These are a list of episodes on The Fairly Goth Parents.

Season 1

Episode name Plot summary Title Card episode #
The Fairly Goth Parents (Pilot) In this episode, Trixie meets the Fairly Goth Parents. Fairly Goth Parents Title E1
How Do You-Doo? Trixie gets a You-Doo doll. FGP How Doo Yoo Doo E2
Super Cosmo Bros.  Trixie plays a game similar to Super Mario Bros, by a japanese comany named "Tenedo"... After playing numerous hours with it, Anti-Cosmo takes the game away because she was playing too much of it. Later, Anti-Cosmo takes the game for a spin and gets addicted. Now, when Anti-Cosmo is asleep, he becomes the plumber in the game with Cosmo as his brother. Together they make the Super Cosmo Brothers! Where they must save Princess Misfortune from the evil duo, Jorgen Von Turt and Queen Spook.
  • Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo: Super Cosmo Bros.
  • Poof: Stool
  • Jorgen Von Strangle: King Jorgen Von Turt
  • Trixie Tang: Queen Spook
  • Anti-Wanda: Princess Misfortune
  • Foop and Anti-Fairies: Spooks
  • Fairies: Turts
FGP Super Cosmo Bros E3
Lucky 13 It's Friday the 13th and it's Foop's first Friday the 13th to be exact! But unfortunately, Jorgen banned Friday the 13th to the Anti-Fairies who are Godparents... Anti-Cosmo later explains to Trixie that if they don't cause bad luck, they blow up, almost like Magical Backup for Fairies, this would be called Unlucky Backup. Then to make matters worse, Jorgen tortures the Anti-Fairies by summoning Leprechauns. To let the Anti-Fairies claim Friday the 13th as thiers again, she would have to beat the Head Leprechaun, Shamrock Shamus in a game of billiards, which is a game Trixie isn't so strong at... FGP Lucky 13 E4
Wispy Willow Trixie and her godparents were strolling along a cemetery talking about the existence of ghosts. Trixie wishes to communicate with ghosts to prove they exist. As soon as they grant it, a ghost appeared by the name of Wispy Willow. He claims to be a hero but he can't leave because his grave is buried in the graveyard, and he needs Mandrake to wander the streets. (In Anti-Fairy World, Mandrake is a common household plant and vegetable) When Trixie gives Wispy the mandrake, he tells them that he's really a con artist and Necromancer and summons the dead upon dimmsdale. So it's up to Trixie, Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda and Foop to stop Wispy Willow and the undead plague he has unleashed in Dimmsdale. FGP Wispy Willow E5
Scaring the Birds Trixie is sent to her grandmothers for the summer, but realize that her grandma Tang is depressed, due to the crows attacking the crops. This causes Trixie to wish that her Scarecrows to come to life... Unfortunately, they plan on scaring more than JUST birds... FGP Scaring the Birds E6
Magic Trix Anti-Cosmo, Foop and Anti-Wanda head to China because it's Friday the 13th, and gave Trixie Anti-Wanda's wand that grants wishes inaccurately. After a few inaccurate wishes, Trixie makes the mistake of transforming herself into a rabbit, and later gets taken away by Mr. Crocker for a magic act. FGP Magic Trix by FairlyAntiParents E7
Anti-Burger World After destroying the first Burger World for giving out baby Poof toys in thier peppy meals, Foop is enraged to learn that Burger World's new location is in Anti-Fairy World, and Anti-Wanda got a job as a fry cook.

After recieving yet ANOTHER Poof toy, Foop plots to destroy the second Burger World.

FGP Anti Burger World by FairlyAntiParents E8
Nega-Wanda It is said that every 1000 years, a fairy MUST be evil for one day... And this year is Wanda's turn! Wanda becomes THE most evil criminal mastermind that plans to rule Anti-Fairy World's magic to take Fairy World's magic and rule the universe and tagged along with her scheme is Foop. Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Cosmo, Timmy, Poof and Trixie must stop "Nega-Wanda" before her plan unfolds... FGP Nega Wanda E9
The Greatest Show Unearthed Trixie wanted to make some money because her father told her to learn to get a job one day and found her an interesting job. He was able to wish to host a gothic circus here in Dimmsdale. Unfortunately, Wispy Willow loves a good circus show, so the undead appear to the Circus as the audience. FGPThe Greatest Show Unearthed E10
Foop 2 Unaware of a new rule Jorgen placed in "Da' Rules", 'All Wishes affecting fairies affect as well to Anti-Fairies' Timmy made a wish to see two sides of Poof, which unfortunately affects Foop as well. Foop then began to split like cells and became one side that's evil and wide awake and a good side who unfortunately is extremely tired most of the time. So, the evil side of Foop creates havoc on Dimmsdale, and Trixie, Anti-Wanda, Anti-Cosmo, Timmy and his fairies must fuse the two Foops together as well as the two Poofs. FGP FoOp2 by FairlyAntiParents E11
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