This is a list of fanmade The Fairly OddParents fanon episodes.

Each season contains 33-40 episodes.

Fat Wanda

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon Season 1

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The You-Doos Strike Again! On a beautiful Saturday morning, Timmy and his fairies go out and play but suddenly, Timmy finds one of the You-Doo dolls (from the episode You-Doo) and wanted to use it to control Francis. January 13, 2009 The You Doos Strike Again

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 10

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The Truth Hurts! Timmy has to spend a day without lying! This gets bad when Crocker asks him if faries exist. January 13, 2019
2 Le Francais Recipe! Mrs. Turner gets to be the first one the bring French cooking into America. January 13, 2019
3 Multi-Phrase Phase Timmy learms so much languages that he keeps on getting mixed up sentences which multiple languages! April 25, 2019
4 Let's Get Kraken, Kimmy! A vacation in Hawaii turns bad when Cosmo mishears Timmy, and turns Kimmy into a Man-and-Fairy Eating beast: THE KRAKEN! Now Timmy has to change her back. April 25, 2019
5 TG And DS Present: An All-Sound Parody: Welcome To FishBowl Timmy's faries take a break, but things get wired when Poof starts seeing... Dead fairies? This a tribute to R.L. Stine and the 1st TG episode with 2 writers. February 1, 2019
6 Everybody Was Mystcaly FIGHT-ING! Timmy gets beaten up by Francis again and asks the Mystic for Kung-Fu lessons. The Mystic says he knows a WHOLE NEW kind of Kung-Fu: MYSTIC-Kung-Fu. Mystic & Timmy go througha rigourus montage until the day Timmy beats Francis. February 1, 2019
7 Race of Doom Foop tries to beat Poof at a go-kart race but Poof beats Foop and he is the winner. January 27, 2019
8 The Next Mystic-Fu Kid/Mystic and Faries 2: The Big Sequel Thingy! Kimmy wants to learn Mystic-Kung-Fu to defened herself/Lord Anti-Misty returns and it's up to Mystic, Timmy, Kimmy and thier faries, to save the day! January 27, 2019
9 Timronica Timmy tries a different approach in order to eventually win Trixie's heart. July 15, 2019
10 A Fairly OddProduction: Don't Do It, Denzel! Denzel Crocker almost quits hunting fairies. (This is a live-action movie) April 5, 2019
11 Playdate of Doom 2 Anti-Cadde and Foop want to play with Caddee and Poof but they do not want to. October 29, 2019 Playdate Of Doom 2
12 Spellementary School 2 Cadde and Anti-Cadde go to school together but Anti-Cadde tries to get Cadde into trouble. Then Poof comes to the rescue and defends Cadde from Anti-Cadde. October 29, 2019 Spellementary School 2
13 Wishland Timmy and his fairies go in a land full of wishes called Wishland. July 4, 2019
14 Camped Out Timmy uses Cosmo and Wanda as bug repellent on him and his friends. But as a result of their getting rid of the bugs, the fish starve, and a hungry bear comes after them. July 4, 2019
15 Hey New Girl A new girl named Terry moves into Dimmsdale and Timmy has lots of fun with her. March 25, 2019
16 Token Wishes Timmy wishes for a box of wishing tokens that somehow falls into Tootie's hands chaos ensues from there. March 25, 2019
17 Baby Faces Poof becomes lonely when Timmy neglects him and poofs Timmy, Tootie, and Vicky into babies. August 17th, 2019 Baby Faces
18 ¡Ay Caramba! Timmy and his family turn Spanish. August 17, 2019
19 Timmy & The Glee Club A satire of the TV series GLEE. September 9, 2019 TatGC
20 Time Out A wish for perpetual play goes wonky and gives Timmy second thoughts. September 9, 2019
21 Bubble Gum Party Timmy blows a very big bubble this moring so he helds up a party in which eveeryone could blow the biggest bubble. April 1, 2019
22 When Anti-Cosmo Took Over Fairy World Because of all that Timmy has done to him and the Anti-Fairies, Anti-Cosmo captures Timmy, Cosmo, Poof, Mystic, Misty and Wanda, and uses there wands to take over Fairy World. However, with Cosmo, Poof, Mystic and Misty and Wanda in fairy jail, and Timmy under Anti Cosmo's control by an ancient freedom contract(becuase of this, Cosmo and Wanda are no longer his Godparents), how is there anyway to resolve this? April 1, 2019
23 Cloudy With A Chance of Wishes Timmy wishes he became the best inventor in the world so he could invent something that'll rain out something. March 10, 2019 Cloudy With A Chance Of Wishes
24 All Washed Up Timmy's getting soaked in the rain, so he wishes the water wouldn't touch him, but rain isn't the only water. March 10, 2019
25 Timmy Test Timmy switches places with Johnny Test for a day, when Suasan & Mary have a bunch of tests planned. July 28, 2019
26 The Boss of Me 2 Mr Turner keeps on dropping his pencil so Timmy wishes the pencil would follow him everywhere so it won't drop on him. July 28, 2019 The Boss of Me 2
27 He Shoots He Scores Timmy wishes he and Kimmy were the best soccer players ever. April 22, 2019 He Shoots He Scores
28 Teacher's Pet 2 Timmy wishes everyone was the teachers pet. Untill Mr Crocker kidnaps everyone and traps them and it's up to Timmy to save the day. April 22, 2019 Teacher's Pet 2
29 Timmy's Nudity Club Timmy has a nudity club, this forbidds clothes from the club, and says they must undress outside. Chester appreciates the club. June 30, 2019
30 Timmy's New Year's Eve Timmy holds up New Year's Swimming Party and decides to do something special, he'll get naked once the crowd says zero and jumps to undress where he stays naked throughout the episode. June 30, 2019
31 Timmy's Nudity Club 2 In this final chapter, Timmy stays naked throughout the episode and wishes he never has clothes. May 14, 2019
32 Timmy Two-Shoes Timmy accedentaly wishes himself into Miseryville and causes a lot trouble. May 14, 2019
33 Gamer & Zolo In The Fairly OddParents (A.K.A. The Last Episode Of Season 10!) Gamer and Zolo go into the world of The Fairly OddParents and cause trouble!... Yes,it is as stupid as it sounds. June 21, 2019

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 11

Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The Timmy Tommy Power Hour Timmy wishes to go to the All Grown Up world where he meets Tommy, Chuckie and the gang. Meanwhile Tommy, Chuckie and the gang go to Dimmsdale which Timmy inctroduces to. November 24, 2019
2 Rock Star Timmy wishes he became the best rock star in the world and this impresses Trixie. April 30, 2020
3 Double Oh Anti Schnozmo Anti Schnozmo pretends to be nice at Timmy and his fairies in attempt to kidnap his fairies. April 30, 2020 Double Oh Anti Schnozmo
4 Crouching Timmy, Hidden Wanda Timmy and Poof pratice karate togther and then they discover some new tricks. January 2, 2020
5 Poof's First Wand Poof gets his very first wand and Foop tries to steal it! January 2, 2020
6 Run, Timmy, Run Timmy wishes he had a pair of speed shoes so he can run as fast as a cheetah. Unfortunately ,this makes his friends Jealous. March 16, 2020
7 Gross Encounters Mr Turner starts a "gross encounter" sale which he puts away old stuff he doesn't need anymore. March 16, 2020
8 Cadde's Playdate Cadde has her first playdate with Poof so she transforms all the fairies into babies inculding Jorgen. July 12, 2020 Cadde's Playdate
9 Trixie's Party Trixie invites Timmy to a party but it's really Foop trying to Destroy Poof. July 12, 2020
10 The Return of Anti-Cadde Anti-Cadde copies herself 1,000 times. Then she sends her clones to attack Dimmsdale and enslave everyone. However she is defeated by Timmy who uses Wanda's Wand to wish up a giant vacuum. February 29, 2020
11 Fairly Odd Baby 2 Juandissimo has a baby named Junior but Anti-Cosmo and Head Pixie kidnap him and Timmy, his fairies, Blonda, and Juandissimo must rescue him. March 5th, 2020 Fairly Odd Baby 2
12 I Dream of Timmy Tootie finds a magical genie who wants to help woo her love of her life, Timmy! Will Tootie succeed, or will this whole thing turn around, bite Timmy in the butt, and turns into a life threatning situation like it normally does. December 2, 2019
13 Fairly Odd Baby 3 Jorgen and Tooth Fairy are having a baby! But there’s one problem: It’s made Foop Jealous, So Jealous, he decides destroy the limited, all-new fairy baby rule so all newborn fairy babies can disappear! (Except himself!) Will everything be normal again? But, what will the new baby do? Will she (It’s a Girl!) have a fight with Foop? Will her crush on Poof end all the nonsense that Foop is causing? It seems it’s up to new baby Lulu to save the world! July 17, 2020
14 Unwiped Timmy wishes Jorgen didn't wipe a miserable child's memory. Until he gets put in Fairy Court for breaking "Da Rules". He feels sorry for Jorgen and unwishes the wish. April 14, 2020
15 Heartbreaker In an effort to win Trixie's heart, Timmy dates Tootie. April 14, 2020
16 Fairy Worlds Collide The pixies are tired of not achieveing anything. When the HP turns to AC for help, he gets rejected. Soon the fairies and anti fairies are captured! It's up to Poof & Foop to save their worlds together. March 24, 2020
17 Breakin' All the Speed Rules! Timmy wishes to have the fastest rocket car ever and uses it to break several barriers Until He Breaks The TV Barrier and Trashes The Studio. March 24, 2020
18 Late Night When Timmy decides that he wants to stay up late Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Mystic and Misty grant his wish to do away with bedtime altogether. Unfortunately, his parents go to an late night card game, leaving him with Vicky! May 31, 2020
19 Pimmy and Toof Timmy and Poof Swap Bodies For a Day. May 31, 2020 Pimmy And Toof
20 Scary OddParents Timmy Invents Half-o-ween and Hosts a party and invites a lot of friends to the party and they have a spooky fun time. April 28, 2020 Scary OddParents
21 Bad Luck, Good Luck Timmy has to do a report on Ireland and wishes up an Irish man to help him and ends up with Phillip. Will this be a normal day for them or a magical day? April 28, 2020
22 Wicked Sitter Fed up with Vicky for the last time Timmy wishes for a new baby sitter He meets Angel Cromwell a kid-hearted, fun-loving teenager. But this sitter, being kind as she is has a secert she's a witch! June 6, 2020
23 The Same Poof Timmy and Poof play hide-and-seek and becuase Poof's a lousy hider, Timmy wishes Poof was the same as everyone else. And when Cosmo and Wanda try to give Poof his twelve o'clock hair appointment, they can't find him! June 6, 2020 The Same Poof
24 Once Upon A Timmy Timmy wishes himself inside his storybook of King Arthur. Can he retrieve the singing sword Excalibur and be able to defeat the evil sorceress Vicky? February 11, 2020 Once Upon A Timmy
25 Princess Vicky Vicky Gets The Flu,But It Turns Out To be a Joke so Timmy and His Friends Could act As Her Servants. February 11, 2020
26 All is Calm When a wish goes horribly wrong it threatens to tear Timmy's relationships asunder as his mind spirals out of control. May 26, 2020
27 The Mark Anti-Cosmo creates a new, deadly disease and infects Poof as well as the rest of Fairy World! With everything crashing down around Wanda, will she be able to stop him and his evil reign of terror before it's too late and Fairy World is destroyed? May 26, 2020
28 A Boy and His Poof With Crocker controlling Cosmo and Wanda, Timmy's left with Poof to try and save the day. Thankfully, he's got some unlikely allies. July 1, 2020
29 A Pair of Clefts When Timmy goes into the Crimson Chin comic book, he leaves the porthole open-and sucks Phillip in! Can Phillip find Timmy and save Chinnicati? July 1, 2020
30 Poof's Journal Poof is bored at Timmy's house and writes in a journal. March 17, 2020
31 Game, Set, Match Tootie renders Timmy into a corner and is about to kiss him but Phillip swoops in and saves him. Tootie starts crushing on Phillip and it is up to Timmy to help! March 17, 2020
32 Not Human Timmy meets a new girl in his class. But he soon discovers that she's not human and she's not a vampire. June 4, 2020
33 To Love a Brownie Poof Steals One of Nana Boom Boom,s Brownies and He Falls in love with It. January 17, 2020

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 12

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Hole In The Universe Timmy Turner has a 7 page Science report on outer space that is due in two days, and he has not started it yet! Will the help of Cosmo's "Nephew" save Timmy from getting another F? Or cause an end of the world scenario that Timmy has to stop by morning?
2 Cookie Problems Poof and Dragon create a desperate attempt to get to the cookie jar.
3 The Big Superzero Wish Timmy Wishes Super Not Cosmo was The Best and Most Coordinated Superhero On earth and Soon,He,s Famous.

Unfortunealy,The Other Superheroes Want Revenge.

The Big Superzero Wish
4 Crocker of Flour Mr Crocker disguises himself as Nana Boom Boom in order to go to the annual bake-off.
5 The Baby Flu Poof gets The Baby Flu, and the only way to cure it is to make him laugh. So Timmy gets The April Fool to help.
6 It Was A Dark and Stormy Dinner Time Timmy wishes to not eat his vegetables, but Cosmo made it so the vegetables would eat him and they take Cosmo and Wanda's wands. Soon Poof, who still had his rattle, poofs up ninja donuts and they defeat the vegetables.
7 Temporary Baby Timmy orders a temporary baby for Poof because he's been lonely since Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda have left. Temporary Baby
8 Manic Sunday Timmy is jealous that his mom has to go to work every Sunday so Wanda swaps Timmy and Mom's brains so he could go to her job. Manic Sun Day
9 Super Zero Returns Super Zero (aka Super Not Cosmo) comes back to Dimmsdale. Super Zero Returns
10 Old Man and the A Timmy wishes his dad was the best answerer in the world in order to get an A but he answers TOO many questions. Old Man and the A
11 Please Don't Eat the Turners Timmy and his Parents are turned Into Chickens and Doug Dimmmadome wants To Cook Them.Now It,s Up To Cosmo,Wanda,Poof,Misty and Mystic to save them. Please Don't Eat The Turners
12 Engine Crocked Mr Crocker gets turned into a car in an attempt to catch fairies. Engine Crocked
13 Operation Dinklebot Mr Turner creates Sheldonbot so he could get rid of Sheldon Dinkleburg. Operation Dinklebot
14 C- Turner Timmy is stunned when Crocker gives him a C- for A Test. C- Turner
15 Love Struck 2 Tired of Tootie being his valentine, Timmy wishes Chester could be Tootie's valentine and Trixie was his valentine so he could go to the Valentine's Day dance with her. Love Struck 2
16 Odd Balls Timmy and his friends train his dad's team the Ballhogs. Odd Balls
17 Fairy Idol 2 Norm makes all the fairy godparents quit and it's up to Timmy and the miserable kids to get their fairies back. Fairy Idol 2
18 Fairy Friends and Poof Tired of Poof being alone these days Timmy wishes he could be with Timmy's parents along with Cosmo and Wanda. But he starts to miss Poof and his fairies and how can he unwish it. Fairy Friends And Poof
19 Timmy Copy While Cosmo and Wanda go to a prom, Timmy makes a millon copies of Poof. Timmy Copy
20 Just Cakes ( Timmy thinks cakes are yummy so he wishes everyone just ate cakes untill they feel fatten up and can Timmy unwish the wish or will Dimmsdale be a fatten town forever. Just Cakes
21 F "Says the Man" Mr. Crocker is so into giving people F's that he loses his knowledge of grammar! Will he learn again? F Says The Man
22 Wishology 2 The Elimators and the Darkness is back again and Jorgen is the chosen one and Timmy must battle the darkness with his friends. Wishology 2
23 For Wishes Only Wanda grants Timmy a wand for a day to make "free wishes". For Wishes Only
24 Timmy and Ferb Timmy want's life to be a secret agent agency, but ends up doing a cross over with Phineas and Ferb.
25 4 xs The Trixies = Timmy Handsome Man When Timmy wishes there was more than one Trixe he gets 4 extras who fall in love with him.Timmy leaves them at Home when he is at school.Soon the other Trixies Follow him there.Trixie then sees them and faints.The Trixies get lost in the school.Can Timmy find them before Trixies wakes up?
26 Kalediscope Timmy Timmy wishes he had kalediscope vision and then sees everything in eight pictures.Can he tell where everything is?
27 Foop's Army Foop Clones Mal Timmy 999 Times So He can Wreck Havoc in Dimmsdale.Can Timmy Stop Him?
28 Store Wars Timmy and Poof create a store in Fairy World.Mal-Timmy and Foop do the same.Which store will win? Store Wars
29 Timmy in the House This is a crossover of Cory in the House and The Fairly Oddparents.In this one Cory and Timmy record a song.
30 Planet Timmy This is a crossover of Planey Sheen and The Fairly Oddparents.In this one Timmy and Sheen meet again and go slay monsters
31 The Dinkle Parents In this one Timmy goes and lives with the Dinklebergs
32 The Pickle Caper In this one a mysterious fairy baby starts robbing places in Fairy World.He is the Pickle Caper.Can Timmy stop him while Cosmo and Wanda are sick and Poof is at school?
33 Interviews With Stairs In this episode Timmy must read a book about stairs.Instead he wishes he could talk to stairs.
34 Vicky Died In this final episode Timmy makes a revenge on Vicky.Then Timmy pull a prank on her suddenly she gets bitten by the snakes then Timmy felt so guilty this might be too far. 1a2bc3d4e5

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 13

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Bubble Poof Timmy thinks Poof can blow bubbles because fairies can blow bubbles.
2 Goodbye Forever Mr Turner leaves because he hates the Dinkleburgs. But Timmy tells his dad to stay and feels worried about him.
3 No More Really Bad Days Timmy wishes fairy godparents didn't have to be bad for one day in a certain number of years and his wish Was Granted and it impresses Jorgen.
4 Odd Babies Foop and Poof decide to switch places for a day to see who has it harder.
5 You Gotta be Kidding! Timmy wishes when anyone says, "You gotta be kidding me!", it really comes true!
6 Fairy Genes When Lexi Sanders moves to Dimmsdale, she meets Timmy Turner and his fairies. And he meets her fairies! Yes, Miss Lexi Sanders isn't quite so average; she has fairies of her own! But does the new girl have another secret? Maybe one she doesn't even know about?
7 Baby Battle of the Century! It's a baby battle between Poof and Foop when they fight over Goldie GoldenGlow once again!
8 A Fairy Tale When Jorgen gets a cold, Binky decides to return the favor and tells him a story about Timmy as a knight. (as seen in "Knighty Knight") and he has to rescue a princess (Tootie) from an evil dragon (Vicky).
9 Cellular Fever Timmy wants a cool cell phone like the kind the Popular Kids are using.
10 The Revenge of Dr. Vulcan Timmy is taken prisoner by a villain named Dr. Vulcan.
11 Fairly Odd Squarepants Timmy wishes Spongebob out of his program but is causing the program to get canceled,and to make things worse, Foop closes the Universe Door and destroys it so Spongebob will have to stay in their universe forever. November 5, 2019
12 Timmy is Mario Timmy wishes he was Mario and Luigi (Cosmo) with Pac-Man (Chester)and Sonic (A.J.) WILL HAVE to defeat Pinky(Vicky) and Eggman (Crocker) and Bowser (Fransis) to rescue the Princess (Wanda) March 22, 2020
13 The Daily Blabbity of DOOM! The Daily Blabbity from the Crimson Chin Comic books comes to live and "Strangly (Cosmo left the universe door open)" gets out of the book and reeks havic in Dimmsdale and it seems its once again up to the Crimson Chin to fight buissness with buissness to save Dimmsdale! April 26 ,2020
14 OddPuffs (Note; this is a crossover with the FOP and PPG) The FOP gang meet the Powerpuff girls when they accidently fall into the City of Townsville. June 29, 2020
15 You Beleive in 2012 Cosmo thinks it will be the end of the world after watching the movie ,2012 and loosing Wanda. August 16, 2020
16 See!? That was me! While looking around in his closet for early Christmas presents, Timmy finds his baby book and looks through it. September 20, 2020
17 Fairlyrama Timmy wishes to go to the future in Fairy World only to reveal that it is now ruled by Pixies and Anti-Fairies! He'd changed the Future! Now it's up to him to save Fairy World (Now called, "Anti-Pixie World")! November 21, 2020
18 Too Many Babies! Poof accidently multiplies himself into millions of clones and Cosmo and Wanda must find the real Poof so they can change his diaper! October 15, 2020
19 A Fairly Full Diaper After Poof runs off to a Waterpark, And gets in the water, the diaper gets too full and becomes evil and starts to reek havic! But Timmy figures out its H2olga in disguise! She got out of the Crimson Chin Comic Book and hid in Poof's diaper! Now the only way for her to be stopped is for Poof to completely fill his diaper!
20 An Evil Duck Amuck! Poof's rubber ducky comes to life and tries to destroy him!
21 Cameras Everywhere Timmy discovers that there are hidden cameras everywhere,so he'll show his fairies to everyone on Earth.
22 Poof's First Wand Poof gets a wand for Best Friends Day. He starts to love it
23 Cosmo Overborad Cosmo has a nightmare about getting lost on an island.
24 Poof's Birthday Poof celebrates his birthday but Foop tries to ruin the party.
25 Foop's Doomdate Foop tries to come over to Timmy's house to take revenge on Poof but instead he accidently turns Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda into Babies. Foop's Doomdate
26 Larry, Larry, Quite Contrary A leperachaun named Larry falls head over heels (Falls in love) with Rubie, Goldie GoldenGlow's rhombas-shaped baby sister. But trouble arises when Rubie realizes he's cheating on her with Caddee and it's up to Poof to save the day once again!
27 I Heart My Wand Timmy falls in love with wands and steals one from Cosmo and he must get it back
28 Got Gas? Poof gets baby gas and Cosmo and Wanda must figure out why.
29 I Now Pronounce You Wife and Cat Tootie falls in love with a cat and fairies can't interfere with true love so Timmy has to do it himself before Tootie loves a cat instead of him!
30 The Wacky Wand After being brave at the doctor, Poof gets go to Fairy World's newest and coolest amusment park EVER.....The Wacky Wand!
31 Mad House After every villan in Dimmsdale moves to a other place , Timmy loses his fairies,but then everyone good turns bad and Timmy needs to get his fairies back.
32 Mexico Mil Rules

The pixies invent something that will make everyone speak Spanish and sends it to Timmy.

33 Something's Wrong! Timmy has to do a math test for homework and he thinks that he got a question wrong.

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 14

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Jorgen Fairy Hunt Kid   Jorgen figures out there are Fairy Hunters in Earth, and go's insane to destroy all the hunters. Meanwhile, Chester and A.J. are getting sick of Timmy's awnser being Internet, and find the real reason. November 12, 2021
2 Manapolio City Timmy wishes him self to different board games until in Manapolio, they don't let him out. November 19,2021
3 T-I-M-M--Why? After having the worst day ever, Timmy asks why he was even born. November 26, 2021
4 The Word on the Bird After a bird steals Cosmo's nickel, Phillip, The Gang goes on a big quest to find her! December 3, 2021
5 Catman Returns Catman retuns but people hate him. December 7, 2021
6 Paralel Self After Timmy learning that MAL-Timmy is actully from the parellel universe,he wishes himself to the paralel universe. December 14, 2021
7 Fairy Vegas, Baby !" After the Fairy Vegas people are shocked that they have a baby(Poof),the peole transform the Fairy Vegas into Baby Vegas and Poof as a leader,but Cosmo and Wanda don't have any time to spend with Timmy,also in time of the Super Deongerous Racing Park,since he entered. December 21, 2021
8 Odd Squad 2 Timmy wants a license to drive a car like everyone else, but the Anti Fairies plan to put the car on Fairy World so they can brake free. December 28, 2021
9 Magic Radio Timmy discovers that a magic raido is hidden and if you go very far away,the magic won't work! January 4, 2022
10 Comet Rises! Timmy, with the help of Stephen Hawking,reilize that a comet will hit Earth! January 11, 2022
11 Oh, Baby! When Poof asks Foop where babies come from, it gives them BOTH nightmares!
12 Fight For Timmy's Love Trixie and Tootie fight to see who Timmy loves most.
13 Time Done Timmy wishes that time went backwards,but Timmy can't unwish the wish because he is a baby and has to unwish the wish or else time will go back until it could not go any furthur. (Note: Poof stops appearing in the middle of the episode because they past the time when Poof was born.)
14 Fairy Nightmare Cosmo and Wanda have a nightmare about quitting being Timmy's godparents.
15 Too Cool for School Timmy wishes he became cool again and wishes Tad and Chad uncool and no longer Trixie's friends and Timmy begins to feel cool.
16 Timmy & the Glee Club 2: When the Going Gets Weird, Yankovic it Timmy meets "Weird Al" Yankovic in his GLEE Club.
17 A Bug's Bite A bug bite causes Vicky to act real friendly and good. 50px
18 Coming to a Turner Near You The Turners make a rated PG film in order to make Vicky not babysit anymore. The film in this episode is called "Get the Babysitter Out of the House".
19 Cosmo is PRANKED Timmy makes fun of Cosmo and then Wanda plays a horrible prank on him and at the end they feel sorry for him.
20 Godfellas God takes Timmy to heven after Timmy does something involving God.
21 Bubble Snapshots While Timmy,Cosmo and Wanda blow bubble gum, Poof takes pictures of them to save to his "Fairy Computer".
22 How Many Buses Do We Have To Get Home? Croker's class get lost in the Dimmsdale's Scariest Cave and Timmy can't do anything because Croker brought his Fairy Hunter and if Timmy grants a wish, Croker will record it.
23 Fairly For Parents Timmy's parents grant wishes.
24 Babysitting Turner Timmy swaps lives with Vicky for a day so she won't bother him anymore.
25 The Saga of Francis Francis plans a horrible revenge on Timmy.
26 Company Fight After visiting the Fox Network,A.J thinks DreamWorks is better,Chester thinks Disney is better, and Timmy thinks Fox is better,so they bet to make a movie and sell it it each company and the best movie wins.
27 Nothing Anymore Tired of everyone picking rocks instead of Timmy, Timmy wishes rocks didn't icsist,but pillows, wishes them away. Soon nothing alive is not in the universe.
28 The Fight It's a crossover between all the shows,programs,sitcoms, and anime AND MOVIES EVER MADE!!!
29 Trootter Tired of lame fruits. Timmy wishes a new addictive fruit called Troot to bring to class,but the troots were poisonuos, so he wishes the troot was him, but Crocker was about to eat the troot!
30 Leaf Catch Timmy's friends needs to get the fruts to school, but too much distracktions and it took over a month.
31 Engine Fixed Dad's car sucks and Timmy wishes that Dad had the best car ever.
32 Cookie Scouts Timmy and Tootie are selling cookies for their scout groups. But will they sell all of their cookies?
33 Catman Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Catman discovers Timmy's parents are superhero's.

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 15

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 New Baby in Town The new baby Pentrenellisytheniso comes to Fairy World and Timmy and his fairies need to know how. Untitled7
2 Hiccups and Downs Poof has a case of the Fairy Hiccups.
3 Secret Admirer Crocker starts receiving gifts from a secret admirer, which turn out to be Fairy Hunting Equipment.
4 Picturementary School It's picture day at Spellementary school.
5 Bonding Time Timmy wants to hang out with Chester and AJ, but everybody's parents have been watching a parenting channel that told them to bond with their kids, so Timmy, Chester, and AJ come up with a plan to make their parents not wanna bond.
6 A Spellmentary Valentine It's Valentines Day at Spellmentary School but Pentrenellisytheniso and Foop don't have any valentines so they try to steal one of Poof's cards so they could give one to Goldie and impress her and win her heart!
7 I’m Happy Betty Poofy Happy Peppy Betty catches Poof and uses him to bring more people and Wanda,Cosmo,and Timmy have to find him before its too late. December 21, 2023
8 Picturella Wanda starts loving to take pictures that Jorgen enters Wanda into Do Something While Dancing Club at Friday.
9 Pictarella Final Chapter After commpeting, Wanda becomes very oppsesed that she steals Dad's camera and runs away. Jorgen,Cosmo, and Timmy need to find the camera and worst of all,Vicky is babysitting,she will find the camera and think Timmy stole it!
10 Down upside Timmy wishes Poof would stop frowning, but when Poof's smile starts to creep everyone out, They try to make him frown again, by asking for Dr. Bender's help!
11 Baby Face 2 After seeing how much Vicky loves babies, Timmy wishes he was a baby so Vicky woulden't torcher him!
12 Just a Dance Timmy finds himself going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Tootie, but something awful happens.
13 Wanda's Birthday Its Wanda's Birthday, Timmy and Poof remember it, but what about Cosmo?
14 Bubbles Poof gets absolutely covered in muck while Timmy’s babysitting. And the problem is he won’t poof himself clean!
15 Timmy's Christmas Present It's Christmas in Dimmsdale and Timmy is giving a present for Trixie until he feels bad for something that he forgets? Will Timmy find his true love to give Trixie a present?
16 School Never Timmy wishes that there was never any school at all,but everyone does not know a thing,and Cosmo and Wanda do not know how to use a wand.
17 Mega-Mall Timmy discovers a new mall is being built in Dimmsdale.
18 Fairly Odd Fakies Timmy discovers his world is fake.
19 The Switch Glitch 2 Anti-Cosmo is tired of his idiot wife and Class- A son messing up his plans to take over the world, so he uses his wand and swiches familys with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, making the two familys switch lives and personalitys! Let me put it this way: Wanda=Dumb like Anti-Wanda, Cosmo=Smart, like Anti-Cosmo, Poof=Can talk in full language and is classy and british like Foop! (And Poof is now square like Foop) And.. Anti-Cosmo=Is dumb and stupid like Cosmo was, Anti-Wanda=Is naggy and smart and sophisticated like Wanda was, And Foop=Is cute, can only speak a few words, and is now round like Poof was! But Timmy wants his old Godparents and Godbrother back, so its up to him to make everything normal again! (This episode is based on, "The Switch Glitch".)
20 Recipe For Disaster Timmy discovers the shocking secret on how to make a fairy!
21 Fairy (Sailor) Mouth After Poof overhears Timmy's dad say a bad word, he begins to say it all the time, until it became annoying, a nuisence, and naughty-like! Will Poof pay the consequences? Or will his parents tell him to stop before it's too late?!
22 Alone, alone, and, ---more alone Timmy wishes everything in the universe, exept his friends,Fairy World, candy and Trixie with other girls,disappeared.
23 'Twas the night before DOOMSmas! After seeing how Poof was on the top of the nice list, and he was on the top of the naughty list, Foop switches the nice kids with the naughty list and puts Poof at the top of the naughty list and himself on the top of the nice list! Now its up to the gang AND Santa to save Christmas!
24 The Big 1-Oh! It's Cosmo's 10,000th birthday! But he feels like he's too old to be a Godparent anymore and goes to Fairy World Nursing and Retirement home. Will this be the last of Cosmo and his job as a Fairy Godparent?
25 It's A Wishful Life of Comics Timmy and Trixie fell wishful when they go to a comic book store.
26 Mall Trapped The girls get locked in the mall so the boys must save them.
27 We Come In Pieces Aliens come to destroy Dimmsdale and try to shred it to pieces!
28 New York Parents A new villan called Brine destroyed Dimmsdale, and now Timmy and everybody else have to go to New York, where Timmy becomes rich.
29 Attack of The Babies! Vicky finds a safty Megatron and uses it as a weapon to turn the world into babies and Timmy needs to deafeat Vicky before it's to late!
30 I Gotta Go! After Cosmo accidently wets his pants, Wanda puts him in diapers, and after the diapers and Cosmo's wetting problem interferes with his wishing, Timmy wishes that Cosmo was a baby for the rest of his life! But now that Wanda is a Godmother of 3 children, it's harder than she and Timmy thought it would be! Then they realize that Anti-Cosmo has transformed into a baby too! Since he's Cosmo's counterpart! Is this the end of Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo?
31 1000 Years of Timmy In order to study about the future, Timmy wishes to go to the year 1000. But he can't unwish it and must travel back or he'll stay in that year forever.
32 Fairy, or Not

Stiffy attends Dimmsdale elementary, since she looks so much like a human girl. Meanwhile, Remy Buxaplenty deciedes to join forces with Mr. Crocker, and prove to him that Stiffy is a fairy.

33 The Incredible Foop! Foop suddenly becomes extremly popular and Poof must stop the madness before the popularity spins out of control!

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 16

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The Unharmed Timmy relizes that Anti-faries has taken over half of the universe.Timmy needs to stop the Anti-Faries.
2 Mystic Leaves Mystic goes away. Note: This the last apperence of Mystic.
3 A Fairly Odd Halloween With the help of Cosmo and Wanda, Timmy wishes for the largest jack-o'-lantern, dresses up as the biggest, scariest monster, and gets lots of candy.
4 Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary 2 Timmy discovers Veronica has a fairy named Vivan.
5 Truth or Vivanquences Vivan has to pay the consquence after he treats Veronica badly.
6 Family Affairs Two different families, The Buxaplentys and the Turners are forced to realize how much their sons mean to them, when Remy Buxaplenty disappears and the Turners are charged with neglect of Timmy and Timmy is sent to live with A.J.'s family.
7 Solnuska When Tootie is taken one night, Dwalin seeks the aide of Timmy and the faires to get her back. But what does he know? Why did they want Tootie? Just what is the little Goblin hiding? When Timmy learns the answer, he'll wish he hadn't.
8 A Fairly Odd Birthday Timmy's finally turning 13: A sign of manhood, maturity, and bad luck. Now that he's a teen, he must prove by fairy law that he's not too old for fairies. HP and Anti-Cosmo finally see a way to be rid of him... Will he keep his fairy family & survive?
9 Camp Sherwood When Trixie goes to summer camp, Timmy accidentally wishes he could go and gets turned into Timantha. Will this be the beginning of the end for him?
10 Rare Comic Book Timmy and his friends tries to steal a very rare comic from Remy.
11 Vickys' Las Official Timmy plans to put Vicky in jail,but the cops were conserned that made Vicky part of the police department.
12 Genies and Pixies Remy loses his Fairy Godparent but gains new magical allies.
13- You Scream, I Scream Mark Chang is afraid of a living ice cream cone that tries to seek him out!
14 Primary Trickster Chester becomes an new primary trickster and it begins to annoy Timmy.

Invasion of the moms

All the moms from Planet Mom have returned to seek out Timmy!



16 Los Dos Tootie When Tootie and her family move away, it makes Timmy feel awful he never gave that sweet lil' girl a chance.
17 Maybe Baby Cosmo and Wanda think about having another baby and getting Poof a new sibling. Meanwhile, Timmy's parents think about the same thing.
18 Rozmo and Rhonda Cosmo and Wanda meet their long lost siblings, Rozmo and Rhonda!
19 Twin Trouble Rozmo and Rhonda have baby twins named Sparkle and Twinkle! But Anti-Rozmo and Anti-Rhonda plan to kidnap the twins!
20 The Revenge of The Crockers Crocker's fairy-obbsessed family arrives and try to capture Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof!
21 Flashback Turners Mr and Mrs Turner tell Timmy a story about a flashback with Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Vlad and there grandparents, Great-Grandma Lara and Great-Grandpa Hansel.
22 Ghosts, Fairies and Dogs! Oh My! When Danny Phantom is chasing after Skulker, he accidentally bumps into Timmy Turner who was running away from Vicky. Then, Dudley Puppy was walking around town on a solo mission to sneak up on D.O.O.M. Dudley, Danny and Timmy team up to stop Skulker, Vicky and D.O.O.M. with Cosmo and Wanda's magic, ghost powers and brand new laser guns. BOOM! GO PHANTOM, TURNER AND PUPPY!
23 Prehistoric Preschool Poof and Foop finally go to preschool and Foop makes the school go primate when they all make fun of his square body!
24 Daddy Phantom Timmy's parents become a Danny Phantom parody.
25 ITimmy Timmy gets an IPad.
26 Wizard of Dimmsdale After after watching the movie "The Wizard of Oz",Timmy wishes everything to be like Wizard of Oz.
27 Fairly Odd Fary Timmy gets in love in a female fairy called Violeta, but everybody does not like it.
28 Wishmas Every Day Timmy wishes for Christmas every day again.
29 Wipedout! Timmy accidentally wishes to make a Wipeout obstacle course.
30 Fairly Odd Future Cosmo accidently brakes the past and the gang gets stuck until the end of all time. Note: This movie dosen't count because it was made by DreamWorks Pictures . December 31, 2030
31 Coulon Timmy finds a robot but it makes everything faster. March 21, 2031
32 Elimination Baby When Anti-Jorgan finds a baby on his doorstep that tries to destroy him, he names it Anti-Lulu, because she had a looked like Lulu the baby and hated every living thing including Anti-Jorgen and the other Anti-Fairies! But when she falls head over heels with Foop and befriends Anti-Caddee, Its up to Lulu, Poof, Goldie Goldenglow, Caddee, and Junior (All the fairy babies) to stop them from taking over the world and destroying their counterparts!
33 Gender Swap Cosmo and Wanda have a bet on how much harder it is to be a man or woman, so they swap genetics and generes to see who has it harder, Mom, or Dad! Who will win the bet and who will lose and have to change all Poofs diapers for three weeks straight with no help at all? December 26, 2031
34 Timantha Returns Timmy has a bet with Wanda to see how long he can go with staying a girl. But when he sees how much better it seems to be a girl, he almost tires to stay one forever! But the bet starts to get on Tooties nerves!


Angel The Baby (Fairly Odd Baby 6) Poof meets the newest addition to Fairy World...Angel the Baby! However, Anti-Blonda and Anti-Juandissimo plan to kidnap Angel March 30th, 2033 Angel The Baby (Fairly Odd Baby 6)


Poofette and Foopina After being made fun of by Foop and Poof because their girls, Goldie GoldenGlow and Angel transform Foop and Poof into girls for the day!


The Fairly Goth Parents! After Timmy asks Anti-Cosmo a favor, Anti-Cosmo agrees, but one one condition: Timmy becomes his godchild for a week!


Don't be a Baby! After getting SO tired of Vicky, Timmy tries a new way of telling his parents he's responsible enough to stay home by himself: He turns Cosmo and Wanda into babies for the day and babysits them so he can prove to his parents he can babysit himself from now on!


Magic Remote! (A 3-hour special episode and is the last episode of Season 16): After being too old to go to a kids ride, Timmy wishes for a magic remote that could change peoples ages so he copuld poof himself to nie years old (The approved age for the ride). But Tootie ends up with it and transforms herself into a baby! Later, Vicky finds it and uses it to change everyone into babies so she could babysit everone forever! It's up to infantized Tootie and 10-year-old Timmy to save the day, but they have a trick under there sleeve, or in this case, TOOTIE'S DIAPER!

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 17

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Spiders In My Room May 2nd, 2033
2 Angel For Queen Angel starts to get jealous of Goldie GoldenGlow always being so popular and loved, so she tries a new way to become popular...Becoming Queen Of Cute! Goldie tries to stop her, But Angel knows how to stay cool.

December 14th, 2033

3 Timmy's Mansion Timmy Turner wins a mansion in a contest. The problem is that he never even entered the contest in the first place! And when Trixie Tang disappears after investigating his new mansion, Timmy has to go inside and look for her! However, Timmy discovers that he's not the only one living inside the mansion... May 1st, 2033
4 Toddler Twist Foop, Pentrenellithensio, and Anti-Caddee invent "Baby's First Evil Dancing Machine". It's a device that causes any Fairy baby to dance until they explode, making Foop, Pentrenellisthensio, and Anti-Cadde the ONLY Fairy babies in existence. The best dance move is called, "The Toddler Twist", where the babies spin and spin and spin and spin until KA-BLOOEY! They explode! But are the babies (Poof, Goldie, Junior, Lulu, Angel, and Caddee) smart enough to OUTsmart the three? 3 June 2011
5 Is there a Poof in the House? Pentrenellithensio and Poof fight over who will help take care of Angel when she comes down with a cold. Meanwhile, Foop and Anti-Caddee have their very first evil playdate while Junior plays hide-and-seek with Goldie and Lulu.

30 September


6 The Next "77 Secrects of the Fairly Odd Parents!" The title explains it all. 5 August 2011
7 ParaNORMal Norm decides to become a ghost to scare Timmy Turner and force him to be his godchild! 30 August 2011
8 Moddest Odds Poof creates his own TV Show called, "Baby Talk", where he interviews his baby friends and asks them about their problems. 9 October 2011
9 Valakivencelvencel meets Poof 10 January 2012
10 Brain 20 January 2012
11 Angel's First Wand Angel tries to complete challenges for her first wand! Will she pass the challenges? Or will she have to use her rattle forever?
12 The Baby-Limpics! All the Fairy babies and Anti-babies must compete against each other in the "Baby Limpics!". It is an olympic game for Fairy and Anti-Fairy babies everywhere to see who is more powerful and more intelligent! Will the Anti-Babies win and use their powers to take over Fairy World and rule it, or will the Fairy Babies win and accomplish the Fairy-Limpics, Or in this case, BABY-Limpics!?
13 13 Wishes It's Foop's birthday! (And also Friday the 13!) And he invites all the Anti-Babies (And Fairy babies!) to his party, But all the party games are really scams to get rid of Poof & his Baby pals!
14 Kill-O-Meter Dark Laser vows his revenge, and he's about to get it! He invents a machine that blows up any planet chosen in it's path...And Earth is in it's way! And it's also Fairy-Proof! But thanks to his skills at killometers and meters, Timmy finds a new way to beat Dark Laser!
15 Angel the angel After accidently being knocked out by Lulu in a game of soccer, Angel dreams she's taken to heaven to be the lead Angel!
16 Coco Crazy! After Poof gets a huge craving for Chocolate cakes, he goes crazy on them, making him grow unbelievably chubby and fat, And soon the earth starts hurtling toward the sun again! Will Poof eat his veggies to grow strong and healthy again, or will the earth burst into flames because of Poof and his cravings for cake? (Note: This episode is based on the episode, "Just Desserts" And a little bit like "Balance of Flour".)

17. Angel the Brat: After suddenly becoming more popular than ever, Angel turns from "Sweetie-Pie", to "Snooty Little Brat Baby"! Can Poof and the babies stop her before she becomes queen again?!

18. El Poof-Poof: Poof starts speaking spanish than english and it's up to his Fairy baby friends to help him learn english again!

19. The Adventures of Timpye and Toot-Toot: (A Crossover of "Popeye the Sailor Man" and "The Fairly Oddparents") Timpye the Ferry Man (Timmy) must save Toot-Toot the Gal (Tootie) from the jealous clutches of Plinko (Remy) the Jealous Bully!

20. Baby, Baby! : Now that Lulu knows where babies come from, she dicides to never grow up so she coulden't have any kids herself!

21. A Little Angel and a little Devil: Angel's Anti-Counterpart has been born!

22. Playdate Of Death: After escaping Abracatraz Prison, Anti-Angel comes over to Angel's house for a playdate---A playdate..Of DOOM!

23. Spellementary School 3: When Angel and Anti-Angel go to school together, Anti-Angel tries to get Angel and her friends in trouble.

24. New Babies In Town: The new babies Lewis (Green) and Louie (Orange) come to Fairy World and befriend Poof and the Baby Gang and makes the Anti-Babies jealous because Poof and his friends have more members to be able to beat the Anti-Babies, So they try to make their own Anti-Lewis and Anti-Louie so they can have another battle. This time, this battle will be the last time, because, now that there are more new memebers, whichever teams wins, gets to rule Fairy and Anti-Fairy World, So if the Fairies win, they can save the world from the Anti-Babies, But if the Anti-Babies win, they get to rule the world---All three of them!

25. Dad the X Man: Timmy's Dad becomes an X man.

26. Lulu's In Love: Lulu falls in love with Enrique Cadabra.

27. Angel VS Angelica: Angel accidently falls into the world of Rugrats and has a takedown with Angelica.

28. Mal-Baby, An Anti-Family Short: Foop accidently turns his godbrother, Mal-Timmy, into a baby and Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, and Foop must babysit him until he returns to his normal size and age.

29. Wishology 3, Return of the Darkness Part One: The Darkness returns and threatens Dimmsdale with horrible plaques; But it's not too late for Timmy and the gang to stop it!

30. Wishology 3, Return of the Darkness Part 2: The Two Big Wands (In Fairy and Anti-Fairy World) have been drained by the Darkness and all the Anti-Fairies and Fairies are have lost all power and are too weak to complete the mission, So the only options left are..1. Surrender to the Darkness and give up all hope...Or 2. The Fairy and Anti-Fairy Babies team up to save all three worlds! The Fairy and Anti-Fairy babies for once decide to team up and save the universe! The fate of the Universe rests in their hands....Or should we say...Diapies!

31. Wishology 3, Return of the Darkness Part 3: (The final ending of this 3-hour special) The Anti-Babies and Fairy Babies try their bests to defeat the Darkness, But their little baby powers are much too weak to defeat the Darkness, But there is a reason why they are "Babies"...And it is the only option left...PUPPY FACE! Once the Darkness is defeated (by being sent to the 90th Dimension), The babies restore the magic by making all the Anti-Babies cry (Because When Anti-Babies cry, Good Things happen as revealed in the episode, "Anti-Poof") and restoring everything back to normal. And there was once again peace in the universe.

32. Mommy Dearest: Angel wants to become a mommy so she tries to adopt Poof as her son!

33. Wish of Gloom: Timmy wishes that all the Anti-Fairies were good, But that means the Fairies were evil instead of the Anti-Fairies! Now Timmy must ask Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, and Foop to unwish the wish!

34. Flowerbloom's Royal Party: Flowerbloom has a party where every fairy baby comes. Mr Crocker ruins the party by kidnapping Flowerbloom.

35. Night of the Living Poof: Angel developes a phobia of Poof.

36. A Million Wandas!: Wanda accidently gets multiplied by one of Timmy's new experiment!

37. Fruity Tootie: AJ accidently turns Tootie into a fruit.

38. The Boss Of Him: After Timmy wishes Mr. Turner could see invisible things so he could find his invisble pencil, Something about Mr. Turner goes horribly wrong!

39. Angel's Birthday Part 1: Blonda decides what to do for Angel's Birthday. Meanwhile, Angel makes a guest list for her party and she is aware what her present is!

40. Angel's Birthday Part 2: Blonda gets Angel a birthday present that she will never forget! Angel gets ready for her party and she invites a lot of people. But, Anti-Angel tries to ruin the party! 41. Wild Wild West Part 1: Timmy And His Fairies Teleports To The Wild West And All Becomes Cowboys, BUT Vicky Is Blootfruited! 42. Wild Wild West Final Part: The Cowboys Are Returned But Everything Is REALLY Fine.

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 18 

103 Episodes.

Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 19

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card Episode Remastered
1 Clones Wish Timmy wishes a 45 and a half copies of himself! But it goes too far... Unknown Too Many Timmys!
2 Fairy Influenza Cosmo and Wanda get the Fairy Flu and their magic affects Timmy! Unknown The Fairy Flu
3 A Badge Plan While Timmy and Timmy's Dad hunt a Mythical Creature, Vicky has other plans with her scout team, Cream Puffs Unknown Scout's Honor
4 Humor-Man Timmy wishes to be a Super Hero. Unknown Super Humor
5 The Video-Game-fluenza Chester and A.J. play on Timmy's videogame console. Whilst, Timmy tries to save them. Unknown Power Mad!
6 The Yugopotamians After watching a alien movie, Timmy, Chester and A.J. act it out. Timmy wishes for an alien. But things seriously go weird. Unknown Spaced Out
7 An Romancing Wish Timmy takes his wish too far in order to attract Trixie. Unknown A Wish Too Far!
8 Training Dumb Timmy goes back in time to stop his dad from achieving a dumb thing. But, after he succeeds in stopping him, Dimmsdale goes out of control due to a paradox. Unknown Father Time!
9 Humble Ol' Crimson Chin. Timmy wishes Crimson Chin into reality. Unknown Chin Up!
10 Doidle Turner Timmy wishes that he and Doidle switch places. Unknown Dog's Day Afternoon
11 Identical Identity Timmy wishes everyone to be the same. But, this makes matters worse as Cosmo, Wanda and every other Godparent in the universe, become unable to recognize their god kids. Unknown The Same Game
12 25th A Day Timmy wishes Christmas day is everyday. But, It just gets busier. Unknown Christmas Everyday
13 Skatin' Against The Rules Timmy challenges Vicky to a skateboard contest! Unknown Hex Games
14 Play-Time Timmy wishes that he is doll sized. But, he needs to rescue Cosmo and Wanda! Unknown Boy Toy
15 Timmy The Know-It-All Timmy wishes to be smarter than A.J.. Unknown Smarty Pants
16 Bike Goes Vroom? For the annual Father-Son bike race, Timmy needs some extra cycling power and wishes up a bike that's unstoppable. Unknown Super Bike
17 Fairly Odd Timmy When you wish that your Godparents may switch places, things can go ruff! Unknown A Mile In My Shoes
18 The Anti's! Unknown Unknown That Old Black Magic
19 Being Battered Unknown Unknown Foul Balled
20 Timantha Of Dimmsdale Unknown Unknown The Boy Who Would Be Queen
21 Vicky's Turn Unknown Unknown The Switch Glitch
22 Sir Timmy Of Camelot Unknown Unknown Knighty Knight
23 About Time! Unknown Unknown Twistory
24 Foolish Day Unknown Unknown Fools Day Out
25 Goin Back Unknown Unknown Deja Vu
26 Against The Rules! Unknown Unknown Ruled Out
27 Eddie's Return Unknown Unknown That's Life!
28 Cyber-Timmy Unknown Unknown Information Stupor Highway
29 A Destructive Halloween Unknown Unknown Scary Godparents
30 A Star In The White Square Unknown Unknown Shiny Teeth
31 Double T Unknown Unknown MicroPhony
32 Giggle-A-Goo!-Goo! Unknown Unknown So Totally Spaced Out
33 Cosmo's Expo Unknown Unknown Cosmo Con
34 Wanda's "Short" Break Unknown Unknown Wanda's Day Off!
35 Switching Jobs Unknown Unknown Odd Jobs
36 Theatre Effects Unknown Unknown Movie Magic
37 Universa-Muffin Unknown Unknown Abra-Catastrophe!
38 Starting Over Unknown Unknown The Grass Is Greener
39 Cosmo And Wanda...FRAMED!? Unknown Unknown The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!
40 Master Timmy Unknown Unknown Kung Timmy
41 Witch Culprit? Unknown Unknown Which Witch is Which?
42 Cut That Out! Unknown Unknown Pipe Down!
43 Crimsons Wave Of A Time Unknown Unknown Crime Wave
44 Fairies In The Basket Unknown Unknown Odd Ball
45 Case Of The Missing Wanda Unknown Unknown Where's Wanda?
46 Chip On This! Chip! Unknown Unknown Chip Off The Old Chip
47 Snowing Private Vicky Unknown Unknown Snow Bound
48 Timmy Cooper Unknown Unknown Engine Blocked
49 Timmy The Fugitive Unknown Unknown Most Wanted Wish
50 The Wishing Game Unknown Unknown This Is Your Wish
51 No Z's Today Unknown Unknown Beddy Bye
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