These are a list of episodes on The New Adventures of Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda.

Season 1 (2007-2008)

# Title Airdate Overview Code Title Card 1 Title Card 2
1 Entering the Middle School/Fairy-anniversary October 5, 2007 Entering the Middle School: Timmy wishes he was in sixth grade and has too much work to do at the middle school!
Fairy-anniversary: It's Cosmo's and Wanda's fairy- anniversary! Wanda has a gift for Cosmo, but Cosmo doesn't! So Timmy wishes for it, but Cosmo accidentally breaks his wand!
2 A.J.'s Plan/F Frenzy October 12, 2007 A.J.'s Plan: A.J. finds out that the Yuggopotamians are going to attack Earth by Timmy accidentally wishing for it! A.J. has a plan to save them!
F Frenzy: Timmy's tired of getting F's on his report card so he wishes he was a boy genius! Crocker, however, thinks that the only way he got smarter must have been.......... FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 Procrastination/Vicky's Night With Timmy October 19, 2007 Procrastination: The thief of time returns and tries to steal their time from work! The fairy's magic becomes disabled and even Jorgen von Strangle can't stop him! But Timmy can! He wishes he couldn't be affected by Procrastination and has to go stop him!
Vicky's Night With Timmy: Timmy's mom and dad go out together for the evening and Timmy gets stuck with Vicky! So he wishes he had a nicer babysitter and he is NORM THE GENIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 Just a Kid/Pixie Rules November 9, 2007 Just a Kid: Timmy wants to be a kid forever so he can always make wishes! So he would be a kid forever! The problem is, he'll learn to be an adult and he's being greedy so Jorgen takes his fairy godparents away! Can Timmy get them back?
Pixie Rules: The Pixies have returned to Fairy World for their horrible vengeance! They try to make people in Dimmsdale get bored! Timmy has think up of something that's entertaining enough to overpower the boredom, and once again, Jorgen refuses to help!
5/6 A Very Unmerry Christmas December 21, 2007 It's Christmas again! And Timmy wants this to be the best Christmas ever! So he wishes for it to be the best Christmas ever! His wish backfires, however, because the pixies have overpowered the fairies! They try making the worlds suffer from the most boring Christmas ever and Timmy and Santa and his elves need to team up to stop them! (Cosmo and Wanda and Jorgen are captured!) 105/106
7 Birthday Disaster/Timmy's Happy New Year December 28, 2007 Birthday Disaster: It's Cosmo's birthday! Timmy wishes for an adventure but they end up in the evil clutches of you guessed it.... Jorgen von Strangle!
Timmy's Happy New Year:: It's the new year and Timmy wishes that he would have a better year! Crocker noticed how Timmy made the year better and sees his godparents! Jorgen takes away Timmy's fairy godparents again! But Crocker has already captured the three fairies! Timmy and the rest of the fairies need to foil his plan!
8 Tooth De-cay/Tooth Fairy World January 7, 2008 Tooth De-cay: Timmy has to go see Dr. Bender, his evil dentist, and Timmy's tired of having him as his dentist beause each and every time, he tries taking out his teeth! So he wishes the Tooth Fairy was his dentist, but she's way too busy!
Tooth Fairy World: The Tooth Fairy is tired of her husband ruling Fairy World, so she turns Fairy World into Tooth Fairy World. Timmy and every child in need now has tooth fairies and can't wish for anything that has nothing to do with teeth! Timmy hates this and wishes he could stop her, but in order to do this, he'll have to join forces with Jorgen! Can he save Cosmo and Wanda?
9 Norm Returns/No More Big Wishes! January 8, 2008 Norm Returns: To capture Timmy, Norm brainwashes Jorgen von Strangle and tells him to track down Timmy! Cosmo and Wanda get kidnapped by Crocker and if Timmy isn't fast, this may be the day he fails saving Cosmo and Wanda!
No More Big Wishes: Jorgen fears that if he doesn't limit the use of magic, the fairies will weaken and be vulnerable! So he makes a new rule of no big wishes! The only kid who complain about this is Timmy Turner. He thinks that having fairy godparents is worthless! And the anti-fairies have become more powerful. Can Timmy save Cosmo and Wanda?
10 Tootie Is In The Eye of the Beholder/Sad Little Life January 9, 2008 Tootie Is In The Eye of the Beholder: Tootie becomes president for a day after a good laugh broadcast saying she loved Timmy Turner. Vicky now thinks she owns her and acts like her boss.
Sad Little Life: Timmy wishes he could be really sad and depressing so he can get other people's attention, but when it comes to the popular kids, they say Timmy is making it all up.
11 Ahoy, GodParents!/Crocker's Bad Dream January 10, 2008 Ahoy, GodParents: Timmy tries to showoff against Remy again, so he wishes he and his fairy goparents were on a treasure hunt. Jorgen von Strangle's the captain and Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are his shipmates. However, Crocker's battleship is trying to destroy Timmy's ship, so it's a war of battleships!
Crocker's Bad Dream: When Timmy wishes Crocker had the worst nightmare ever and was trapped in it, Crocker is not only trapped in it, but Timmy too! And worse, everyone Timmy knows tries to kidnap him! It's time for Crocker and Timmy to team up for the first time!
12 Crimson Chin: The Motion Picture/Chip's Career January 11, 2008 Crimson Chin: The Motion Picture: Timmy wishes for there to be a Crimson Chin movie. But he must be part of the movie because he has to play the Boy-Chin Wonder. And he has to get Catman and Ace and Klepto to be in the movie.(Cosmo and Wanda) But their worst fears of the Crimson Chin universe are in the movie!
Chip's Career: Chip Skylark quits being a singer and become an actor. However, Skip SparkyPants does the same thing and becomes more popular than Chip Skylark!
13 The Raven Alliance/Tootduction January 11, 2008 The Raven Alliance: Gary sick from being on Unwish Island decides to go looking for other isles he comes upon the most dangerous isle ever negative isle where he meets Nega Timmy then they form the raven alliance.
Tootduction: Zim abducts Tootie deciding to use her to lure Cosmo and Wanda thinking they are her godparents. Now Timmy must save his godparents and Vicky's sister from Zim before it's too late.

Season 2 (2008)

# Title Airdate Overview Code Title Card 1 Title Card 2
14 Bucky Mcgoodbat/The Astro-turners February 22, 2008 Bucky Mcgoodbat: Timmy wishes that Chester's dad was the greatest baseball player ever.
The Astro-turners: Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Timmy's family travel space.
15 The Magic Of Song/Lost And Unfound March 1, 2008 The Magic Of Song: A wish goes away and Timmy's world becomes a musical.
Lost And Unfound: Timmy wishes that Vicky would go away. But the problem is, he doesn't know where she is! Timmy must find Vicky before his parents send him to military school.
16 Temporary Fairy 2/Fairly OddBaby: The REAL Final Baby March 8, 2008 Temporary Fairy 2: After Poof accidentally destroys an exibit in the Fairy World Musuem, Cosmo blames Timmy for it. So Timmy wishes that Cosmo never became his godparent, but unfortunealy, he is replaced by Anti Cosmo! Now Timmy, Wanda, and Poof have to convince Cosmo to become Timmy's fairy again.
Fairly Odd Baby: The REAL Final Baby: Cosmo and Wanda have another baby!
16 Brainiac Mcbadbat/Runaway April Fool March 15, 2008 Brainiac Mcbadbat: Timmy wishes Chester was the smartest kid on Earth.
Runaway April Fool: Tired of being pranked on all the time, Timmy runs away!
17/18 Jorgen's Fairy Training Video March 22, 2008 This is a training video for all children who want to become fairies. 205
19 Angel's New Boyfriend/Dimmsdale Idol March 29, 2008 Angel,s New Boyfriend: Angel falls in love with another young school fairy.
Dimmsdale Idol: After being embarassed at the school musical, Timmy wishes good things would happen when he hits the triangle. But troubles come when he is nominated for one of the finalists on Dimmsdale Idol as Da Rules say that magic can't help him win competitions!
20 207
21 208
22 209
23 210
24 211
25 212
26 213

Season 3 (2008-2009)

# Title Airdate Overview Code Title Card 1 Title Card 2
27 301
28 302
29 303
30 304
31 305
32 306
33 307
34 308
35 309
36 310
37 311
38 312
39 313

Season 4 (2009)

# Title Airdate Overview Code Title Card 1 Title Card 2
40 401
41 402
42 403
43 404
44 405
45 406
46 407
47 408
48 409
49 410
50 411
51 412
52 413

Season 5 (2009-2010)

# Title Airdate Overview Code Title Card 1 Title Card 2
53 501
54 502
55 503
56 504
57 505
58 506
59 507
60 508
61 509
62 510
63 511
64 512
65 513

Season 6 (2010)

# Title Airdate Overview Code Title Card 1 Title Card 2
66 601
67 602
68 603
69 604
70 605
71 606
72 607
73 608
74 609
75 610
76 611
77 612
78 Goodbye to Timmy? Series finale. Timmy has to say goodbye to Dimmsdale when his parents discover they are moving away to another town. 613
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