This is a list of The Fairly OddParents characters featured in the fanon series.

Canon Characters

These characters are canon. They have appeared in the TV series, the fanon series, and the spin-offs.

Picture Name First Appearance Description
Timmy normal2 Timmy Turner "The Fairly OddParents" (episode #01) Timmy, an average 10-year-old boy, was miserable because of his dimwit parents and Vicky, his evil babysitter. One day, he was playing with a magic 8-ball and a married fairy couple named Cosmo and Wanda appeared. When they became Timmy's fairy godparents, his misery ended.
!0!1234 Cosmo "The Fairly OddParents" (episode #01) Cosmo is Timmy´s stupid, but friendly godfather
Wanda Laughing Wanda "The Fairly OddParents" (episode #01) Wanda is Timmy´s smart and careful godmother
Poof Poof "Fairly Odd Baby" (episode #81-82) Poof is Timmy´s cute godbrother
200px Mr. Turner "The Fairly OddParents" (episode #01) Mr. Turner is Timmy´s dad. Like kid win trophey for running. Is little stupid and weak, but is good in technology and one time beat robot
Mom Turner1 Mrs. Turner "The Fairly OddParents" (episode #01) Mrs. Turner is Timmy´s mom, who working in real estate
Vicky with Hammer Vicky "The Fairly OddParents" (episode #01) Vicky is Timmy´s evil babysitter ( in Russia older sister ). She is one of reasons why have Timmy fairies
DENZEL COCKER Denzel Crocker "Transparents" (episode #2b) Crocker is Timmy´s teacher who believe in fairies.
CheerTootie Tootie "The Fairy Flu" (episode #05) Tootie is little girl who have crush to Timmy
IconTrixie Trixie Tang "A Wish Too Far" (episode #4a) Trixie is popular girl to who is Timmy crush
Veronica2 Veronica Star "A Wish Too Far" (episode #4a) Veronica is popular ( but less than Trixie ) girl who have secret crush to Timmy
Remy Buxaplenty Remy Buxaplenty "Fairy Fairy Quite Contary" (episode #16a) Remy is rich boy, who is rival of Timmy. He have godfather named Juandissimo
)OAQ$-@Jorgen von Strangle Jorgen Von Strangle "The Temp" (episode #06) Jorgen is fairy, who cares about Da Rules
Chester McBadbat "The Big Problem" (episode #1a)
A.J. A.J. "The Big Problem" (episode #1a)
The Crimson Chin "Super Humor" (episode #010)
Fop baby francis Francis "The Big Problem" (episode #1a) Francis is 12-years old bully
Mark Chang Mark Chang "Spaced Out" (episode #2a) Mark is alien prince of planet Yugopotamia
Sanjay "Hail To The Cheif" (episode #17a)
Elmer "A Wish Too Far" (episode #4a)
Baby Anti-Cosmo -For all the Anti-Cosmo Lovers- Anti-Cosmo "That Old Black Magic" (episode #12b) Anti-Cosmo is Anti-Fairy counterpart of Cosmo. He is evil, intelligent and speak with British accent
Anti-Wanda as a Toddler Anti-Wanda "That Old Black Magic" (episode #12b) Anti-Wanda is Anti-Fairy counterpart of Wanda. She is stupid, like eat sandwiches with feet and speak with southern hillbilly accent.
Foop 2 Foop "Anti-Poof" (episode #101) Foop is Anti-Fairy counterpart of Poof and only Anti-Fairy who havent Anti- in begin of name. He is mean, selfish and like his father speak with British accent
Dr. Bender "The Same Game" (episode #6b)
Wendell Bender "The Same Game" (episode #6b)
Chip and Brad Chip Skylark "Boys In The Band" (episode #8a) Chip is famous singer and one of Timmy´s friends. He isnt selfish, in fact is very friendly
Baby Juandissimo


Juandissimo Magnifico "Fairy Fairy Quite Contary" (episode #16a) Juandissimo is Remy´s godfather. He is selfish and narcistic, but sometimes can be nice. He speak with Spanish accent and is Ex-boyfriend of Wanda. In fanon, is husband of Wanda´s sister Blonda
Norm-profile Norm The Genie "Genie Meanie Minie Mo" (episode #56b)
Gary "Imaginary Gary" (episode #38b)
Cupid "Apartnership" (episode #5b)
Blonda "Blondas Have More Fun" (episode #62a)
Doug Dimmadome "Nectar Of The Odds" (episode #16b)

Mama Cosma

Mama Cosma "Apartnership" (episode #5b) Mama Cosma is mom of Cosmo. She hate his wife Wanda
Tommy Turner


Tommy Turner "Channel Chasers" (episode #53-55) Tommy is Timmy´s future son
Tammy Turner


Tammy Turner "Channel Chasers" (episode #53-55) Tammy is Timmy´s future daughter
Adult Timmy "Channel Chasers" (episode #53-55)
Santa Claus "The Temp" (episode #06)
Tooth Fairy "The Zappys" (episode #07) Tooth Fairy is Jorgen's wife
Catman "Miss Dimmsdale" (episode #40a)
The Nega Chin "The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad!" (episode #31b)
Head Pixie "Pixies Inc." (episode #45b)
Sanderson "Pixies Inc." (episode #45b)
Tad and Chad "A Wish Too Far" (episode #4a)
Dark Laser "Hard Copy" (episode #42a)
Flipsie "Hard Copy" (episode #42a)
The Mayor of Dimmsdale "Dream Goat" (episode #6a)
Chompy The Goat "Dream Goat" (episode #6a)
Bronze Kneecap "Chin Up" (episode #3a)
Principal Waxelplax "Transparents" (episode #2b)
The April Fool "Fool's Day Out" (episode #18a)
CHET UBETCHA Reporting Chet Ubetcha "Dream Goat" (episode #6a) Chet is Dimmsdale reporter
Nicky Nicky "Channel Chasers" (episode #53-55) Nicky is Vicky´s mom
Vicky's Dad Vicky's Dad "Channel Chasers" (episode #53-55)
Princess Mandie Princess Mandie "New Squid in Town" (episode #51a)
Crash Nebula "Spaced Out" (episode #2a)
Mr. Bickles "Chip Off The Old Chip" (episode #39a)
Happy Peppy Gary and Betty "Totally Spaced Out" (episode #14a)
220px-NegaTimmy Nega-Timmy "Nega-Timmy" (episode #59a)
0000000 Binky Abdul "Cosmo Con" (episode #25a)
Dolores-Day Crocker "Information Stupor Highway" (episode #19)
Bucky McBadbat "Foul Balled" (episode #13a)
Mr. & Mrs. Buxaplenty "Fairy Fairy Quite Contary" (episode #16a)
Doidle "Dog's Day Afternoon" (episode #3b) Doidle is Vicky's dog
King Gripullon "Spaced Out" (episode #2a)
Queen Jipjorrulac "Spaced Out" (episode #2a)
Britney Britney "Cosmo Con" (episode #25a)
Billy Crystal Ball "The Zappys" (episode #07)
Dr. Rip Studwell "Hard Copy" (episode #42a)
Big Daddy "Talkin' Trash" (episode #67a)
Fairy Hart "Blondas Have More Fun" (episode #62a)
Nana Boom Boom "Balance of Flour" (episode #115b)
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