These are a list of The Fairly OddParents episodes taken from the TV series.
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Season 1

# Name Plot Airdate
1a The Big Problem! Timmy wishes himself into adulthood. After becoming a short bald man, Timmy has to find his inner child to wish himself back to normal. March 30, 2001
1b Power Mad! Timmy wishes for a game that you can't wish yourself out of. Timmy goes to the bathroom and leaves it unattended. While he's there, Chester and AJ see the game and they decide to play. Timmy then must go inside the game to save them, but will he do it in time? March 30, 2001
2a Spaced Out When playing "Crash Nebula," Timmy wishes for an alien to play with. Poof! Soon Timmy's playing with a real alien prince from the planet of Yugopotaimia! April 6, 2001
2b Transparents! Cosmo and Wanda must pose as Timmy's real parents for a parent/teacher conference. However, acting human enough proves to be a difficult task for Timmy's godparents. April 6, 2001
3a A Wish Too Far! Timmy wishes too much to impress Trixie. Cosmo and Wanda become overworked and, in a fairy court they decide that Timmy will lose his godparents. Now, Timmy has to solve the problems that his wishes caused in order to get his godparents back. April 13, 2001
3b Tiny Timmy! In order to help Timmy to complete his micro-universe science project, Cosmo and Wanda make him smaller. The problems begin when Vicky eats the godparents, who have also became tiny. Now, Timmy has to get inside of Vicky's body to save them. April 13, 2001
4a Chin Up! The Crimson Chin learns he's a fictional character. And he's crushed. Can Timmy, as Cleft, The Boy Chin Wonder, restore the Crimson Chin's confidence? April 27, 2001
4b Dog's Day Afternoon Vicky buys a new dog, Doidle, and immediately falls in love with him. Surprised by Vicky's friendly attitude towards the dog, Timmy wishes he was Doidle since he found out that Vicky treats him better. The problem begins when he notices that he can't speak and wishes to become a normal boy again. April 27, 2001
5a Father Time Timmy is in big trouble for melting his dad's prize trophy with heat vision. So Cosmo and Wanda grant his wish to go back in time and stop his dad from winning it in the first place. But changing the course of history might just put his entire existence in danger! April 20, 2001
5b Apartnership! Timmy inadvertently causes a fight between Cosmo and Wanda, and Cosmo moves back home. When Cosmo's mom tries to break the Godparents up, Timmy must rush to the rescue. April 20, 2001
6a Dream Goat! After being accused of calling Chompy, the city hall goat stupid, Timmy releases it into a forest with his family. Then he blames Vicky, and he becomes a hero. May 4, 2001
6b The Same Game Angry because an evil, perfect-teeth obsessed dentist that refuses to give back Timmy's ball, Timmy wishes that everyone is the same. Obviously, this brings more problems, and since everyone is the same, Timmy can't find his godparents. May 4, 2001
7 Christmas Every Day! Timmy wishes for 365 days of Christmas, making life "ho-ho-horrible" for Santa, who comes under attack from an angry mob of "lesser holidays" led by the Easter Bunny. December 12, 2001

Season 2

# Name Plot Airdate
8a Boys in the Band On the night of his birthday, Timmy's parents go to a Chip Skylark concert! Angry, Timmy wishes something bad would happen to Chip. And it does. Chip gets stuck in the Turner's house with Vicky! March 1, 2002
8b Hex Games Timmy is skating with his friends at the skate park when Vicky, abusing of her "Queen of the Skate Park" power, makes them leave the park. In order to earn the "King of the Skate Park" title, Timmy challenges Vicky, but things get wrong before the competition... March 1, 2002
9a Boy Toy Timmy wishes to play with his Crimson Chin doll one last time, so Wanda and Cosmo transform Timmy into a toy-size action figure and make his old Crimson Chin doll come alive! But when Wanda and Cosmo fall into the hands of Timmy's archenemies. Tootie and Vicky, can the action duo save them from the worst fate imaginable? And will Timmy ever be a normal boy again? March 8, 2002
9b Inspection Detection Francis begins to steal the toys and other stuff from Dimmsdale's "Wall 2 Wall Mart". TV reporters are everywhere, notifying the citizens of Dimmsdale what did the thief steal. Timmy is getting a lot of toys from his godparents, which were unfortunately the same ones that Francis stole, so the police suspected that he was stealing everything. Now, Timmy must convince his parents and the police that he isn't a shoplifter. March 8, 2002
10a Action Packed Timmy wishes his life could be like an action movie. And like every action movie, this star finds himself up against the obligatory action movie villain, Jorgen Von Strangle. March 22, 2002
10b Smarty Pants Timmy wishes that he knew everything, instantly becoming the smartest person in the whole school. AJ is tremendously upset by this situation, not only because his spot of genius was taken away, but because Timmy now feels that he is better than everyone. Many people, including his own parents, are ticked off by Timmy's attitude towards them, but he doesn't realize how is he hurting their feelings. As an ego-booster, Timmy gets into a scholar intelligence competition, but he soon realizes that "Da' Rules" don't allow winning contests with magic... March 22, 2002
11a Super Bike Timmy's dad makes him a bike for the father/son bike race. Sadly, the bike is horrible and weak, and Timmy is very disappointed since he doesn't have a decent bike for the race. He wishes to have a super bike, and besides the fact that this hurts Timmy's dad feelings, the bike is literally taking control of Timmy's life. May 10, 2002
11b A Mile in My Shoes Timmy thinks it would be easy to be a godparent, and Cosmo and Wanda think it would be easy to be the child. This discussion leads them to an argue and Timmy wishes to be Cosmo and Wanda's godparent. However, Timmy soon begins to have problems when he realizes that he isn't able to control his powers while Cosmo and Wanda can't deal with the school, house rules and Vicky. May 10, 2002
12a Timvisible Timmy wishes to be invisible to avoid the school bully. April 26, 2002
12b That Old Black Magic Timmy and his parents go to a trip to an amusing park on Friday 13th. Without even noticing it, Timmy accidentally releases the anti-fairies that cause bad luck and horrible things happen. April 26, 2002
13a Foul Balled It's baseball season and Timmy's friend Chester is the worst player on the team, again. So, for the first time, Timmy makes a wish for someone else and wishes that Chester was the best baseball player ever! June 7, 2002
13b The Boy Who Would Be Queen To find the perfect birthday gift for Trixie, Timmy must learn how a girl thinks so he becomes a girl for a day. But things really get complicated when AJ and Chester fall in love with "Timantha! June 7, 2002
14a Totally Spaced Out Vicky's supposed to baby-sit, but Timmy wishes her millions of miles away. With no sitter, Timmy's sent to Floppy Bob's, a place so horrible, he can't wait to get Vicky back! July 12, 2002
14b The Switch Glitch Vicky gets a taste of her own medicine when Timmy becomes her babysitter! July 12, 2002
15a Knighty Knight The Dimmsdale Camelot Festival is so boring, Timmy wishes himself into the real Middle Ages. September 6, 2002
15b Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Timmy's parents are always pooped, so he wishes they had superpowers. With their new powers, they begin fighting crime, leaving them even less time to spend with Timmy. September 6, 2002
16a Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary A rich kid gets enrolled in Timmy's school and that upsets Timmy because he the kid won't stop showing off. This rich boy appears everywhere, even on the Crimson Chin comic books! Finally, Timmy finds out that this boy has a godparent. To make it worse, the godparent is Wanda's ex-boyfriend! September 13, 2002
16b Nectar of the Odds In an attempt to raise money in order to buy tickets for the "Crash Nebula on ice" show, Timmy starts his own lemonade stand. But the lemonade that he sells has a secret ingredient: Cosmo's socks! Unbelievably, this makes the lemonade a lot better, but it has a problem: after drinking a glass, any wish will become real... September 13, 2002
17a Hail to the Chief In order to avoid being bossed by the popular kids, Timmy decides to run for Class President. Since becoming president with magic is against "Da Rules", he has to do it by the "old-fashioned way". Unfortunately, once Timmy is the president he finds out that the job is awful, and he does everything to become impeached. September 27, 2002
17b Twistory It's the night before Timmy's book report on American History, and Timmy hasn't done it yet. In order to finish it, Timmy returns to the past and visits important people, but things get wrong when he has to sign the Declaration of Independence... September 27, 2002
18a Fool's Day Out Timmy is tired of being the victim of every body's pranks every time. Luckily for him, it's April Fool's Day, and now he can get revenge. What he doesn't notice is that his jokes, in place of being nice and funny, are mean and harmful, and nothing can stop him. October 11, 2002
18b Deja Vu Timmy wishes he had a redo watch, so he can fix his mistakes and avoid bad or embarrassing experiences. The problems begin when Vicky takes the redo watch. October 11, 2002
19 Information Stupor Highway When Dad sends Timmy's "threat-mantic" e-mail to Trixie, Timmy turns himself into data and dives into the Internet to retrieve it! January 20, 2003
20 Scary Godparents Horrors! It's Halloween, and Timmy's in a mummy costume made from toilet paper. Upset with his lame getup, Timmy wishes everybody's costume was "real and scary!" Now everyone becomes their costume, even the kids dressed in the season's most popular one, the Pumpkinator - a gigantic monster intent on destroying the world! October 29, 2002

Season 3

# Name Plot Airdate
21a Ruled Out Timmy's tired of his parents strict rules and wishes for parents that cared less. But when mom and dad stop following the rules, and his new fairy godparents make things difficult, Timmy finds out why being responsible is important. November 8, 2002
21b That's Life! To help his mom win the Dimmsdale "Veg-off," Timmy wishes her garden full of life. What he doesn't know is his dearly departed pet gerbil Eddie is buried in the garden! November 8, 2002
22a Shiny Teeth Evil dentist Dr. Bender steals Chip Skylark's teeth before his upcoming music video shoot! November 30, 2002
22b Odd, Odd, West The boy scouts are taking a trip to Timmy's father's birthplace. They find out that the town is going to be replaced by a mini-market, and Timmy will try to stop it. November 30, 2002
23a Microphony Vicky airs a radio ad campaign and soon she's babysitting all the kids in Dimmsdale over the summer vacation! August 1, 2003
23b So Totally Spaced Out The cute prizes inside Invader O's Cereal, Gigglepies, overtake Yugopotaimia. And only the greatest warrior in the world can rid the planet of the horrid toys - Timmy Turner. August 1, 2003
24 Love Struck! When Timmy is ignored again by Trixie and harassed another time by Tootie, he wishes that he could live in a world without girls. To grant Timmy's wish Cosmo and Wanda take every woman in the town and they move them to another place. This stresses Cupid a lot because of the lack of love. Eventually Himsdale and Hersdale have a war where only a Warrior of Love can come in and restore everything. February 14, 2003
25a Cosmo Con There's a fairy convention in Timmy's bathroom. January 10, 2003
25b Wanda's Day Off! Wanda is extremely tired, but she can't take a break since she doesn't want that Cosmo grants every stupid-and-extreme wish to Timmy. Finally, Cosmo and Timmy convince her of taking a day off, but things get wrong... January 10, 2003
26a Odd Jobs Timmy, worried because his father looked very tired of his current job, wished Cosmo and Wanda to make a website called www.cooljobs.wand to help his father to find a new, better job. January 27, 2003
26b Movie Magic Timmy makes a movie to impress Trixie. January 27, 2003
27 28 29 Abra Catastrophe! It's Timmy's one year anniversary of having fairy godparents and Cosmo & Wanda give him a magic muffin. Crocker plans to steal it since whoever takes a bite gets one rule free wish. July 12, 2003
30a Sleepover And Over AJ and Chester argue about friendship the same day that they were going to sleep over at AJ's house to see Crash Nebula's special. Now, Timmy wishes that he could be at both parties to avoid hurting his friend's feelings. However, in both houses the party is horrible. While at AJ's house the channel where they air Crash Nebula is blocked by the boy's overprotective father, Chester's TV is so bad that doesn't work. But the TV isn't the only problem. Each boy doesn't stop saying bad things about each other, so Timmy decides to get them together. May 17, 2003
30b Mother Nature Timmy's mom becomes the weather woman. Unfortunately, every prediction is absolutely wrong and the whole town is angry with her. Timmy knows that his mom is very sad, and he wished that everything that his mom predicts happens. Unfortunately, things begin to get wrong when his mother begins to predict horrible catastrophes like tornadoes and hurricanes. May 17, 2003
31a The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad May 9, 2003
31b Engine Blocked May 9, 2003
32a Most Wanted Wish Timmy wishes that he's the most wanted boy in the world, which causes a lot of problems. May 2, 2003
32b This is Your Wish Cosmo goes on a game show where the audience gets to decide whether he stays a fairy or goes home to live with his mother! May 2, 2003
33a Beddy Bye Timmy is very tired of falling asleep every day at 9:00 PM since he doesn't have enough time to do everything wants, so he wishes that it isn't necessary to sleep. May 23, 2003
33b The Grass is Greener Mistakenly, Timmy believes that his parents do not love him and he wishes that he wasn't their son, but this causes horrible problems. May 23, 2003
34 The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker! Being tired of Mr. Denzel Crocker obsession with fairy godparents, Timmy wishes to go back in time in order to discover why is he so obsessed to prove that fairy godparents exist. June 27, 2003
35a Kung Timmy After the local bully takes over the Turners’ house, Timmy needs a little magical kung fu help to set things straight. November 11, 2003
35b Which Witch Is Which? Timmy travels back in time and a crazed witch hunter accuses him of being...a witch. November 11, 2003
36a Pipe Down! Timmy is tired of everyone. People keep telling him mean things and he is very tired of them. Also, several sounds at his house and school are disturbing him, so he wishes that there was no sound. Unfortunately, at the next day a meteor is heading towards Dimmsdale and he has to tell the others, but he can't tell anybody due to his wish nor wish that the sound comes back. September 26, 2003
36b The Big Scoop! Timmy, tired of being bashed by everyone, wishes to be very liked by everyone at Dimmsdale. Chester and AJ get very upset because of this since Timmy almost doesn't pay attention to them anymore, and they think that Timmy has a secret, such as he is bribing or blackmailing the popular kids. However, due to their obsession to discover why is Timmy liked so much, they end up invading Timmy's privacy. September 26, 2003
37a Crime Wave Timmy hates bathtime, and worse, he brought in last month's Crimson Chin to read. He wishes to go to the store for the newest issue, but there's a problem. He's still naked! October 10, 2003
37b Odd Ball One and a half days after buying his new game for the V-Cube, the console explodes. In order to earn money to buy a new V-Cube, Timmy works for the Dimsdale Basketball Team, the "Ball Hogs". Unfortunately, the team doesn't work like a team, loses every match and it's going to move to Alaska if they don't win another match. If they move to Alaska, Timmy will lose his job and he won't earn enough money to buy a new V-Cube. October 10, 2003
38a Where's Wanda? Timmy enters Cosmo and Wanda (disguised as his pet goldfish with shark fins) in a "Jaws" parody for his school's movie-themed contest. He wins first place, but loses Wanda! October 18, 2003
38b Imaginary Gary Timmy wishes that Gary, his imaginary friend, was real. However, the problems begin when Gary becomes more popular than Timmy and he wants to take rid of his imaginary friend. October 18, 2003
39a Chip Off the Old Chip The school principal is doing an audition and he needs the boy with the best voice in the school. Timmy wants to participate, but he thinks that his voice isn't good enough and he wishes that he has Chip Skylark's voice. November 21, 2003
39b Snow Bound Timmy's dad thinks that mom is in danger, and he goes to the mountain to investigate and save her. While Timmy's dad is on the investigation, Vicky is using Timmy as a snowboard. She screams too loud and the sound causes an avalanche that leaves them trapped in a cave. November 21, 2003

Season 4

# Name Plot Airdate
40a Miss Dimmsdale It's time for the Miss Dimmsdale beauty pageant. As one of the contestants, Vicky attempts to bribe the judges with gifts and favors. Timmy wishes he could be a pageant judge so Vicky would have to suck up to him, too. November 7, 2003
40b Mind Over Magic Timmy wishes he can read people's minds, and uses his powers to anticipate every pop-quiz and impossible question Mr. Crocker has for the class. Soon Timmy is reading the minds of everyone in school, fueling Crocker's suspicion that Timmy's got fairy godparents. November 7, 2003 41 Shelf Life Timmy wishes that Tom Sawyer came out of his book to help him with his book report. This turns out bad as Tom takes Cosmo's wand. September 10, 2004
42a Hard Copy Cosmo has to go to the doctor urgently, and Wanda goes with him. While they're out, they give Timmy a magic photocopier that can make copies of anything. Without considering the consequences, Timmy makes a life-size Darth Vader action figurine that tries to destroy Dimmsdale, and he has to solve this problem before things get even worse. November 14, 2003
42b Parent Hoods Timmy's parents are mistaken with famous delinquents. In order to save his parents, Timmy looks for the real thieves. November 14, 2003
43a Lights! Camera! Adam! Timmy becomes a stunt for the new Crimson Chin movie in order to discredit the super hero. June 1, 2004
43b A Case of Diary-Uh! Timmy wishes that he could read Vicky's diary to reveal her secrets to his new boyfriend, but things got wrong and now he has to fix them. June 1, 2004
44a Baby Face Timmy's parents are going to "meet the president" (an excuse to go to the beach) and Timmy is sent to "Flappy Bob's Learnatorium" since Vicky can't take care of him (due to Timmy's wish). While he's there, he encounters Francis. In order to hide from him, he wishes that he could be a baby. Unfortunately, after being turned into a baby he finds out that he isn't able to speak and wish himself back to 10 years! March 19, 2004
44b Mr. Right! Tired of being wrong every time, Timmy wishes that he's always right. This means that everything that he says happens. Unfortunately, when Crocker asks him if he has fairy godparents, Timmy answers NO and his godparents disappear. March 19, 2004
45a Vicky Loses Her Icky Timmy wishes that the mean and nasty Vicky would be nice. All the evilness is released and Vicky becomes really nice and friendly. Unfortunately, all that evilness had to go to somewhere else... February 20, 2004
45b Pixies Inc. Pixies, the most boring magical creature in the world, bought Fairy World. Since they think that granting wishes it "too much fun", they prohibit it. In order to be able to wish something again, Timmy challenges the Pixies' boss to a Golf game. If Timmy wins, the Pixies will leave fairy world. If the Head Pixie wins, Timmy will lose his godparents. February 20, 2004
46 The Odd Couple Timmy finds out that when his parents and godparents tell each other that they love them they forget about why were they angry with him. This makes Timmy think that Vicky wouldn't be that mean if she had a boyfriend, so he wishes that Vicky has one. The result of this wish is Ricky, a guy like Vicky. They immediately fall in love with each other and the plan was going on perfectly until Timmy's mother suggests them to babysit Timmy together. While they were with him, Timmy finds out that his plan wasn't exactly perfect... June 14, 2004
46b Odd Couple In order to get Trixie's attention, Timmy wishes that he was the funniest guy on earth. This catches Trixie's attention, but when Timmy notices that the flower that he gave her before is a man-eating plant, he goes to tell her before the plant eats her. Unfortunately, since Timmy is the funniest guy, Trixie doesn't hear him and she just laughs, so Timmy has to find another way to tell Trixie the truth. June 14, 2004
47 The Big Superhero Wish! Timmy wishes that all the world was like a "Crimson Chin" comic book, and Cosmo and Wanda turn everyone to a superhero or villain. February 16, 2004
48a Power Pals Timmy's friends are tired of always being treated like his underlings. So they form the "Anti-Timmy Force Four," leaving Timmy totally friendless. With no one to hang out with, Timmy wishes for Super Friends who will like him no matter how he acts. His wish is granted- literally. He now has a group of Super Heroes for pals. But they're too busy "saving the day" to just hang out and have fun, and they treat Timmy worse than a sidekick. May 18, 2004
48b Emotion Commotion! After being embarrassed in public because his bath suit came off after swimming, Timmy wishes that he has no-emotions. The emotions are personified into small creatures which Cosmo catches and leaves in a box. Without emotions, Timmy isn't afraid of doing anything and he begins to do dangerous missions and tricks, but since he doesn't have emotions he isn't able to enjoy the action. In the middle of a mission, he says that he wants his emotions back. Cosmo and Wanda thought that this was a wish, and they granted it. Now, Timmy has to complete the mission with emotions, which is a very hard job. May 18, 2004
49a Fairy Friends and Neighbors! Timmy starts to get dragged to every boring thing his parents do, because their neighbors hate the Turners, who are being really annoying... about everything. He then wishes that they had good adult friends to hang out with. Those friends: Cosmo and Wanda! When they start doing all kinds of stuff, Timmy is trapped with Vicky 24/7!! November 27, 2004
49b Just the Two of Us! Timmy wishes that Timmy and Trixie were the only living things in the universe. Trixie goes nuts and demands Timmy to worship her, as much as she usually gets from much more boys! And Cosmo, being the dumb type, thinks Wanda is dumping him for Timmy, refusing to let Timmy unwish the wish! November 27, 2004
50a Who's Your Daddy? Dad can't go to the father son camp festival with Timmy, He wishes that other kids Dads were his to try and replace him in time. June 18, 2004
50b Homewrecker Timmy is sick of Vicky messing up his house then blaming it on him, so Timmy gets his revenge on Vicky by doing the same. June 18, 2004
51a New Squid in Town! Just as Mark is about to get married to a space warrior princess named Mandie Mark notices something...She happens to be really beautiful, which Yugopotamians hate! So Mark flees to earth for Timmy's help in hiding out, ending up disguised as a human boy...But that's not all, now ManDIE the warrior princess is after Mark, and if she can't have him, no one can! November 27, 2004
51b Wish Fixers Timmy starts making really bad wishes. So he wishes he would make only really smart/useful ones. Somehow, Jorgen manages to get them invovled with Pixies Inc. and their wish fixing business. Soon it becomes apparent that the Pixies want to take over again, and the only way to stop them is for Timmy to totally go 5 days without making a bad wish! Of course, is that even possible for Timmy to do? November 27, 2004
52a Truth or Cosmoquences It's time for Cosmo and Wanda's high school reunion. Feburary 15, 2005
52b Beach Bummed! Timmy wishes he was the strongest kid on the beach to beat up Francis and impress Trixie. Feburary 15, 2005
53 54 55 Channel Chasers Timmy wishes for a magic remote to go inside television with Cosmo and Wanda but Vicky goes inside the television. Meanwhile Timmy's parents try to go looking for him because they think he's missing. July 23, 2004
56a Catman Meets the Crimson Chin Catman becomes depressed because no one in Dimmsdale appreciates his brand of cat-themed justice. Timmy wishes him into the Crimson Chin webtoon to boost his morale, but runs into trouble when Catman doesn't want to leave it. January 17, 2005
56b Genie Meanie Minie Mo Timmy Turner discovers a magic lamp revealing Norm the Genie. Since Norm offers to grant him three rule-free wishes, Timmy accepts, but getting what he wants from the trickster genie might be harder than he expected. January 17, 2005
57-58 School's Out! The Musical Summer vacation has just started for Timmy Turner, but the Pixies are out to ruin his fun and take over Fairy World with an elaborate plan thirty-seven years in the making. Meanwhile, the kids of Dimmsdale all look forward to summer vacation, but their parents fear that they are getting too wild. Enter Flappy Bob, who agrees to keep the kids in his Learn-A-Torium all Summer. June 10, 2005
JT1 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Timmy from Dimmsdale meets Jimmy Neutron from Retroville. Together, they must stop Crocker from taking over Fairy World. May 7, 2004
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