These are a list of Fairly OddParents fan fictions.

Fan Fictions

Picture Name Description
Timmy Phantom When Timmy watches Danny Phantom on TV, he wishes that he has ghost powers. Ghosts are immune to magic, so Cosmo and Wanda instead poof Timmy a ghost portal so he can get powers the same way Danny did. When he finds that he can visit Danny’s universe through a secret passageway in the portal, he quickly leaves to find him. But in his hurry to see his idol, he leaves the portal open, so that anyone—or anyTHING—can get in, get ghost powers, or worse—find out about Cosmo and Wanda.
Timmy's Clues Timmy loses Poof and pretends to be a detective to look for clues. He soon discovers that somebody has Poof. It is Crocker.
Timmy Knows the Truth One day, Timmy happens to find out that Tootie has had a crush on him for a LONG time. Upon spending more time with her, Timmy realizes he feels the exact same way. Meanwhile, Trixie and Remy are on a date.
The Return of The NegaChin The NegaChin brings back all of the villains from "Big Superhero Wish" and they run rampant through Dimmsdale. Timmy wishes he and his friends had their powers again so they can stop the villains.
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