Fairly odd Parents Season 10 CIAF=

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card Main Characters
1A SHE-HAWWWW! Vicky The BabySitter decides to force Timmy to act like a donkey so Timmy wishes Vicky was a donkey but then cosmo makes a random wish when Timmy is in the restroom and there later be a house wreck because Vicky the donkey babysitter became aggressive so cosmo gets taken away and Wanda and poof need to get cosmo back and unwish the wish that Vicky was a donkey before it's too late! October 5, 2015 none Vicky, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof
1B South Bendy Effect Of Timmy And Elmer Timmy And Elmer And There Parents Take A Trip To South Bend Indiana but Vicky comes along and tries to ruin there trip October 5, 2015 none Timmy, MR Turner, MRS Turner, Elmer, Vicky, Cosmo, Wanda, Tootie
2A Death Obstacles Vicky Turns Timmy's house into a death course. First he must jump over the tarantulas on Timmy's bed, then he must make it down the stairs with a maze made out of needles then he needs to jump to the punch button while avoiding the wall of bullets October 6, 2015 none Timmy, Vicky, Sparky, Cosmo, Wanda
2B Crocker's Play Crocker makes a play about proof that Timmy has fairy godparents October 6, 2015 none Crocker, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky, AJ, Chester, Elmer, Sanjay, Timmy's Mom, Timmy's Dad
3B The Short Film Called "Twerp" the one from mr right October 7, 2015 twerp Vicky, timmy
5A Reflection of Vicky timmy wishes Vicky was trapped in a mirror and a giant snake was behind her November 24, 2015 none Timmy,Cosmo,Vicky
5B Office Girl Trixie Trixie gets zapped by pixies and gets sent to pixie world October 9, 2015 None Timmy, Head pixie, trixie
5C Broken Wands timmy wishes a rollercoaster can be built through his house but Cosmo and Wanda break there wands October 9, 2015 none timmy, Cosmo! Wanda, jorgan
6A The Big Scoop 2! during the Episode Power Mad!, Tootie starts beliving Timmy has Fairy Godparents November 6, 2015 None Sorry tootie
6B The Crimson Chin And The ChinLess-Bulb Turner Notices That The Next crimson chin issue was Published before It Was Finished So Timmy Wishes He Could Help The Crimson Chin AKA The Chinless Chin Defeat The ChinLess-Bulb, Get his chin back and finish the story November 20, 2015 chinnone Cleft, Clefto, Ace, Puppy poof, Sparky, Crimson Chin, ChinLess-Bulb
9A Cube Life Tired of losing Mudpix Cubes, Timmy wishes he was crumb sized and could live on the cube but Vicky plays with the Mudpix Cube so Timmy Has to escape or Vicky could defeat Timmy and it's Timmy vs Vicky if Timmy wins he will wish to escape the cube November 5, 2015 none-cube timmy, Vicky, Cosmo, Wanda, poof
9B Pokyo Japan Crocker brainwashes AJ Chester and Elmer and then they think Timmy has fgp November 12, 2015 noneyo japan timmy Cosmo Wanda poof sparky Elmer AJ Chester Denzel Crocker
10 WedNesDay The 19th Vicky and Crocker try to murder Timmy AJ Chester Elmer Sanjay Trixie Veronica tad chad Tootie the mayor waxelplax even chompy but Timmy wishes he was a zombie so he could save his friends october 23, 2015 nooone timmy, Crocker, vicky
13A Timmy-Pizza! timmy wishes he could own a pizza place November 24, 2015 [[pizzanonepizza]] timmy, mr Turner, mrs Turner, Trixie, Crocker, poof, sparky, Cosmo and wanda
13B The Puck Swaps Here! timmy and Vicky argue so they face off in hockey November 24, 2015 none timmy, AJ, Chester, Elmer, Sanjay, Christopher, B.R.A.T
14A House Of Drawings Timmy uses a white crayon to re-draw his house but as usual, Crocker is suspicious December 18, 2015 n🎲o🎲n🎲e timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Crocker
14B From there to there Timmy Wishes He Could Push Objects Farther Away From a Certain Person December 18, 2015 [[------>none]] timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, anti Cosmo, Francis, Crocker, Vicky, Chester
17A The Two Trixies Timmy Wishes Tootie Looked Like Trixie December 11, 2015 none timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Trixie, poof, sparky, Veronica, tootie
17B Back to being Spaced Out! Mark Meets Norm June 27th 2015 none mark, norm, timmy
18 Ridiculous Wish Day! Tootie Casts The Most Ridiculous Wishes Ever On Tad And Chad January 8th 2016 none timmy, tad, chad, Tootie, happy peppy Gary and Betty.
21A Slide Park Tootie wishes School Was The Slide-A-Tourium January 11th, 2016 RE-DO tootie, Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, poof, sparky, crocker
21B Stretch That! Timmy Wishes He Could Stretch His Arms And Legs timmy, his fairies, Crocker, aj and chester
42A Fleachain
42B The Town Without News
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