailor. June 25, 2015
83B Summer Procrastion Timmy is stuck doing a report on summer break. June 25, 2015
84A Kid Forever I Poof tries to stay as a kid forever. July 4, 2015
84B Kid Forever 2 Poof tries to go back to his original baby age. August 6, 2015

Season 5

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
85A Cheerleader Trixie Trixie joins cheerleading.
85B Biggest Kid On A Block When Poof is playing blocks Timmy breaks it and Timmy must buy a new set but the people laugh at him.
86A Beddy Bye Timmy Timmy makes a giant pillow which causes trouble.
86B The Bear Turner Timmy turns into a bear to stop a bully in the Winter, and after he gets home, he sleeps, but the next morning he tries to wake up. Wanda then discovers he's hibernating, but they can't wish him out. 
87A The Bone Dance Timmy creates a bone dance for science.
87B Cotten Candy Head Timmy accidently gets his head stuck in a cotton candy machine, and Cosmo, Wanda and Poof can't wish it off!
88A Timmy Twice Timmy wishes for a rocket so he can go to the moon. But when he fires the rocket, he burns down the house. Timmy's parents make him rebuild it, and to make sure he does they hire Vicky to watch him. To get away with it, he wishes for a clone of himself. When he tells his clone to build the house, he obays. But when the clone finishes, Cosmo and Wanda can't tell the two apart. So they have a contest to see who the real Timmy is.
88B RemyxTrixie Timmy discovers Trixie has fallen in love with Remy. He can't redo the wish because magic can't wish the love. Can he try this on his own.
89A Car Repair Timmy sends with the help of Dudley and Kitty (from Tuff Puppy) to repair Dad's Striker Z.
89B Big Mommy's Visit Big Mommy visits Wanda.
90A Wanda's Affair Wanda makes a affair with Cosmo.
90B Timmy On Trial Timmy starts a trail after someone breaks Poof's favorite water squirter.
91A Working On Raceway Timmy gets a job for the Dimmsdale Raceway.
91B Big Daddy's Wedding Wanda's dad gets married to Ninnie.
92A Timmy the Hedgehog Timmy, AJ, Chester, Tootie and his godparents get sucked into TV on video game.
92B The Last School Timmy must fight with Crocker on the last day of school.
93A Train Express Timmy must do job on the train express.
93B Best Day Ever Timmy is so happy because Vicky is gone.
94A Wrath Of The Fairy Queen Wanda's wand turns her into a queen and everyone must obey her. Can Timmy try to make Wanda go back to normal.
94B Timmy Meets Vickszlla Vicky drinks some strange drank and becomes a monster and destroys the town.
95A Boiling Fury Elmer, the boil kid becomes mad and tries to rule the world and gets rid of everyone who make fun of him.
95B Fairly Anti-Parents Instead of Cosmo, Poof and Wanda, Anti-Cosmo, Foop and Anti-Wanda becomes Timmy's godparents, but then everything becomes more drastic when Crocker discovers them.
96A Born To Be Evil Remy loses Juandisimo because of a stupid wish, but when he meets Norm they decide to get revenge on Timmy (and Jorgen to get back Jaundisimo).
96B Timmy's Thanksgiving Timmy wants to have a good Thanksgiving with Papi.
97A The Cursed One! Greg and the other atlanticans find Timmy and they want to get rid of him.
97B Happy Bob? Flappy Bob is still a clown, but the Pixies want him back as a buisnessman.
Note: In this episode there are also 3 new songs and another version of the Pixie Rap and a reprise of the 3 new songs. 
98A Hug Me Brother Tommy (from Oh, Brother) is back from Unwish Island and asks Timmy's parents to go with him back to Tibequador, which is actually Unwish Island, where the most dangerous wishes of Timmy lives.
98B UnToy Story Timmy tries to look for his old toys in his closet.
99A So This Is It? The end of the world is coming, that is what everyone in Dimmsdale thinks so everyone gets flashbacks and tell them on their own way (this flashbacks are also scenes from other episodes).
99B The Timmy & Cosmo Show Simon wants a show with Timmy & Cosmo in the spotlight! (just like the Drake & Josh show).
100A Remind Your Better Days Remy is back from jail and want to take ultimate revenge on Timmy, Timmy's godparents, Norm and...Juandismo.
100B Grandpa's Back In Town Timmy's grandpa is back and Timmy wishes to make some fun in the Old West. 
101A Mr. Fairlyson Sanderson the Pixie gets fired and wants to become a fairy.
101B Boo Are You Scared Yet? Cosmo tries to scare Poof, Timmy and Wanda, without succes. So Timmy wishes Cosmo is a little scarier but he becomes the most awful creature of the world.
102A Sick and Twisted Timmy is sick and his parents have to take care of him, but the sickness wouldn't take off, and his godparents can't grant wishes for months.
102B Catman, Get A Life Timmy hurts Catman's feelings and Catman becomes a villain.
103A Do Not Rub The Lamp Timmy has to get rid of the lavalamp with Norm in it.
103B Poof's Birthday Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda celebrate Poof's birthday.

Season 6

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
104 Super Odd Chester Chester finally becomes a superhero.
105 Vicky's 16 Wishes Vicky gets a wand from Fairy World and make 16 wishes. But then Timmy's parents start treating Vicky like an adult and she can't babysit Timmy anymore. This makes Timmy happy but not Vicky. Vicky now tries to find a way to be a babysitter.
106-107 The Adam Poof TV's Adam West is sick on the day of the new movie, Adult Baby, and needs Poof to do the work now. But things go away when the director, Lillian Kerpackter (Tara Strong), steals Poof and put him in her movie, The Girl Crush.
108A Camp Farms Mr. Turner takes Timmy and his fairies camping at a farm.
108B Timmy's First Kiss Timmy finally gets his first kiss from Trixie Tang in a wedding.
109A A Fairly Odd Vacation Every 1500 years every fairy in the universe takes a 7 day vacation, but Vicky has been at her meanest and Mr. and Mrs. Turner have to wirk double shifts. Will Timmy survive the weekend?
109B Gone Wishin Mr. Turner wants to take Timmy on a fishing trip so he brings Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof but things take a turn for the worse.
110A TV Time Timmy wishes his world was like a TV show he saw.
110B I'm Crazy 4 U Timmy thinks he found the perfect way to finally get Trixie.
111A There's Something About Timmy Now Timmy is 11 he thinks he's crazy because he sees fairies.
111B Cosmo Rules, Wanda Nags Mama Cosma keeps an TV quiz. If Wanda loses she will be trown into a pit of crocodiles, if Cosmo loses he has to leave Poof, Timmy, and Wanda and has to leave with his mom.
112A The Game Madness Timmy tries not to use magic in a game.
112B Timmy Cosma Wanda and Timmy switch lives for a day.
113A Somewhere Over The Rainbow Crocker uses his new invention and finds Fairy World and want to destroy it.
113B TV Comedian Timmy wants to be a comedian on TV.
114A Twice the Timmy, Twice the Chaos Timmy clones himself.
114B Lightning Files Timmy becomes superfast.
115A Catman Around Timmy buys a cat (called Garfield) but it makes Cosmo, Poof, Wanda, and Catman jealous and unhappy.
115B Timmy vs. Tommy Timmy meets Tommy Pickles from All Grown Up!
116A The Day of Maternity Timmy thinks Maternity Day is here so he has to know why.
116B Prisoner Power Timmy gets prisoner powers from Dark Laser.
117A A.J. and the Bear Timmy wishes that every kid in the world could have a pet (even if they already have one). Everyone gets pets like dogs and cats except A.J., who now has a problem. A big, hairy, smelly, 100 pound problem. He got a bear! What will he do?
117B Vicky's Revenge Vicky wants to get revenge on a boy who stood her up at the Valentine's Day Dance. Her scientest cousin Julie creates a potion that will make her beautiful, but instead it turns her into a huge alien monster. She decides to attack everyone in Dimmsdale. Can Timmy save the day?
118A Timmy Turner Go-Go Hour Cosmo and Wanda go away for a day for fairy training. Meanwhile the Turner's bathroom is broken. Timmy and Poof now must find a bathroom after drinking to much fizzy drinks.
118B Cosmo's Day Off Cosmo decides to take a day off. But Timmy forgets that Cosmo made a machine that could suck up the world. Now Timmy and Wanda must find Cosmo before they all get sucked in.
119A The Big Wish Timmy wishes kids were adults and adults were kids!
119B Vicky's Move When Vicky moves Timmy gets a horrible new sitter, so Timmy must get Vicky back.
120A Make Me Over Wanda gets a makeover, than every male fairy wants her!
120B Cosmos and Wandas Timmy makes a whole bunch of other Cosmos and Wandas and they're everywhere, Poof and Timmy now have to find the real Cosmo and Wanda.
121A Timmy Rides Again A new kid wants the skatepark, Timmy must retrain to keep his title.
121B Unpopular Girl Timmy exposes Trixie's tom-boy secret and now Timmy has to find a way to make her popular again.
122A Remy's Back Remy's back with a more horrible plan to make Timmy loose his fairies.
122B High School Days Cosmo and Wanda tell Timmy how they met.
123A Exposed Timmy Timmy goes to school naked.
123B Timmy the Movie A director want to make a Timmy Movie and hires an actor to follow him around to study his Timmyness. Now Timmy can't make a wish!
124A Timmy's Girlfriend Timmy gets a girlfriend. Trixie and Tootie team up to get rid of her.
124B Crocker's A Go-Go Crocker makes a go-kart ride to forget about fairies.

Season 7

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
125A Stupid Peace Timmy almost breaks Trixie's heart so he writes her a sorry letter to her.
125B You Poof You Lose Tired of not winning in baseball, Timmy wishes for a magic baseball glove to win, but magic forbids winning and Timmy has to face it himself.
126A The Eleventh Day Trixie has always been sad on this day, and Timmy has to figure out why.
126B The Last Leaf Timmy wishes the machine would go fast, but his parents try to tell Timmy to stop the machine.
127A The Hidden Fairy Timmy discovers that Wanda is locked in the fish castle and lost her wand. He trys to tell Cosmo and Poof but they won't listen.
127B Ice Cosmo Cosmo has blue hair and trys to cure it.
128A The Science Test Grade Timmy wishes that his science test was wonderful so Mr. Crocker could give Timmy an A plus on his test and his parents will be proud of his test.
128B Cosmo's Train Station Timmy wishes that Cosmo made the best train station down in Fairy World.But Poof destroys Cosmo's train station in Fairy World and Cosmo tries to fix it.
129A Mama Cosma vs. Cupid Timmy wishes there were in Cupid's house to see a race challenge between Cupid and Mama Cosma.
129B Tootie In Love Tootie falls in love with Timmy because he thinks he can kiss Tootie on the lips, then Tootie breaks up with Timmy and he finds an another girl, Trixie Tang.
130A Book in Time After Crocker gives the class a quiz on a book they will have to finish in two days, Timmy reads the book, and accidentally wishes himself back in time where he meets a kid named Pippy.
130B Timmy's Pets Timmy wishes for some pets, and Poof wishes him up a cat and a mouse. The next morning, Timmy finds that the cat and mouse have escaped, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, and Timmy must find the cat and mouse before Timmy's parents get home
131A School Ruled A new kid arrives at Timmy's school. The new student befriends Francis and becomes the new school bully.
131B Can You Smell Me Now? After three weeks of not bathing, Timmy starts to smell bad, So bad, that people complain, even faries. Because of this, Jorgen Von Strangle threatens to take away Wanda, Poof and Cosmo from Timmy.
132A Simple as Pi Timmy is getting tired of Mr. Crocker always popping quizzes on them, so his parents decide to send him to math camp. The teachers are Trixie’s mom and A.J.’s dad. They always give them math tests and Timmy tries his hardest to get an A. One day Timmy sees that Mr. Crocker is associating with the parents and Timmy gets upset. Timmy then wishes that Mr. Crocker would ask them easy test questions when he went to school. He also wishes that every time they get a math test, the questions are the same difficulty. Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda grant the wish, but Timmy doesn’t know that the questions are easy in terms of A.J.’s brain level. Timmy then takes the test and finds out that it is hard and he tries to un wish the wish. Unfortunately, Mr. Crocker says that their math tests are now math games since they are all failing.
132B DJ Wanda It is spring in Dimmsdale and there are going to be tons of spring parties. In Fairy World, they are having a huge party and they need a DJ. Cosmo and Binky audition, but Jorgen says that they have no strength or are not funny. Cosmo then tries to sneak back on stage, but Wanda says that he shouldn’t even try. In Dimmsdale, Timmy notices that Cosmo and Wanda aren’t there, so he wishes that he could find out where they go everyday and for an explanation. They grant his wish and Timmy finds out about their need for a DJ. Timmy wishes that there was a device that could play the favorite music of a fairy, so that they could find a DJ. The device shows that Cosmo would play elevator music at the party; it shows that Binky would play children’s songs, but when the device is used on Wanda it shows that Wanda would play a mix of hip-hop and rock songs. Jorgen says that Wanda is just the fairy for the job of DJ. On the day of the party, Wanda is the DJ and starts the party with a good combination of hip-hop and rock when Cosmo appears and starts playing Scottish music and everyone gets upset with Wanda. Wanda gets hit with so much food that she leaves her DJ position and Jorgen decides that he would “pump up the party".
133A Mom Knows Best Mom is getting tired, and Timmy makes it worse! Timmy then wishes his Mom was smart. But all that smartness made the customers bored.
133B Fairly Divided Timmy accidentally makes a wish that destroys Fairy World. As punishment, Timmy must choose which godparent stays with him and which godparent goes to fairy jail. Will he choose the smart, safe, Wanda, the cute, baby Poof, or will he pick the funny, lovable, Cosmo?
134A Cosmo In The Closet Norm the genie locks Cosmo in the closet so he can easily destroy Wanda because their power is strongest when they're together and Cosmo is too stupid to open the closet door. Can Cosmo open the door and save his wife?
133B Invader Tim The Yugoputamians call Timmy to save them when the Irken Armada is going to destroy Yugoputiamia.
134A Cosmo's Worst Nightmare Jaundissmo uses one of Cupid's love arrows to make Wanda fall for him. Can Cosmo reverse the arrow's effect?
134B Jorgen Von Strangled When a kidnapper is out to get Jorgen, he calls Cosmo and Wanda to act as his bodyguards.
135A Journey To The Center Of Chester Chester has a disease that if not treated,he will perish from. So Timmy, Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda go inside Chester's body to cure him.
135B Cosmo's Brain Timmy wishes Cosmo was smart. That makes him too smart and he neglects Wanda and Poof.Elsewhere, since Cosmo is smart, Anti-Cosmo is turning into an idiot! Can Timmy, Poof, Wanda, and Anti-Cosmo get back the idiot they knew and loved?
136A Mighty Mom And Dyno Dad Meet Crash Nebula When the Cluchulacks invade, Timmy wishes that Crash Nebula was there. Once Crash isn't enough,timmy wishes that his parents had superpowers again.
136B Resident Magic Timmy wishes to see some zombies, but the zombies start to terrorize the town and use Trixie's mansion as a base. It's up to Poof, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda to save the town from the undead.
137A Goodnight Anti-Cosmo pays his favorite godchild a late night visit.
137B Where Is Cosmo? Cosmo gets lost.
138A The Worst Detention Ever Timmy gets detention with Crocker. He's used to the mind-numbing hour of tortue spent after school with his teacher, and the fights that come with it. But he never expected for detention to get so dangerous,or doing something he never thought he would do.
138B Home Alone Timmy's mom and dad leave Timmy alone at home.
139A Poof! There it is! Foop and Poof have yet another clash this time at sports.
139B Replacing Brains Cosmo switches bodies with Timmy.
140A Timmy's First Date Timmy finally dates Trixie at her house. But Tootie plans horrible pranks and let's Trixie out of the house. Timmy is now dating Tootie and now he needs to find Trixie.
140B Shooting Star Timmy has finally won Trixie's heart and is now one of the popular kids at school, but not after stepping on a few people to get there first, and after a magic breakdown at Fairy World, Timmy is on his own without magic to right what he made wrong.
141-142 Wishology: The Alternate Story A year has passed since Timmy has returned from his time traveling adventures with his uncle. Now, he must face the toughest challenge and battle yet, the Darkness. Now, Timmy must rely on his friends and his secret to defeat the Darkness.

Season 8

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
143A Super Bee Cosmo finally becomes a superhero called "Super Bee".
143B Poof's Visit Poof visits Big Daddy's house.
144A Wanda Scoof Timmy wishes Wanda didn't care about Poof. But it leads to chaos after Poof gets into the hands of Denzel Crocker!
144B Making Some Big Millions Timmy wishes he had two million dollars! But after Vicky comes to babysit Timmy and only looks for money, Timmy gives Vicky half his money.
145A Timmy-Toe Timmy accidently wishes he was in a tic-tac-toe game! Now it's up to Cosmo, Wanda and Poof to save Timmy from losing the game!
145B Anti-Vicky Vicky finds her anti version of herself, Anti-Vicky. So Vicky decides to defeat Anti-Vicky.
146A The Wish Of A Star Timmy discovers a shooting star in Fairy World and thinks it's turning Fairy World purple.
146B Timmy's Dream Land Thanks to a wish by Cosmo, Timmy goes into a world filled with dreams.
147 Fairly New Parents After Timmy's horribly bad day, ending with his parents saying they don't love him, Timmy wishes for Cosmo and Wanda to be his parents. However, this wish comes with multiple dire consiquences.
148A Wanda at Large Timmy has made a wish that had made Wanda large and Wanda is under the spell which makes her evil. Cosmo is the only person to stop her.
148B South Beach Florida Timmy,AJ, and Chester get invitations to a beach party at South Beach Florida. But it's a trap. There trapped by Norm the Genie.
149A My Mom, the Dark Super Villain When Mrs. Turner, disputes with Timmy, she is kidnapped and transformed in the dark super villain by Dark Laser. Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Baby Poof, Jorgen, Juandissimo and Cupid, go on a mission to save her. Meanwhile, Crocker accuses Chester and A.J. for the Survival Trial.
149B Moarsdale Dimmsdale is replaced with Moarsdale.
150A Crockmare on Elm Street On a trip to Elm Street, Timmy thinks Elm Street is covered with Crockers. He also thinks its a ghostly trio of Crockers. Can he try to get rid of them.
150B Tootie the Bully After Timmy and Trixie have a day of fun, Tootie tries to get Timmy back by pretending to be a bully.
151A It Came From Timmy Space Poof one night has a dream and in it, he thinks the planet is covered with Timmys.
151B Mom, I Can Talk Now Wanda discovers Poof can talk in full language. Timmy and Cosmo do too.
152A Mommathon Mom enters a marathon in Dimmsdale. And tired of slowing up Timmy wishes his mom could run better. But magic disappears during the marathon and she got's to win it.
152B Two in One Timmy buys two Crash Nebula videos from the store and he and his fairies watch them.
153A Less Torture, More Fun Vicky babysits Timmy for the entire week, and he's badly tortured by her. Cosmo and Wanda are having a hard time too, due to Jorgen's usual pain. Timmy's tired of Vicky so he wishes that there was no such thing as torture. The Yugopotamiams, however, replace torture with death! Cosmo's and Wanda's wands lost their power due to Fairy World thieves stealing Fairy World's power, but Jorgen can't stop them because he is no longer unfriendly. To end the madness, Timmy and his fairy godparents must restore the power back, which just happened to be delivered to the Yugopotamiams, and they're trying to kill people! Will Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda save the universe?
153B Stupid Godparents! Timmy wishes he never had godparents because he can't stand Da Rules.
154a Norm and Deviant Remy Buxaplnety gets a hold of Norm the Genie, and he plans to use him to get Cosmo and Wanda away from Timmy. The trio, however, gets some surprise help from a jealous Juandisimo.
154B A Worse New World When Norm meets up with his evil genie friends, they decide to have revenge on all of the kids they've granted wishes too. They get rid of Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda, and every other fairy on Earth, and have super villians everywhere on Earth! How will Timmy, and the whole world, get out of this mess?
155A Futurama Baby-Game-a Timmy Travels to the Future and accidentally turns Otto and Cashlin into Babies.
155B The Secret Origin of Aldon BitterRoot Timmy,Cosmo,Wanda and Poof Go Back to 1660 to see how Aldon got his powers. He wanted to help the unnamed town, so he traded his soul to a demon for the powers. However, he did not know that without his soul, the powers would corrupt him. It then tells of his adventures before he met Timmy.
156A Way To Totally Spaced Out Ricky and Vicky start dating again and Mark is jealous. Mark kidnaps Ricky and Timmy has to save him or Vicky will kidnap him.
156B Anti-Timmy Rising When Norm the genie creates an evil Timmy, he plans to destroy the real Timmy. He gathers together Norm, the Nega Chin, Crocker, Anti-Cosmo, Foop, and Anti-Wanda to destroy Timmy. To counter this, Timmy gathers Cosmo, Wanda, the Crimson Chin, Poof and Mark. Which side will win the war?
157A Secret Revealed In Da Rules there is a new rule added. You may tell one person about your fairies and no more. And if you tell someone about them they get wishes too. So who will Timmy pick? Mom, Dad, Mr. Crocker, Chester, A.J., Trixie or Tootie? He tries Mom. She was talking to someone on the phone. Dad said "Are you here to tell me a secret that I'm going to blurt to my friends if you tell me your secret?" That didn't help. Mr. Crocker. No Way. He was looking at Proof of Fairies and said, "If I happen to find out about someones FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! then I'll show my proof to the world. A.J. had a camera crew with him. Trixie always had boys around. Tootie. She'd be all over Timmy. Timmy choses Chester and tells Chester about his Fairy Godparents and Chester promises not to tell anyone.
157B 11:11 Timmy learns that at 11:11 AM every day, the first person to notice the clock can make a rule-free wish. He then tries to make a wish that Cosmo and Wanda can't grant using this method, but he keeps losing it to his friends and enemies. Finally, when Vicky makes the wish, she wishes that Timmy would be stranded in the desert alone. And since Vicky said "alone," he can't be with Cosmo and Wanda either! Luckily, Timmy fashions a sundial out of a rock and uses it to tell time. When 11:11 comes (he's been watching it all day), he wishes to be home.
158A Fairy Swap Timmy wishes that he could do something exciting today, but he has nothing in mind. Meanwhile his dad is playing a Blackjack tournament with the Dinklebergs. Timmy wishes he was on a game show and Cosmo takes them to the set of a gameshow in Fairy World called Fairy Swap.
158B Meet Your New Godchild The fairies of one godchild switches with another godchild's fairies for a week. Timmy switches places with Remy Buxaplenty they have each other's godparents.
159A Cosmo Von Idiot Jorgen takes a vacation and to his horror Cosmo takes over his job and "ruins the reputation of my biceps" according to him.
159B Parents Odd Fairly Timmy accidently wishes the world was backwards were fairies grant wishes to adults and children go to work and people talk backwards, can Timmy speak backwards so it sounds forward before Crocker can wish the world his world.
160A Catman Meets Crash Nebula Not taking any chances of his godparents being trapped as dogs, Timmy tells them to be cat sidekicks for Adam West's new movie: Catman and Crash Nebula Vs. The Evil Clutchulax.
160B Changes Once a year, all fairy godparents must become a different animal every 30 minutes because if they don't, they will be recalled back to the fairy academy for 50 years.

Season 9

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
161A The Curse of Dimmsdale A bad and horrible curse causes Dimmsdale to have a earthquake.
161B Pipe Down 2 Timmy Wishes there was no sound in the world at all again.
162A The New Kid There is a New Kid in Timmy,s Class who is Revealed to Be Dale Dimm,s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson.
162B Fairies & Weenies Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda need to make hotdogs without using there magic.
163A Double a Girls Jealousy Timmy finally gets a date with Trixie but Tootie and Veronica get jealous and try to mess up Timmy's date.
163B Magic Thinking Timmy wishes that Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda could read his mind so he doesn't have to talk when he makes another wish.
164A Once Upon a...The End! Timmy reads a bedtime story from Fairy World he brought from Jorgen. 
164B Inspector Timmy Trixie writes a play and Timmy is the main role.
165A Mama Cosma Attacks! Mama Cosma returns to get revenge on Timmy.
165B The Power Pals Return The Power Pals return to get revenge.
166A Days Of My Life This is a Trixie Tang-centered episode. We focus on Trixie Tang's social life, and how she enjoys being popular. However, we learn a deep dark secret: she sometimes doesn't really feel comfortable being popular at all! Now she must stand up to everyone in school, including Timmy Turner, to confess how sometimes her popularity gets the best of her.
166B A Smarter Idiot Timmy wishes for Cosmo to be intelligent, which causes some problems for Wanda!
167A Mission A.J.possible Timmy wishes to make a depressed A.J. feel better, and inadvertently gets Cosmo assigned to be his Fairy Godparent. Now knowing that Timmy has kept this secret for so long, A.J. vies to take Wanda away too to keep Cosmo from being lonely. Wanda is unable to retract the wish because of her lack in power, if Timmy doesn't do something fast, A.J. will wind up with both Godparents, but there's one thing that Timmy can count on to make things right: Cosmo's stupidity.
167B Acci-Dental Wendell On the first day of Spring Break, Timmy accidentally breaks one of the house windows playing baseball. As punishment, Mom and Dad send him for a week long job at Doctor Bender's office. Instead of making a mess of things with his Time Scooter, Timmy wishes for a magic Eggtimer, which can change a piece of history with a turn of it. Wendell gets ahold of it, and with the instructions Cosmo put on the timer, changes history so the Benders had founded Dimmsdale. Now called Dentaldale, Timmy has to find a way to resolve this mess.
168A The Finale Day Timmy has his last day to keep his godparents.
168B The Last Wish In the Series Finale,Timmy makes his last wish before his godparents go away forever.
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