This list the episodes of The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan.

Season 1

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 A New Godchild! A girl named Sally Amber ends up receiving one wish granting fairly godparents named Stan and uses him to help her problems during her life. Note: Plot similar to the Oh Yeah! Cartoons, "The Fairly OddParents.
2 Money Problem! While at the mall, Sally spotted a new Princess Sweet Plum item and asked Stan to wish for money. He told her that it's against the rules, so she gets a after-school job to make some.
3 The Fairly Flu Sally has to attend a field trip to the fair and at the same time, Stan gets the Fairly Flu, causing problems. Note: This is similar to the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short with the same name title.
4 Biohazard Humor Sally wishes to be her favorite character, Lauren Easter from her favorite video game series, Biohazard Virus (reference to Resident Evil) and tries out various characters, ultimately getting into a battle with a mutated Peter Gabriel.
5 The Multiverse Sally wishes to travel through many alternate universes.
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