These are a list of fanmade Fairly OddParents songs.

Season 6

  1. "Running from the Law" (written and performed by Doug Walker)
  2. "Mrs. Beady's Salsa Song" (Koskela/Moon; sung by Mrs. Beady)
  3. "All Hail King Julien: Part I" (Berry/Breek/Koskela/Patterson; sung by Julien, Maurice and Lemur Chorus)
  4. "Finland/Fisch Schlapping Dance" (written by John Du Prez and Eric Idle; sung by The Song Jester and Chorus)
  5. "All Hail King Julien: Part II" (Berry/Breek/Koskela/Patterson; sung by Julien and Lemur Chorus)
  6. "All The Evil We Could Do: Part I" (Breek/Koskela/Patterson; sung by Che, Dr. Chipotle, Jr., El Oso, Senor Siniestro and the Mustache Mafia)
  7. "The Otis Guitar Theme Song Number" (Koskela/Moon/Patterson; sung by Otis and Epic Movie Choir)
  8. "Where Are You, Poof?" (music by Shawn Patterson, lyrics by Sandra Eqihua, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Butch Hartman and Amy Keating Rogers; sung by Frida, Manny, Cosmo and Wanda)
  9. "THREE WORDS! I, Hate and Good" (Koskela/Patterson; sung by Anti-Wanda)
  10. "My Shiny Teeth and Me" (written by Butch Hartman, Steve Marmel and Guy Moon; sung by Chip Skylark and the Teeth)
  11. "Larko's Song of Country Sadness" (written by Kyle Justin and Doug Walker; sung by Kyle Justin)
  12. "Riding on a Bus" (Berry/Koskela; sung by Bessie, Ben, Penny, Otis, Timmy, Chum Chum, Mort, Happy, Craig the Bus Driver and Bus Chorus)
  13. "Goatta Moatta" (Koskela; sung by the Goatta Moattas)
  14. "Pencil Nexus" (music by Adam Berry and Shawn Patterson, lyrics by Doug Walker & Rob Walker; sung by Otis and Chum Chum)
  15. "Nothing like Happiness" (written by Doug Walker and KT Koskela; sung by Anti-Wanda)
  16. "Super Medley Time" (Berry/Breek/Koskela/Moon/Patterson; sung by Kyle Justin, Various Celebrities and a Majority of the Cast)
  17. "All The Evil We Could Do: Part II" (Koskela/Patterson; sung by Mrs. Beady, Boog and Anti-Wanda)
  18. "Our Friends" (Koskela/Moon; sung by Otis, Chum Chum and Mort)
  19. "Upside Down World" (written by Jeff Moss; from "Follow That Bird"; sung by Pig and Kyle)
  20. "Otis to the Rescue" (Breek/Koskela; sung by The Song Jester)
  21. "My Friends" (Koskela/Moon; sung by Chum Chum)
  22. "Limbo of Doom" (composed by Shawn Patterson, Guy Moon and Dirk Howell; performed by The Dirk Howell Band)
  23. "All The Evil We Could Do (reprise)" (Koskela/Patterson; sung by Anti-Wanda and Roughneck Gang)
  24. "Goatta Moatta (reprise)" (Koskela; sung by the Goatta Moattas)
  25. "Anti-Wanda's Own Song" (Berry/Koskela; sung by Anti-Wanda, Roughneck Gang and Political Chorus)
  26. "Boog's Jail Song" (Koskela/Moon; sung by Boog)
  27. "The End" (Berry/Breek/Koskela/Moon/Patterson; sung by The Song Jester and Chorus)
  28. "It's the Credits" (written by Jeff Dunham, Mark Grigsby, Butch Hartman, Kyle Justin, KT Koskela, Tony Lopez and Doug Walker; sung by Mark Grigsby, Goatta Moattas and Roughneck Gang)
  29. "Song Medley" (Berry/Breek/Koskela/Moon/Patterson; produced and arranged by KT Koskela, Guy Moon, Shawn Patterson)

Season 7

He's The Fairy: Come Fly With Me

Season 10

Season 15

The New Oddventures of Timmy

These are songs from the fan fiction series The New Oddventures of Timmy.

FOS: Fairly Odd Starfish (TV Series)

These are the songs from Fairly Odd Starfish (TV Series).

The Travis Show

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