These are a list of fanmade Fairly OddFanon 2 episodes.

Fairly OddParents Fanon 2 Season 1

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Timmy Hero (episode) Timmy finds a hobby. May 28, 2032 3563190768 c9ab62e2db
2 The Tim Panther! After Timmy's fairies are gone, Timmy gets hired to be an animator in the Fairywinkle-Cosma Enterprises animation studio to produce a show called "Tim Panther" May 30, 2032
3-4 Return of the Fairies In this two-part episode, Timmy gets captured by Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda again (to be Foop's brother), and only Cosmo, Wanda and Poof can save him. But will this be the last time the four ever meet?

(This is the first episode where Cosmo, Wanda and Poof become Timmy's fairies again).

June 6, 2032 (Part 1)
June 13, 2032 (Part 2)
5 Go And Cheer Trixie joins the cheer leader team and Timmy, Chester, And AJ Spy on her but the foot ball players really is Mal-Timmy and the antil faries trying to get Trixie. Can Timmy tell trixie that the foot ball team is not really a football team June 24, 2032
6 AJ Gets a F Tired of AJ getting A's all the time, Timmy wishes AJ would get F's and he would get A's. But trouble rises when Timmy gets AJ's brain, he is too smart to have fairies! TBA, 2032
7 Night of the Living Fs Crocker makes his F's come to lives so they could capture Timmy's fairies! TBA, 2032
8 Timmy, Timmy, On The Wall Tootie sneaks into Timmy's room one night and steals him and mounts him on the wall so he could be her poster and Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof must rescue him! TBA, 2032
9 Vicky's Mean Cousin Vicky's cousin come to Dimmsdale. His name is Zicky. Apparently,Zicky is babysit Timmy too! TBA, 2032 TITLECARD-VICKY'S MEAN COUSIN-
10 Meet the Bad Family Mr. Crocker meets his sister. November 1, 2032
11 New Fairy In Town! Timmy is angry because he's always have bad luck from Anti-Cosmo, so his wishes is Anti-Cosmo have an enemies like Vicky. November 23, 2032
12 Sooper A! Timmy is jealous because A.J. always have A. December 12, 2032 Sooper A! Titlecard
13 Summer Christmas Timmy's wishes is Christmas happens in Summer. December 23, 2032
14 Poof Grows Up Part 1 Poof tries to become an adult fairy TBA
15 Poof Grows Up Part 2 When Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda find out Poof turned into an adult, they try to change him back to his normal baby age. TBA
16 The Great "Pranks" Day! Today is a pranks day in Fairy World so, they are celebrate Pranks Day with little "Pranks War with Anti-Fairies". January 10, 2033
17 Tuff Timmy Power Hour (including Jimmy Netroun but a cameo) Timmy's board so he visits jimmy netroun about to go up into space to find sheen. Timmy asks if he has a dimmension transporter becuase cosmo and, wanda can only go to jimmys world for somereason. Then, theres a wierd explosion and, timmy gets sucked into tuff puppy's dimension. But, he doesn't have cosmo wanda and poof! TBA
18 Girls, Boys Boys, Girls A godchild some where wishes girls were boys and, girls were boys. TBA
19 O'l McTimmy Timmy accidently gets turned into an old man by Poof. TBA
20 Baby Faces 2 After getting annoyed by his worst enemys and frienemys, he wishes all of his enemys into babies! (Note; The following enemys and frienemys are: Dark Laser, Crocker, and Vicky. {But he lets Foop stay the same}) TBA
21 Frenemy Mine 2 After girl named Tina save her Hispanic, selfish cousin Bella, save life, she begin be too friendly to her July 5, 2033
22 Dirty Timmy Timmy tries to get avoid getting dirty so he wishes he could be clean all the time.
23 Baby McBadBat Chester Gets a baby Brother!
24 Glue Doo Timmy Wishes for a Glue Doo Doll,a Doll That,s Tongue sticks out like a Candy Dispenser,Only it is full of Glue.
25 Super Timmy Timmy transforms into a superhero again.
26 Turbo Timmy returns Turbo Timmy From "Super Humor" Returns and Fights Crocker.
28 Spellementary Prom Poof gets grounded for the first time and is unable to take his girlfriend, Goldie Goldenglow, to the Spellementary Prom. Poof sneaks out to take Goldie the prom, while Timmy covers for him.
29 Gary Returns...Again! Gary Returns and Threatans Timmy to be his Servant or else he,ll send the earth hurtling into a Wormhole!
30 Poof vs. Foop: The Ultimate Battle Poof and Foop Battle in a Magical Duel and If Poof Loses,He is Banned From Fairy World 4ever!
31 The FairlyOdd Babysitter anti Candice is Hired as Poof,s Babysitter.

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 2

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 When We First Met Juandissimo is shot down by Wanda and wanders off to Fairy World and watches tv. He sees Blonda on tv and meets her. They fall in love and Wanda becomes jealous and learns how much she really likes Juandissimo stillm loving her. She spends the episode secretly trying to break them up.
2 Inspection Detention The world begins to change in ways Timmy can't understand. All the fairies get angry about it and complain to Jorgen who accuses Timmy of making the world changing wishes because he does that kind of stuff. Timmy pleads innocent and Jorgen decides to give him a chance to prove himself. He has 3 hours to find out who is making the earth altering wishes using what the world is changing to as clues. If he doesn't, Jorgen will of course take away his fairies.
3 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 8: Across the Second Dimension Jimmy,Timmy,Sheen,Carl,Libby and Cindy All go to another Dimension where Crocker is Ruler and He has A Giant Army Of Cosmo-Bots that spread misery all the way to the First Dimension! Can Jimmy and Timmy Stop Crocker before he Enslaves Dimmsdale Too?
4 A Undersea Adventure Timmy needs to do a report on tropical plants so he, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof go to an island, but they get stranded when Cosmo accidentally loses his and Wanda's wand, now Timmy and Poof must go an undersea adventure to get them back!
5 Love Has Nothing to Do With It It is the day before Valentine's Day in Dimmsdale and everyone is giving each other Valentine's gifts. Timmy decides that today was the day that he was going to let Trixie be his girlfriend. He goes and wishes that he had a fresh outfit and some more confidence. Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda grant the wish and Timmy goes to school and asks Trixie to be his girlfriend. Trixie says that she would never go out with Timmy, but she would rather go out with Chad. Timmy gets crushed and then decides to go home and use the computer. Timmy receives an IM from Veronica saying: Will you please be my Valentine?" Timmy replies by telling her that she would think about it. Cosmo says that Timmy shouldn't go out with Veronica because she is shallow, but Wanda says that Veronica is very nice and Timmy and she would make a great couple. Timmy IM's her back and tells her that he accepts her offer and they are each other's Valentine for tomorrow. When Timmy comes to school the next day he comes in with Veronica. Trixie gets jealous of Veronica and calls her a back-stabbing friend. She then tries all sorts of attempts to get Timmy and Veronica apart. When Timmy finally gets them to be apart, she kisses him and Timmy dumps Veronica and asks Trixie out. Trixie says that she doesn't want to be Timmy's girlfriend because he went out with Veronica and Timmy is left without a girlfriend.
6 Tweedledee and Tweedle-Doidle A.J. and Chester go out of town with their dads and Vicky's family has to attend a convention "somewhere not in Dimmsdale" and leave Doidle in the Turners' care. Timmy, bored without his friends around wishes for Doidle to become a human. Overjoyed with his new humanity, Doidle then blackmails Timmy with chores fit for a victim of Vicky or risk spilling the beans of his Fairy Godparents. A change in 'Da Rules opts out Timmy's escape by wishing Doidle back to normal, stating that Doidle has to willingly be changed back. This puts Timmy into a bind.
7 Backtalking Timmy In order to preserve the joy of a super long slide into a pool, Timmy wishes that anything he does, he can do in reverse too! But problems arise when one of the reverse sticks Timmy into a permanent reverse, and Poof, Cosmo, or Wanda can't undo the spell because they can't understand Timmy's backwards talking!
8 Cosdisimo! When Timmy empathizes with Wanda in her frustration with Cosmo and wishes for him to act like someone else, the wish inadvertently swaps his personality with that of Wandisimo! Now while Wandisimo tries to struggle by with odd jobs on which he constantly messes up, Cosmo irritates Wanda and Timmy with his 'super sexy' attitude. It might take a little teamwork to get Cosmo's new ego under control and return things to normal.
9 The Return of Darth Laser For a school project, Timmy has to write a short story, and he's inspired on a fantastic tale of the Crimson Chin fighting Darth Laser, from his previous toy magazines. But the characters don't seem to jump off the pages at him, and he gets bored quick. When he wishes for more inspiration to finish the story, and Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda inadvertently bring the story to life! Now on the run from rampaging Francis, evil babysitters and Darth Laser himself, Timmy has to solve the mystery and find Wanda's missing wand to help save the day.
10 Stuck on You On a trip to an amusement park, Timmy wishes that he had super sticky skin so he could hang on to the Nausenator 3000 ride. But before he can get onto the ride, Vicky tries to shove him out of the way, sticking her hand rather effectively to his face! Unable to wish the sticky skin away for risk of exposure, Timmy has to find a way of getting rid of the unkind new attachment as she goes to extreme lengths to unglue them!
11 Chester, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater! After being told he is a liar and gets grounded, Timmy wishes that he could tell only the truth. But the lying has to go somewhere, and it is transferred to the nearest human; Chester. Now Chester is only capable of lying and Timmy is unable to unwish the wish because his truthful nature thinks he deserves this! How is he going to get out of this?
12 Room, Nail, and Board When their castle is scheduled for renovations, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof take a temporary stay at Momma Cosma's house. But will Wanda and Cosma's hatred for each other last a stormy night where all power and magic are disabled? Or is this yet another clever ploy to get Cosmo to stay home?
13 Rise and Shine After watching a scary movie, Timmy becomes afraid of the dark and can't sleep. So he wishes that it could be daytime forever! After a week of constant sun, Timmy decides to unwish the wish, but Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda are in so much pain from sunburns that they can't even raise their wands!
14 Over-Throne When Timmy discovers that Fairy World is in search of a new king, he wishes to become the new ruler! But when the mysterious powers given to him drive him mad with power, he gets the entire fairy community in an uproar, and they go on strike! Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda are locked away when they refuse to join the strike and can't unwish the wish! They have to find a way to get to Timmy before he's thrown into the Pit of Eternal Unpleasantness by the angry mob who have had enough with him!
15 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Timmy doesn't want a haircut! They're itchy and sitting in that high chair is boring and almost childish, so he wishes that no one had to have their hair cut anymore. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant the wish and soon, everyone's hair is dragging behind them (except A.J.'s of course) but when Timmy decides he's had enough of it, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof can't find their wands in the massive hair piles that are rapidly filling up the planet.
16 Catman, No More After an accident involving catnip and a flying wrecking ball seriously injures Catman, it knocks his 'half cat' personality out of him, and Adam West resolves to give up his Catman days. This devastates Timmy, who's grown fond of the feline semi-hero, and its up to him to change Adam's mind, with a little help from the Crimson Chin.
17 Gary's Revenge Again Timmy wakes up one morning and finds that his world isn't the same anymore! In fact, it looks like the world he locked Gary in within his mind! As he realizes, Gary has somehow taken over Timmy's life! And Cosmo, Poof, or Wanda, and Mom or Dad can't tell the difference! Timmy has to find a way out and convince his Godparents about the mix-up before Gary takes over, and ruins
18 Remember the Vague Timmy is given a science project from Mr. Crocker and he has to work with a partner. Chester and A.J. pair up and Sanjay and Elmer pair up. Trixie is Veronica's partner and Mark partners up with a girl called Ronnie. Timmy doesn't have a partner, so he wishes that Cosmo and Wanda could give him a partner. His wish was so vague that he got a partner, who picked his nose and always was talking about eating food and math. Timmy regrets this and cannot unwish the wish or else Mr. Crocker would suspect something. Timmy also wishes for some rocks to do the science project on and Cosmo and Wanda give Timmy some rocks that release a dangerous gas. Timmy gets so upset and wonders why Cosmo and Wanda take things so literally. Wanda says that it is because Timmy's wishes are so vague. The next wish Timmy makes is that he could make more detailed wishes and he couldn't stop until he learned his lesson. The wish comes true and Timmy starts making all sorts of detailed wishes that he cannot get out of. Timmy doesn't learn his lesson straight away until he gets stalked by Mr. Crocker and is allowed to unwish the wish.
19 Illegally Blonda It is January and the first day of campaigning before the big Fairy World election for Fairy World Board Member. Jorgen von Strangle is in the campaign and so is Big Daddy. Their campaigns are going well with Jorgen's slogan being: Vote or Get Hurt! Big Daddy's slogan was: Your Trash and Votes Are Coming With Me! Wanda was in Fairy World and left Cosmo and Timmy on Earth working on Timmy's project in a safe proof container. Wanda goes to Blonda's house to ask her about her views on the election. She said that she didn't even know that there were elections going on. Wanda says that she would have to feel the wrath of elections because she was going to put her in the presidential elections. When Blonda is in the Presidential Race, she uses her popularity and beauty to get votes. On Election Day, everybody votes and one day later they tell who won. The polls show that Blonda won the Presidential Race. She starts to be a Board Member when she gets too many complaints about her ideas being too soap opera related and they vote to get her out of office. In the end, they find out that Blonda wasn't properly registered in the race and could have been cheating. She then gets kicked out of the Board Seat and Jorgen becomes the new board member.
20 A Day Without Bad Luck Anti-Cosmo come to a big trouble and if not do something good him go to the Unwish Island.Him about this go to Timmy Turner and Wanda help for him but her don't know,Anti-Cosmo behind Turners start destroy the world. (But like the other episodes,it's not succeed!)
21 Doombringer Vs Crocker Crocker reads Mrs. Doombringer's book and every time he reads Fairies he spasms closer to fairy world and eventually gets there. Every time he sees a fairy he banishes them because of da rules. Eventually he puts Doombringer out of buiesness its revenge time!
22 Happy Times Timmy acts mean to Tootie to get her off his back, and consequently goes through the rest of the day hearing her crying in the background. Sick of always feeling sorry for Tootie, he wishes that Tootie had everything she ever wanted.
23 The Big Superhero Wish! (Again) Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder teams up with Hawkgal in order to stop a great foe.
24 Timmy Turner,Sport Star! Timmy becomes the baseball star on their baseball team "the Losers" (from Foul balled) by using Cosmo and Wanda. When walking home from the game, he sees a soccer field. Kids are playing soccer and one kid kicks the ball towards Timmy. Timmy gets scared (Thinking the ball is going to hit him hard) and kicks it toward one teams goal. the team that he kicks to wins and they ask Timmy to join their soccer team called "the Green Stars". Timmy thinks this is a game where he doesn't need Cosmo and Wanda's help. Timmy says yes and joins the team. Meanwhile, Timmy asks Chester if he likes soccer, AJ overhears this and says that soccer is girly. Chester agrees with him and Timmy decides not to tell them that he became a soccer player. While trying to keep his secret, he plays soccer and baseball knowing that they won't be at the same time. He does this for 5 weeks. The problem then comes in when the Losers and the Green Stars both are entering the championship. Timmy thinks he can handle it. Until he looks at the schedule and finds out that the championships are at the same time on the same day. Timmy can't decide what to do. He knows he can't go to both at the same time, and he knows he can't go to either of them. So Timmy gets an idea! Timmy wishes that he had a baseball star clone that can play twice as good as he can. The real Timmy goes tpo the soccer championship and the clone Timmy will play baseball. Turns out that in the end, the both win. But when Timmy wishes that the clone was gone, the clone goes away. But when Chester and AJ are walking home, they see Timmy at the soccer field! When they find this out, they feel bad that they said soccer was girly. So they go to Timmy and apologize.
25 A Chilly Day In Dimmsdale In a trip to Alaska, Timmy and his pals try to have some fun, however, an avalanche causes 3 problems,

  • 1.Timmy AJ, and Chester are stuck in a cavernous maze.
  • 2.Cosmo and Wanda are stuck as penguins because their wands are frozen.
  • 3.Taking the easy way out won't do any good.

Can Timmy and his pals escape the cavern and its monster or will Timmy have his chill thrill of his life?

26 Control Geeks After a party, Cosmo and Wanda start to lose control of their shape-shifting power and Timmy has to hide them where no one can see them.
27 Camp Amp In a camping adventure, Cosmo have to become a forest animal 1 per day for the week in a camping test while Timmy enjoys his adventure in the great outdoors.
28 Have You Seen This Fairy? Cosmo runs away (with Phillip the nickel),after Wanda yells at him for messing up again. Cosmo soon discovers that he hates to be alone (Even with a nickel by his side.) When he tries to get back, Mrs. Doomburger captures him When fairynapped, Cosmo drops Phillip on the ground. Meanwhile, Wanda and Timmy try to find Cosmo. Wanda won't rest until she finds Cosmo, and tell him how sorry she was for making him run away. When Wanda and Timmy finds Phillip, Timmy wishes for Phillip to talk and tell them where Cosmo was. Will Wanda, Timmy, and Phillip outsmart Mrs. Doomburger? Will Wanda re-unite with Cosmo?
29 Goldfishes Forever? Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda are stuck as goldfishes, after Tootie takes their wands!
30 Catnapped! Cosmo gets catnapped by Vicky! Wanda, Poof, and Timmy try to save him.
31 Another Norm for Vicky This is the worst and unexpected nightmare for Timmy. The team-up of Vicky and Norm the Genie! Timmy, Poof, Cosmo and Wanda get the help of an unexpected ally: Princess Mandie!
32 Trixie Truth Francis, Tad and Chad saw a boy acting strangely at the comic and videogame store. They follow it to the school and unmasked it in front of others peoples (Chester, Remy, AJ, Tootie, Veronica, Pricipal Waxelplax, Crocker, other students, the mayor...): it's Trixie Tang! To complicate the things, Crocker wonders and suspect something: "How can it be possible then Trixie is interested to more boy stuff then the annoying popular thing? There only one explaination and she might have....FAIRIES GODPARENTS!!!" Timmy as well as Cosmo and Wanda have to find a way to get her out of trouble and there no point to burning back by erasing memories. This is the beginning of romance between Timmy and Trixie while Tad and Chad goes nuts and ended in the asalym in straight jacket wondering what Timmy have then they didn't have saying "we're POPULAR KIDS" while spazzing like Crocker.
33 Greener Grass Elsewhere Tootie discovered then the grass is more greener elsewhere. She develop a crush on Chester and vice-versa. Crocker suspects then fairies are behind this: "How can it be possible? Tootie love Chester and not Timmy while Chester love Tootie! It must have been the work of...FAIRIES GODPARENTS!" as usual but it's not the case.

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 3

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Chevalry Rivalry Veronica frustrated then Timmy goes with Trixie wants her revenge and get the help of Remy Buxenplenty, but things turns not as they planned! Crocker captured Juandissimo and Remy begs Veronica to help him to free Juandissimo even if he'll have his memory erased again by Jorgen.
2 Dream of Nightmare Timmy wishes that his life would be like a good dream. However, after being selfish, Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda abandon him, making his wish a total nightmare. Timmy has to find something that will change his life back to normal.
3 Friendly Foe Crimson Chin and Nega Chin have to work together in order to defeat the Tungsten Bicep, Laser Eye, and Mystic Musician. However, they still have much more fighting between each other than fighting villains. Can they defeat those 3 before it's too late?
4 Fairly Friday Timmy is sick of Remy making life difficult for him and trying to take his god parents because of his jealous of Timmy's life. Timmy and Remy both think the other person has a better life, so they both agree to switch places for a day. Timmy is confident a day of doing chores, Crocker trying to expose his faires, Francis bullying, and last but not least being babysat by Vicky, Remy will see that Timmy's ain't so great, but will Timmy find out the life of a rich kid ain't so easy as he thinks it is?
5 Cosmo Is Hungry Today's the day Cosmo must eat 90 pounds of food or he can't be Timmy's godkid anymore
6 Elevatrapped Timmy is stuck in a elevator, fortunately and by some circumstances Trixie Tang is with him but unfortunately so is Crocker! Crocker asks him to wish to get out of this trouble so he can have the proof of fairy godparents!
7 Hockey Night in Fairy World A hockey episode set in Fairy World between Fairies and Pixies with Norm as the referee.
8 A Trip To The Doctor's Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda get sick so Timmy has to get them a doctor but no fairy in Fairy World can help. So Timmy says that they should be in goldfish form so they can go to the vet. But there's trouble when Crocker disguises himself as a doctor.
9 Dancing King There's a school dance and Timmy doesn't know how to dance so he wishes he was the greatest dancer ever.
10 The Ice Creep Man Timmy wishes for an ice cream truck that only gives him ice cream but things get out of hand when the truck is giving him way too much ice cream.
11 Bunkmates Binky has nowhere to go so he moves in with Timmy.
12 The Million Dollar Fairy As part of another plan to make Timmy Turner lose Poof, Cosmo and Wanda, Remy Buxaplenty would convince his parents, as part of a 'publicity stunt', to offer a million dollars as a reward to whoever proves that fairies exist. Timmy not only will have to redouble his efforts to keep his fairies hidden from Crocker but will also have to keep them hidden from his classmates, who will also go after him since all of them know Crocker suspects Timmy has fairies, but also from Vicky, who will deduce all weird things happened to her at Timmy's house were the work of fairies.
13 Return to Unwish Island The villians on Unwish Island are getting bored with the Timmy clones so they teleport Timmy to the island and plan to finish off Timmy for good.
14 Darn Heat Vision Timmy's heat vision(that he has had since "Father Time") is starting to blast out of his eyes without him meaning to so he thinks that some other fairy is doing it.
15 Magic and Camping When Timmy goes camping with his fellow scouts, he becomes tired of the hard camping things like, building a fire, sleeping outside, and dealing with bears. So he starts using Cosmo and Wanda's magic to have a more luxurious time but the other campers start to become suspicious.
16 Timmy the Bird Timmy wishes he was a bird after Crocker gives everybody a pop quiz.
17 Bully Timmy Timmy wishes he was a bully so he can beat up Francis.
18 The Closet of Doom Timmy is trapped in a closet with Tootie.
19 The Origins of Icky Vicky Timmy goes once again back in the past to see how Vicky turned into Icky Vicky.
20 History Restored Denzel Crocker got knocked on his head by accident by Juandissimo who's wanted then Remy should have his memory back again but he landed accidentely on Denzel Crocker who regained his memories of Cosmo and Wanda!
21 The Secret Is Out! Everybody Timmy knows finds out that Timmy has fairies but for some reason Cosmo, Wanda, Poof aren't going away.
22 Love is A Battle Tootie and Veronica battle for Timmy's love.
23 The Fairly Drawn Parents Timmy draws a picture of him, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof on magical paper so the pictures come to life and wreak havoc.
24 Timmy Fan Club Tootie, Veronica, and Sanjay form a Timmy Turner fan club. And they smother Timmy's life.
25 Timmy in Spellmentary School Timmy accidently gets turned into a Fairy Baby by Poof and he must last a whole day in Spellementary School with Poof if he wants to become Human again!
26 The Fairly Odd Family Trip! Poof Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy haven't been on any adventures. So Timmy decided that it was time for a family trip. At first the family vacation is going well, but once again Poof's magic goes crazy, and causes a few little diasters.
27 My Teenage Days Timmy wants Vicky to leave him alone and quit being mean to him, so he wishes Poof were a human teenage girl. After a few days, Poof becomes Vicky's best friend and doesn't want to go back to being a fairy baby.
28 The Baby Diet Wanda thinks Poof should go on a diet but Cosmo says it's ridiculous and wants to keep feeding Poof the same way, which of course ends up in an arguement.
29 A Fairly Odd Checkup It's time for Poof's first checkup. Wanda and Timmy want to take Poof to the doctor, but Cosmo will not let them so he does stuff to make Poof cry.
30 Poof Good Night Poof will NOT go to sleep and it's driving Wanda, Cosmo & Timmy nuts!!!!! Can they stop him from crying before Mr. & Mrs. Turner wake up?
31 A Fairly Loving Father Cosmo gets jealous of Poof spending time with Wanda more then him, so he sells Poof on Ebeach to Norm! Wanda and Timmy won't talk to him until Cosmo gets Poof back. Can he do it?
32 Crocker's Evil Plan Crocker finds the fake Poof, with was accidentally dropped by Jorgen, and use it as biete to lure Cosmo and Wanda over to him. Cosmo, thinking that it the real Poof gets fairynapped by Crocker. It is up to Timmy, Wanda, and Poof to save him, and bring him back home.
33 Baby Faces 3 Timmy's parents are turned into babies by Poof.

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 4

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Painfully Stupid Due to Cosmo's stupidity, Poof gets hurt. Wanda is FURIOUS at Cosmo. So she contemplates leaving Cosmo. Timmy and an injured Poof must bring Cosmo and Wanda back together before it's too late!
2 Poofy Pants Poof needs a diaper change, but Poof does not! Can Poof avoid getting caught?!
3 Big Baby Poof is getting a little too round. Wanda suggests Timmy, Cosmo and Poof to go outside and play, but knowing Timmy and Cosmo, they just wanna stay inside and play video games. Can Wanda get them to exercise?
4 Poof To Sleep It's naptime, and Timmy and Cosmo must be quiet, but they screw up, and wake Poof, and make Poof cry. Can Wanda get Poof back to sleep?
5 The Twitch Issue Timmy has a issue with twitching.
6 Love Fight It is revealed that Tootie, Trixie,and Veronica all like Timmy! The three of them get into a huge battle over who he will choose. Although Timmy is flattered, he knows he can only choose one....which lucky girl will it be?
7 Poof! He's Gone! Cosmo and Wanda have to go away for their 1,000th wish tune-up again, but they won't get much accomplished with a baby around! So they trust Timmy to look after Poof while they go away for the day. The two boys go outside and play some frisbee. Meanwhile, Crocker is on one of his crazy fairy hunts again and is once again led to Timmy's house. Timmy throws the frisbee far away and Poof goes after it....straight toward Crocker! Timmy can't see where Poof has gone and goes after him, then sees him being carried away in a butterfly net by Crocker! Will Timmy rescue Poof before his parents get home?
8 Match Maker Wanda wants Blonda to start dating Wandissomo so he will stop stalking her. But things go bad when Poof makes Wandissomo disappear before their first date. Can they find him in time before their date.
9 Call of The Wild Cosmo and Wanda go to Fairy World and leave Poof with Timmy. Poof's magic makes the whole world turn into a jungle. But,how will the world get back to normal without Cosmo and Wanda?
10 Woof Woof! Cosmo and Wanda decide they should get a fairy dog. But, fairy dogs are magic too, so Poof and Woof (the dog) cause havoc!
11 My Chemical Romance Timmy finds out that Cupid has a chemical that makes people fall in love with each other. He hasn't used it in years. Timmy steals it's to make Trixie love him but everything goes horribly wrong. It's up to Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Cupid to save the day.
12 Big Brother Seeing how popular Cosmo and Wanda have suddenly become in Fairy World, Timmy realise that having a baby around can get you attention and popularity, Timmy wishes for Poof to pose as a human baby (at first Wanda was against it, but Timmy convinces her that Poof is so adorable everyone should know, and uses Wanda's motherly ego in his favor) and use him to gain popularity throughout Dimsdale. Timmy tells the people of Dimsdale that Poof is his cousin visiting from out of town (he is even able to convince his own parents of that lie) It works, everyone in town adores Poof, and Timmy clings to popularity, including getting the key to the city, free burgers at some fast food place, and of course the admiration of one Trixie Tang. However a problem occurs when Francis steals Poofs favorite toy, causing Poof to become dangerous, but also causing the anger of big borther Timmy, who gains unbelieveable strengh and beats up Francis and gets Poof's back his toy. Later Cosmo and Wanda tell him, he got that strength magicly through Poof because of the love they have for each other.
13 Brotherly Love Timmy and Poof are kidnapped by Mrs. Dooomburger. Can Timmy and Poof get back home safely? And will Timmy learn about "Brotherly love"?
14 101 Poofs Timmy wishes for a cloning device so he can go to a video game tourtament while his clone goes to school. But Poof goes in and has 100 copies of him! Can Timmy capture all 101 Poofs?
15 Genie Poof Norm kidnaps Poof and wants to use it as a plan to invade Canada but Norm discovers then it won't be easy and he has to change Poof diapers; Norm's scheme then turns into a nightmare.
16 Fight Fire With Fire Tootie tries a new approach to get Chester from Timmy, she fights fire with fire to be a popular girl until she discovers with surprise the hidden tomboy side of Trixie.
17 Barry Bond Sick of his scatterbrained parents, Timmy wishes that he was Cosmo and Wanda's son. The spell makes him swap bodies with Poof. While Timmy's folks are puzzleed over their son's sudden infantile behavoir, Timmy enjoys being a fairy baby with no school, chores or Vicky, and he has magic powers to boot. He later becomes bored and misses his parents. When he convinces Cosmo and Wanda that it is him, and he is about to undo the wish with Poof's blocks (since he can't speak in a baby body), the pixies and anti-Cosmo kidnap him again.
18 The Giant Poof As taking care of a baby fairy wares on both Timmy and his godparents, he wishes that Poof grew up faster, but instead of getting older, he gets bigger and bigger until he is a giant. They try to hide him until they can undo the spell with Crocker and the military in hot persuit.
19 Dreamboat Poof In order to get Tootie off his back once and for all, Timmy wishes Poof was a ten-year-old human dreamboat to romance her. The plan, however, works too well when he falls for her and doesn't want to be a fairy baby again, leaving Cosmo and Wanda powerless to make him one since they can't interfere with true love.
20 "Cousin" Craze When Chester and A.J. become jealous because they feel that Timmy is neglecting them for his "cousin" Poof, Remy Buxaplenty gets them to kidnap the baby and bring him to his estate. Little do they know that it is really part of his evil plan to get Timmy to part with his fairies. As Cosmo and Wanda come to rescue their son, Remy traps them in a butterfly net, and it's up to Timmy with a repentent Chester and A. J. to save them.
21 No More Rules After Timmy gets mad at constant rules, he makes an anniversary muffin and wishes that there were no rules and his wish comes true and the world comes to insanity.
22 The Affair Timmy follows his dad and thinks he is having an affair.
23 Destiny Seeker As time progresses, Timmy has his old friend, Maggie comes back from Dimmsdale. Being one with a fairy, she wonders if Timmy has one too. But, after a couple of blah-di-blahs, Maggie gets Poof as er godbrother.
24 New Leaf Timmy and his fairies are made apart of the "Reform-the-Anti-Fairy" program. A program dedicated to reforming Anti-Fairies and allowing them to be apart of the Fairy World society. And irony of irony, the Anti-Fairy that Timmy is assigned to rehabilitate, is Anti-Cosmo.
25 Rarely Rough Jorgan decides to become a good person, Other than being a big bully to other Fairies.
26 Wish Problems Timmy Keeps Making Bad wishes so Cosmo and Wanda Have Had It! He Gets Sent to Wishing Well again and Now cosmo and Wanda have to Apologize Before something Happens To Him! Will Timmy Accept their Apology?
27 Fairly OddBaby 7 Cupid is Having Fairy Twins Of his Own-Say Hello to Titan And Kate! but Problems Come when Anti Cosmo throws them into The Most Dangerous Place in the Universe-New Quatol City! Now Cupid,Yolanda,Chester,Timmy,Cosmo,Wanda and Poof have 6 Days to retrieve them Before Anti Cosmo Annihilates Them! Meanwhile,Foop Takes over Fairy World.
28 It's Another Wishful Life Timmy has finally had it with his life and he then snapped at his parents by yelling and insulting them, leaving them very devestated. As he ran to his room, Timmy began to wish how life would be like if he was never born... again. After Cosmo, Wanda and Poof granted his wish, Timmy and his fairies began to see what life was like if he was never born. And instead of a world where everyone is better off without him, it was a total nightmare. The guardians (AKA, Tooth Fairy and Jorgen.) Showed timmy that without him, everyone would be really miserable and that the entire world is ruled by Vicky, AJ is working on dangerous weapons that lead to wars, Chester is now living on the streets after his dad was taken away, Timmy's mom and dad are extremely poor and can only live in the woods, fending off bears, and the worst of it all, Tootie is now a miserable slave to Vicky. Seeing these things have devestated Timmy and he wished himself back to his regular life to make amends to his parents.
29 Mind Freakout Timmy wishes that he can enter people's minds while they sleep. However, his fun turns into danger when he enters Vicky's mind and finds her beautiful, nice side, being tormented and trapped by her atrociously evil side, explaining her evil behavior. Can Timmy save Vicky's nice side before Timmy is destroyed by Vicky's evil side?
30 Poof's Day Out Wanda goes to the store leaving Cosmo and Timmy alone with Poof. As soon as Timmy finishes one of Poof's storybooks to him, Poof disappears! Can Cosmo and Timmy get Poof back before Wanda comes home and discovers Poof's missing?
31 Wishology 4: The Epic Sequel Since the first 3 Wishology incidents, Timmy was celebrated as a hero. However, there was one thing he has to do: He has to go back in time to save The Darkness from destroying Fairy World in the first place. However, Timmy's efforts were futile so he has to go back again and again until the Darkness is now the Kindness in the past.
32 Just the Two (Plus Three) of Us Timmy wishes that he and Trixie are the only people on a deserted island (including Cosmo, Wanda and Poof) and Trixie gets kidnapped by monkeys because they think of her as an idol. However, Timmy also learned that she will be sacrificed to a volcano and Cosmo and Wanda were kidnapped by monkeys, thinking they are outsides. Can Timmy and Poof save Trixie and Cosmo and Wanda before they are volcano food?
33 Happy Wishveristy It's Cosmo and Wanda's 10,00 year anniversary so the boys Timmy and Poof wanna make it a special night for them so they tryt o come up with all these wacky ideas and surprises for the two love birds. in the end after all their insane attmepts the boy end up making a wonderful romantic evening recreating the night Cosmo first fell in love with Wanda and how he proposed to her.

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 5

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Presto Change-O Again Mark Chang and Princess Mandie switch bodies with various people.
2 Life on Mandie Timmy after being knocked off, awaked in the past like Sam Tyler in the series "Life on Mars" and wants to discover why Princess Mandie is so evil and wants Yugomotapia.
3 Homecoming The long lost brother then Vicky mentioned in the pilot episode is back!
4 Remy and the Pixies Remy Buxaplenty tries to buyout Fairy World so he could order Cosmo, Wanda and Poof to leave Timmy but Fairy World isn't for sale after Timmy saved them from that Pixie takeover so he decides to buyout Pixie World (whose shares lost market value after the Head Pixie started selling money-covered pizzas) and lead the Pixies on a plan to take over Fairy World a way Jorgen would consider 'fun'. Can Timmy and the fairies trust a demoted HP to help? And Remy's former Fairy Godparent?
5 A Fairy Christmas Carol As Christmas Day approaches, Jorgen is more and more grouchy and angry like Ebenezer Scrooge towards Binky, the Tooth Fairy, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Mama Cosma, Big Daddy, Blonda and Juandissimo. He receives the visit of Anti-Cosmo who warm him about the 3 "ghosts" of Christmas:

  • The Christmas past (performed by Big Daddy)
  • The Christmas present (performed by Norm the Genie)
  • The Christmas future (HP and Sanderson, the Pixies)

Will Jorgen change his mind before it's too late?

6 How Sunshine Became Doombringer Ms. Sunshine is back but with an evil plot against Timmy. Ms. Sunshine forces herself into a dictatorship position at the United States and forces all nations to put neck braces on children to protect them from invisible flying terrorists. In reality these "terrorists" are fairies. And due to some horrible Childhood experiences, she wants to "dissect" (kill) all the fairies she catches. Soon Timmy's fairies are captured and Timmy has to go back into Ms. sunshine's deeply disturbing early life before its too late for the world and his Fairies.
7 Crocker vs. Buxaplenty Fed up with Crocker's attempts to capture his Fairy Godparents, Timmy wishes he'll teach somewhere else. Cosmo and Wanda have him hired to teach at the same school Remy attends. How long until he finds out Remy has a Fairy Godparent?
8 Too Many Vickys Vicky finds A.J.'s lab and forces him to create several clones of herself so the'll be babysitting more kids (i.e. torturing more twerps) and making more money. Will Vicky regret it when the clones demand payment?
9 A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses Anti Cosmo receives a wooden coffin 15 weeks before Halloween and plans to use it's contents to rule Earth Fairy World and the universe on Halloween. later that night though Jorgon goes and tells Timmy what Anti Cosmo is planning and after finding out what's in the coffin Timmy Cosmo Wanda and Poof must get the coffin from Anti Cosmo before he releases Nega Timmy on Dimmsdale Halloween night.
10 Weekends Timmy's noticed a change in Vicky but what's causing it?
11 Lights in the Darkness Two future leaders, Phineas Flynn and Timmy Turner have to fight an ultimate evil coming their way.
12 In Me You Rely Vicky is sad when Absolutly No One will take her to the Prom. Tootie must find a way to get Vicky a date. Even if it means asking Timmy for his help or going to some extremely desperate measurses.
13 Second Chance Crocker gets a hold of Norm's lamp again! After he drives Norm away, he begins to feel guilty and now he has another shot. Will he push the Genie away again with his selfishness, or will he stick to his "no wish" policy?
14 Cupid's Fall Cupid injures himself and wakes up screaming and grabbing his stomach in pain. He doesn't know what he did, but as he blacks out he doesn't wake up. They don't know that someone planned for this, that she wished it with the help of Anti-Cupid.
15 Give Me A Chance Timmy is just about sick and tired of having to deal with Trixie. But what if something happened to Trixie.
16 Saturday Night Light Timmy wants to win a dance with Trixie, but he needs to go back in time to learn how to first. Can he learn the skills needed in time. Thwart both Da Rules & Mr.nCrocker simultaneously and keeps his promise to Tootie.
17 A Small Problem! After reading a section in Da Rules, Timmy finds a spell to make him never grow up so he could keep his Fairies! But the Pixies try to tattle to Jorganso he could lose his Fairies! What can Timmy do to prevent them from telling?
18 Anti-Fairy Reunion Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, and Foop go to their family reunion.
19 Baby Faced Poof accidently turns all of Dimmsdale into babies.
20 Brush Your Cleft Every Day! Timmy wishes he could live in The Crimson Chin comic book.
21 Invasion of the Timmys The Timmy Clones From "Invasion of The Moms" Are Back and they Want Cosmo,Wanda and Poof!
22 Kid in 4.12 Million BC Timmy Travels Back in Time And Meets his Caveman Ancestor,TimGar and His Godparents,CosMok and WandGaa.
23 Foop VS Timmy Timmy Fights Foop in the Future,The Farther Future And The Very Far Future.
24 Dark Angel (episode) Mal Timmy accidentally Spills his Venom Juice he was planning to use to Kill Timmy and Dark Angel Is Created.
25 Remy,s Brother Remy,s Brother,Skip,Comes into Class and Makes Timmy Jealous.
26 New Atlantis in Town Timmy,Cosmo and Wanda Find out There,s a Second Atlantis in the Sea.
27 Power pals Return The Power Pals Return!
28 Skylark Family Reunion Chip Skylark Goes To His Family Reunion.
29 Adrenaland,s Final Day Timmy has his Last day to Go to Adrenaland Before it Closes down.
30 Timmy,s Uncles Timmy Interviews His Uncles Taylor,Herbert,Zachary,Vladimir,Christopher,Sven and Eddy.
31 Gah Returns Gah Returns and Timmy Has an Amazing Day with Him.
32 Journey to the Center of Tootie Timmy accidentally gets Shrunken to the size of an Amoeba and journeys through Tootie's Body.
33 Fairly OddBaby 9 Cosmo and Wanda Have Another Baby!

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 6

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Crazy Doom Ms. Doombringer becomes a teacher in Spellementarry School, but then she tries to hunt every pupil in school, including Poof and Foop.
2 Gain Brain Crocker switches brains with Vicky to find Timmy's fairy godparents. Meanwhile Vicky has been meaner than Crocker in school.
3 Anti-Mama Cosma (episode) Mama Cosma tries to be nice to Wanda, to be better then her Anti-Fairy counterpart Anti-Mama Cosma.
4 Hunt Over The greatest hunter in the universe goes to hunt fairies.
5 He Poofs, He Roars
6 Presto Change-Hair Timmy wishes for a hair buzzer to switch hairs with people.
7 Cosmean Cosmo finds a book named Death Note and he has the feeling to have the power. Wanda and Jorgen then become very worried of Cosmo.
8 Timmy Smarty Pants Everyone at school is smart except Timmy so he wishes he got smart and other people get F's.
9 Popular Wish After being rejected by Trixie again, Timmy wishes he was the best popular kid ever.
10 President Timmy After getting beated up by Vicky, getting bullied by Francis, keep getting F's from Mr. Crocker, and even being rejected by Trixie, Timmy wishes he was president of the United States.
11 Too Many Trixies Timmy is sick and tired of being rejected by Trixie so he wishes for a 2nd Trixie but when he wishes for another Trixie too many of them fall in the ground.
12 Candy Land Sick of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Timmy asks Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof to send him into the world of candy so he can be stuck in the fruits and vegetable world.
13 Love Stinks After being rejected by Trixie and being kissed by Tootie, Timmy wishes that Tootie and Trixie would disappear. The other girls are sent to Miss Dimmsdale, but when Tootie and Trixie are enjoying Miss Dimmsdale, they forget who was Timmy. Will Timmy get Tootie and Trixie back before Valentine's Day is over?
14 The Day Tootie Got Kidnapped Timmy has always felt that Tootie plagues his life. But when she is suddenly kidnapped by Anti-Cosmo, will Timmy's opinion of her change?
15 Gary Face Gary returns and plans to get revenge so Timmy wishes Gary was a baby.
16 Adrenaland R.I.P Timmy has his last visit to Adrenaland before it closes.
17 Manic Gender Day Timmy swaps lives with Trixie for a day after an argument about whose gender is better.
18 Remy Mummy Remy is a mummy for Halloween, but people mistake him for a king.
19 Dino Disaster A dinosaur is broken free from a calving glacier and terrorizes Dimmsdale.
20 Return to Atlantis Timmy and his godparents return to Atlantis and discover that the Atlantans need their help to get rid of a giant squid.
21 Dark Laser Strikes Back Dark Laser returns and tries to take over Earth with his army of robots. It's up to Timmy Cosmo Wanda and Poof to stop Dark Laser once and for all.
22 When Jorgen Gets Demoted Jorgen gets demoted back to a regular fairy by the fairy council. Now Timmy must help get Jorgen promoted again.
23 Return Of The Planet of Parents The moms and dads from Planet of the Dads and Planet of the Moms return to capture Timmy. In the end a planet of the Timmy's is created to please both planets.
24 Honey I Shrunk The Oddparents When one of AJ's inventions goes wrong and shoots at Timmy and the Godparents it shrinks them. Eventually Crocker is shrunk also and now they must team up to try and grow back.
25 Goldfish When going fishing on the ocean, Timmy wishes for a big fish but Cosmo accidently makes him and Wanda and Poof into giant vicious goldfish. It's up to Timmy to try and find a way to return them to normal.
26 Zimmy Timmy Invader Hour Zim accidentally crashes into Dimmsdale, he meets Timmy and his fairy godparents who he calls "God's gods". Tootie appears, bringing Super Toilet, Wanda uses her power to arrive to Vicky's House but when Cosmo tries to use his too, he accidentally turns himself into a toy and later flushes himself down, saying "NOT AGAIN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" where the toilet once flushes him into tootie's house, Cosmo and Wanda are now toys, and again like Boy Toy,"You're Tootie, AND YOUR TIMMY!!!!!!" then Cosmo says "Cool, i'm the bomb again!!!" But however, Vicky arrives, and then she almost burns them down, but later they wish themselves undestructible, and then Zim comes to help Vicky, but the toys burn both of them down, Zim later goes to his ship to report, then his friends come, they later fight all of Dimmsdale, Sheldon Dinkleberg makes a cameo as one of the mob, along with Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner, who use pillows XD!!!! Then Crocker turns into Dr. Crocktopus once more, and defeats part of the team, Vicky now turns to The Baby Shredder and shreds the small ones, a voice says "BULL-E MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bull-E now appears, defeating part of the rest, and Nega-Chin now turns his back against the dark side and his team by defeating the rest of the team, damaged and down, the rest flee. Wacky Races by Hanna Barbera where dick dastardly shoots a bazooka at the damaged team, they blow up. Fin. (this marks the first appearance of Bull-E, Baby Shredder and Dr Crocktopus as minor characters in the series, the Nega-Chin already being a minor character, it also sets as the only appearance of Invader Zim characters, also set as a series finale for the series, as either of the minor/major/ blablabla characters would get a new series or a spinoff. Chintastics (name of who was formerly Nega-Chin and his team's team) appear when trouble is near and the Crimson Chin is down, they come to save the day from distress as of this episode. sounds dumb? i just thought it up, if u don't know why i chose them down, F!!!!!) (and when i said "turned his back against the dark side and his team", what i said was, "Nega-Chin and his team turned good,")
27 It Came From The House
28 Queen of The Hill
29 Tim Lee Remy challenges Timmy to a Karate contest. The winner will get a free wish, and Remy plans to use it to wish Timmy's God Parents away.
30 The Normpire Strikes Back Norm is liberated by Mr.Bickles, and Mr.Bickels wishes: A portrait of himself on the a pool, a Chinese restaurant called Bickles San, and he lets Norm decide the third wish. So Norm makes 1,000,000 of himself, and he conquers Canada. So Timmy must reunite his best friends, and his deadliest enemy's, to stop the Genie Menace, once and for all.
31 I Am Curious Timmy
32 The Day the Earth Stood Weridish
33 Nagged to Poof

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 7

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The Chronicles of Fairy World part 1: The Fairy's Nephew This is the first part of a seven-part episode of the beginnings of Fairy World. In this episode, a Fairy named Polly, finds out that she has a human Nephew named Diggory, and she must grant him wishes under some rules. This is how the Fairy God Parent tradition was born.
2 The Chronicles of Fairy World part 2: The boy, the teacher, and the Pixie This is the second part of a seven-part episode of the beginnings of Fairy World. In this episode, it is explained how a teacher, combined with evil, to form the first Pixie named Pixoid. And how a boy named Peter must stop Pixoid's plan for world domination.
3 The Chronicles of Fairy World part 3: The Fairy and his Child This is the third part of a seven-part episode of the beginnings of Fairy World. In this episode, a Boy named Shasta joins a Fairy named Bree to escape the horrible world of the Anti Fairy's and frustrate the antifairy prince Rabadash's plan to take over Fairy World.
4 The Chronicles of Fairy World part 4: Prince Caspian This is the fourth part of a seven-part episode of the beginnings of Fairy World. In this episode, Peter returns to Fairy World to help Prince Caspian reclaim his rightfull throne and to overthrow Caspian's uncle, King Miraz.
5 The Chronicles of Fairy World part 5: The voyage of the Magic Treader This is the fifth part of a seven-part episode of the beginnings of Fairy World. In this episode, Caspian, Peter, and Peter's cousin Eustace( Who finds Fairy World something of a shock) must embark on an errand to discover the mystery of the edge of Fairy World, to recover a mystic amulet known as the Dark Dragon Amulet, and they can only get there with the help of the only boat with a shield called the Magic Treader. They must fight Magic mermaids, Cloud Sharks, and the mysterious Dark Dragon.
6 The Chronicles of Fairy World part 6: The Silver Wand This is the Sixth part of a seven-part episode of the beginnings of Fairy World. In this episode, the king of the Fairy Underworld (Pixion) has kidnapped King Caspian's son, prince Rilian, and has brainwashed him and he stole his memory with the power of the Pixie wand, the silver wand. Now Eustace must go to the Fairy Underworld with his friend, Jill Pole, and a fairy warrior named Puddlegum, to rescue Prince Rilian and his memory, and defeat Pixion, once and for all.
7 The Chronicles of Fairy World part 7: The last battle This is the Seventh and last part of a seven-part episode of the beginnings of Fairy World. In this episode, Eustace and Jill fight the Last battle vs. the antifairys with the help of the last king, Tirian, and his fairy friend, Jewel. This marks the end of the chronicles, and becomes the Fairy World we all know.
8 Who stole Timmy's TV? Part 1 Timmy wakes up, and he notices that his TV is gone. So he wishes that he had his own tv program in which he can interrogate a list of suspects.
9 Who stole Timmy's TV? Part 2 Timmy has narrowed his list to four suspects.
10 Who stole Timmy's tv? Part 3 Timmy has narrowed his list to two suspects.
11 Who stole Timmy's tv? Part 4 Timmy realizes that the thief is really the most unexpected person that he can imagine.
12 In Dimmsdale, No One Can Hear You SCREAM Timmy has an adventure in a parody of the Alien Movies.
13 Wizzin in Oz, Part 1 A Parody of "Wizard of Oz". Dorothy (Wanda) and her dog Toto (Poof) end up in Oz after being sucked into a tornado. NOTE: Mr and Mrs. Turner play Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.
14 Wizzin in Oz, Part 2 After landing in Oz, Glinda (Tootie), The Good Witch of the North, tells Dorothy that she killed The Wicked Witch of the East (By Dorothy,s House landing on her) and everyone celebrates, until her meaner sister, The Wicked Witch of the West (Vicky) plans revenge on Dorothy. Glinda tells her to see the Wizard of Oz in Emerald City and that she must follow the yellow brick road. Dorothy and Toto set off on their Journey and meet a scarecrow (Cosmo).
15 Wizzin in Oz, Part 3 When Dorothy, Toto and the Scarecrow meet a Tin Man (Timmy) and a lion (Chester), they all set off to Oz. However, The Wicked Witch puts Dorothy (and The Lion) into a deep sleep in an enchanted poppy field, but Glinda makes it Snow, breaking their deep sleep. When they get to Emerald City, however, the Wizard refuses to let Dorothy go Home, unless she brings him the broomstick of the Witch. They all set off to retrieve it.
16 Wizzin in Oz, Part 4 While searching for the Broomstick, The Wicked Witch kidnaps Dorothy (Thanks to her flying monkeys) and holds her prisoner in her castle. However, Toto escapes and informs the trio and they all disguise themselves as soldiers to help Dorothy escape. They succeed, but the Witch traps them and sets the Scarecrow ablaze. Dorothy splashes a bucket of water on the Witch while trying to help the Scarecrow, she melts and the chief of her soldiers gives her the Broomstick.
17 Wizzin in Oz, Part 5 Dorothy and friends (Their Name starting right now) give the Wizard the Broomstick, but he still rejects. Everyone,s scared, until Toto opens a curtain, revealing the Wizard (AJ) to be just an ordinary man talking thru a machine. He helps Dorothy get home in a hot air balloon, but before they Leave, Toto pops out and Dorothy runs after him and the Wizard leaves without her. Glinda tells Dorothy that to get home, she should close her eyes, tap her heels three times and repeatedly say "There,s no place like Home". Dorothy does this and she ends up back home with Toto and tells her family all about her adventure in Oz. 
18 Pet Business Timmy wishes he could read the minds of animals. But what happens when he accidentally reads Cosmo,s mind and tells Wanda that he thinks she,s dumb?
19 Schnozmo,s Big Move Schnozmo creates a whole new rule of Karate and he instantly becomes a star.
20 The Timmy, Fanboy and Chum Chum Power Hour Timmy wishes he had his own wand again. He then misses the bus again and tries to wish for a new way to get to school, but he instead gets a lot of portals surrounding him. Timmy thinks that one of them will take him to school, so he goes into one, but accidentally ends up in the universe of Fanboy and Chum Chum. Now Chum Chum thinks Timmy is Fanboy in disguise and the real Fanboy finds out. Fanboy creates a robot with the help of Walden (From Wow Wow Wubbzy) and plans to finish Timmy.
21 Tire Yet? Timmy,s Dad is fired for bragging how easy his job is, so he gets a job as a mechanic.
22 Surgical Stuff
23 The Amazing World of Timmy
24 Timmy Tina Mindoholic Timmy and Tina swap minds after falling in Cosmo,s machine "The Wando". NOTE: The Wando also appears in the 6th canon season episode "Cheese and Crockers".
25 Timantha Vs Tootie Tootie sees Timmy as Timatha and becomes friends with her, but when she gets too obsessed with her, Timatha says she,s Actually Timmy in disguise, which only results in Tootie loving her more. Now Timantha mist stop her.
26 Wish Upon a Yugopotamian
27 My Genie,s A Blob! Norm turns into a giant Blob and plans to devour Timmy in a parody of "The Blob".
28 Tina Vs Tina Vs Tina... Timmy accidentally wishes there were more of Tina and they all want to be Timmy,s girlfriend! 
29 The Dimmsdale Experience
30 Lockdown at Dimmsdale,s Elementary Crocker hosts a Lock-In in order to capture Timmy,s fairies.
31 Hurricane Vicky
32 Somewhere Under that Rainbow
33 The Easter Wars

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 8

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Operation K.I.S.S Timmy is kidnapped and the K.I.S.S band must find out who the culprit is. 
2 It's The Great Pumpkin, Timmy Turner!
3 Wanda-Gram
4 Back to the Present Timmy travels thru time with the press of a button.
5 Old Man Fairywinkle Big Daddy thinks he,s old and Timmy and Wanda must make him feel younger.
6 Tootie's New Toy Timmy accidentally breaks Tootie's new toy and she breaks up with him.
7 Cosmo's Sister Cosmo visits his sister, Lany Cosma.
8 CrockCrockCrock Timmy wishes Crocker was a frog. 
9 Zit Rage Timmy gets his first Zit and even worse, no one recognizes him with it!
10 Jetpack Madness, Part 1
11 Jetpack Madness, Part 2
12 Planet Poof II Poof lands on Yugopotamia again and Mark Chang returns for Vicky. 
13 Dark Angel (episode) Mal Timmy accidentally spills his Venom Juice he was planning to use to kill Timmy and Dark Angel is created.
14 Acne Antics After Timmy gets his very first Zit, The blemish begins to attract attention all over Dimmsdale, So he wishes for people all around the world to have Zits like himself, But when he trys to undo the wish, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof cannot reach their wands due to the fact they swollen in zits!
15 Poof Loses His Poof! Poof forgets how to grant wishes for Timmy.
16 It's A Small, Small, World Out There! Timmy shrinks the Earth after a wishing accident.
17 Vicky Icky Instant! Vicky commands Timmy to do everything in one second or else he is tortured by her.
18 Lil' Foop Foop tries to turn Poof little so he could defeat him easier, but Foop shrinks himself by accident.
19 A Fairly OddThanksgiving
20 The Tootie OddParents
21 the brothers Timmy meets his brother Zimmy, Cosmo and Wanda make another baby: Jen
22 The Past of fairies Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Jorgen taking a time machine to go to see what's in the farly world 100,000 years ago, and met Joker Von Strangle, an ancestor of Cosmo and Jorgen. December 9, 2039
23 the grilled of Timmy's Dad Timmy's dad, decided to make a barbecue with the family, with his grandfather Pappy and Conol the uncle of Timmy, all the relatives together ate outside, where there was a table set, ate sausages, chops and wuster.

December 16, 2039

24 Secrets Revealed: The Great Cookie Mission
25 Secrets Revealed: Super Timmy
26 Secrets Revealed: The Last Boss
27 Foop Helps Out
28 Contest With A Twist Timmy goes to some contest.
29 Ol Faithless Ol faithful losing power.
30 Timmy Rich Timmy wishes he were rich, and Remy Buxaplenty was poor.
31 Liar Liar
32 The Big Picture Timmy goes to a muesum and Cosmo, Wanda and Poof frame themselves in a painting to disguase themselves, but workmen come and take it away.
33 Really Totally Spaced Out

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 9

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Family Reunion The Cosmas and the Fairywinkles have a reunion.
2 Fastball Timmy wishes for a magic baseball so Chester's father can win a game.
3 Facemaker Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Timmy incounter E.F.M (Expert Face Maker)
4 Enslaved! Due to asbestos removal at Timmy's house, Vicky has to babysit Timmy at her house and Timmy ends up being enslaved along with Vicky's parents. Timmy and Vicky's parents are so sick and tired of working for Vicky, Then Timmy wishes that Vicky was working for them which leads to bad results.
5 Shonzmo Returns The return of Shonzmo, and Dr. Yes is involved.
6 The Big Fight
7 Solar P-ow!-er The fairies use solar power to power their wands.
8 Split Personality Timmy's personality is split into two Timmies.
9 It's About Time Timmy is tired of missing the bus and being late for school, so he wishes that he was faster but becomes too fast.
10 Dad's Night
11 Foop or Anti Poof Foop is thinking of changing his name to Anti Poof.
12 Blackout The power knocks out, and Cosmo, Wanda and Poof aren't able to work their magic without electricity.
13 Timmeo and Tootiette Timmy must take part in a play that includes kissing Tootie in order to move on to his next grade.
14 Big Cosmo A Cosmo version of "Big Wanda"
15 A Red Baby Poof and Jen meet the new baby fairy, fairy baby was the only red fairy world December 20, 2040
16 United We Stand Timmy is forced to make a truce with Remy Buxenplenty to free Juandissimo from Crocker.
17 all the relatives the great-grandfather of Jorgen, Joker, shows his nephew photos of all the relatives who were after him, his wife Nana Von Strangle, her daughter Cosma great-grandmother, her husband's great-grandfather Cosmo, who was the father of Nana Cosma, the mother Mama Cosma, the other son of Joker was the best cook in the fairy world that had won against anti-fairies make in cooking competition

Joker shows Jorgen all the family tree

January 3, 2041
18 Big Mommy Big Mommy comes to visit Cosmo, Wanda and Poof January 10, 2041
19 Merry Christmas Angel January 17, 2041
20 annulled annulled January 24, 2041
21 Anti-Overload When another plan has failed, Anti Cosmo suddenly comes to Timmy Turner's house to surrender, so suddenly, that Timmy gets very suspicious.
22 No More Water It's summer and there is a water leak in Timmy's house that is ruining all of his stuff. Timmy's parents are refusing to call service men and get it fixed, because Timmy's dad says he is fixing it for free, but is really making it worse. So Timmy wishes that there was no water, which works out for a little while, but all of Dimmsdale is getting de-hydrated and every citizen of Dimmsdale group together and become on strike with Doug Dimmadome because they think he did it. Then eventually, Timmy learns his lesson and wishes all of the water back. Then Timmy puts on his bathing suit and heads outside. Then Cosmo, disguised as a radio turns on music. The song that Cosmo turns on is a shortened version of the Steven Curtis Chapman song "Dive". During the song, most of the known citizens are seen in bathing suits doing summer-water related things. For an example, the part of the song where they say "leap of faith", the four main popular kids are seen jumping off of individual diving boards into a swimming pool. Also in the part of the song when they say "oh oh oh oh oh I'm diving in", Tootie, her mom and dad and even Vicky are seen waterskiing. And also the part when they say "sink or swim", Cosmo is seen sinking under water during "sink", and Wanda is seen swimming during the "swim" part. When the song is over, Cosmo is still seen disguised as a radio and says "Steven Curtis Chapman is my hero", then Timmy looks at him strangely and then it is the end.
23 Who Broke The Principal's Trophy? A kid who looks like Timmy breaks the principal's trophy, and they think it is really Timmy.
24 Squandering While Timmy is relaxing on the beach, he realizes that Vicky's family is there too. Vicky and Tootie are annoying Timmy so much, that he can't take it anymore, and tries to wish them home, but it's Comso, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky's day off. So Timmy tricks Vicky and Tootie's parents into spending all of their money on the boardwalk so they won't be able to pay the parking meter and they will have to go.
25 exchange sex baby red changes the sex of her parents, the blue fairy, the father becomes female, the purple fairy, the mother, becomes male February 28, 2041
26 Anti-... Genie? March 7, 2041
27 Foop vs Dark Laser the two most evil characters of the show, Foop and Dark Laser, fight for evil, Foop with his bottle gets rid Flispi, Dark Laser was worried, then Timmy want Flispi back, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof they do, Dark Laser was very happy, so Foop wins the battle of malice March 14, 2041

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 10

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Timmy and Cosmo go to Silver Beach
2 Lost in Fairyworld
3 She's my cartoon of love
4 Crocker falls in love
5 Stomach Ache!
6 The Beauty and the Cosmo
7 Poof, the Heartbreaker
8 [[Tootie VS Vicky]
9 The Fairly OddParents go to Seoul (Part 1)
10 The Fairly OddParents go to Seoul (Part 2)
11 Imaginary Gary returns!
12 Double Emmotion Conmotion
13 Poof's Bad Word!
14 The Fairly Odd New Year!
15 The Fairy Guard
16 Chip Skylark's new song
17 Timmy Turner Superstar
18 The Anti Fairies attack another time!
19 Crocker Gets Fired
20 Dad's First Kiss
21 Cosmo and Wanda's Big Secret! (Part 1)
22 Cosmo and Wanda's Big Secret! (Part 2)
23 Abra Catastrophe 2! (Part 1)
24 Abra Catastrophe 2! (Part 2)
25 Abra Catastrophe 2! (Part 3)
26 The 3000 wishes competition
27 Norm's Revenge
28 The new exange student
29 I miss you
30 Sparky and Poof, the superheros
31 Timmy's allergy
32 Wanda falls in Love!
33 Trixie's little sister

Fairly Odd Parents Fanon 2 Season 11

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The Three Male Fairies Cosmo decide to make a band on his own. He soon takes Juandissimo Magnificio and Cupid. Soon, they call it "The Three Male Fairies". And also..... ummm.... Back in Fairy Idol, the songs are ummm... d'oh never mind!
2 Timmy enters Sparky in a fairy pet show where he becomes a total show-biz mom.
3 Sparky has a play date with Vicky's unpleasant dog, Doilde.
4 Double Trouble 2 after remy finds out timmy now has both a godbrother and a fairy pet, he joins sides with NT to get back at turner by making a NS who is way less energetic and alot more smarter and NP who is way more dangerous then the 10 year olds expected.
5 The Dark Wars timmy, poof, and sparky spend the day watching a movie called the dark wars, meanwhile cosmo and wanda are out meeting wandas mom and cosmos dad (who finally was able to turn himself back to normal) and what if the reactions aren't as bad as the couple thought?
6 Crocker loses his teaching job and becomes a dog catcher. As soon as he sets his eyes on Sparky...
7 Back at the Not Future
8 Big Timmy Rush
9 Timmy wishes everyone appreciated his good deeds.
10 Who let the dogs out? Sad that sparky is getting lonely, Timmy wishes Cosmo, Wanda and poof into dogs. Unfortunealy, Timmy can't unwish the wish since they are now completely dog minded and can't understand human language! Timmy must manage to reverse the wish by himself before his parents see his fairies.
11 Dad-Normal Activity Some weird things are going on at the turner,s house at night. Can it be the existence of ghosts?
12 Puppy days On sparky,s birthday, sparky reveals himself to be 2,000 years old, a young age for fairy dogs. But he is sad that he can't go back to being a puppy and have adventures, making Timmy upset. He wishes sparky was a puppy so he could have fun.
13 Put on your thinking cap Timmy wishes a thinking cap so he could think up a science fair project and beat AJ. His project wins first prize, and he ends up living in fame, money and power. But will he go too far in his new successful life?
14 Pranks a lot April fool,s day is coming up, and Timmy, once again, is humiliated by his family, friends and fairies. Sparky is the only one who is on his side. Timmy wishes that he had invisible spray and sprays himself and his fairies invisible. Everyone in town believes they are ghosts, so it is the ultimate prank! That is, until they try to scare crocker...
15/16 Tootie,s magical wish After Tootie has a horrible day being tortured by Vicky, Timmy feels guilty and wishes that Tootie could get to wish 3 wishes. But Vicky steals her last wish and turns into a demon, taking over the world! Timmy, Sparky and his fairies must stop her!
17 Dog Universe-ity Dark Laser is foiled multiple times by Timmy and Sparky, so dark laser casts Sparky under a spell, giving him a suit of dark powers. Timmy must snap Sparky out of the trance, as this time, the suit is un-removable and gives sparky a dark soul.
18 Zero or Hero? When Cosmo once again returns as a superhero, he must fight an evil robot, and can't use his magic due to exposure.
19 Timmy and the zombies An ancient book that Timmy reads releases a curse that rises the dead. The zombies attack the city and eat Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Sparky,s brains, causing them to become infected and become zombies. Timmy must find the wizard who created the ancient book and ask him how to stop the zombie apocalypse.
20 2095 Timmy wishes a time machine and goes to the future year 2095, but the big brain from the season 5 episode "Future Lost" returns, plotting his revenge by making multiple clones of himself.
21 Sparky's Cat Trouble Tootie finds a stray magical cat in front of her house one day and names it Cyan. Tootie then decides to show Timmy her new pet cat, but when Sparky does not like Cyan, chaos happens.
22 A Poof and Foop Story It's Poof's first day of first grade, and he's super excited. It is also Foop's first day of first grade too, but he's not as excited as Poof is. However chaos ensures when the two find out they are going to be in the same school together. Will Foop learn to get along with Poof or will Foop be forced to be alone for the rest of his life. Meanwhile Cosmo makes a sandwich and Sparky tries stealing it.
23 The Lost and Found Poof decides to take Sparky on a walk only to forget the way back to the house and ends up getting both fairies lost.
24 Something about Kujo Danny brings his dog Kujo to meet Timmy's dog Sparky but Sparky doesn't necessarily like Kujo and when Dudley shows up then everything goes crazy.
25 Chill Thrill Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda are stuck as penguins when they are at Alaska and their wands are frozen.
26 Serum Severe Because Vicky's truth serum almost made Timmy tell the existence of his godparents, they replace all the truth serum in the world, but soon comes to a disaster.
27 When Twerps Meet It was the worst day for Timmy Turner and it's all because of Vicky. But as he watched his favorite character Meg Griffin, he realized that the two have something in common. With Cosmo and Wanda, he wished for a character swap. Vicky moved to Quahog and Meg moved to Dimmsdale...

When the two were met, Meg became Timmy's Babysitter. Will Timmy and Meg combine their differences?

28 Operation RuleBrain The kids of Dimmsdale are frustrated by some new fun-stopping rules, but nobody is more frustrated than Timmy Turner, so he wishes that there was no such thing as rules. But his plan gets a snag when he discovers that he didn't just get rid of the fun-stopping rules, he also got rid of all rules in games and sports, and even the fairy rules as well!
29 TV Sponges Timmy wishes that "Spongebob" (voiced by Tom Kenny) exists in real life. But after that he brings Patrick (guest star Bill Faggerbake) and Squidward (guest star Rodger Bumpass), and they pass a good time but then Timmy have to put Spongebob back on TV because he begins to disappear as the hours pass.
30 Street Uncles Fighters When Mr. Turner was talking to Mrs. Turner, he accidentally mentions his brother "Theodore "Ted" (guest star John DiMaggio voiced him) so Timmy decide to meet him. But he find him in the streets like a hobo because he lose with a wrestler and he bet his house so Timmy helped him to fight with the wrestler.
31 The Wishful Goals of Tad and Chad It's another time-travel this time in a alternate future dominated by Tad and Chad who dropped their masks to show their real faces: trying to take over the world. Trixie gets a sudden and unexcepted visit from herself, an older Trixie coming from an alternate future and she warms Trixie to be aware of the real truth about Tad and Chad. Trixie is skeptical first but the alternate-future Trixie gets followed by the alternate-future Tad and Chad. The present-Trixie learned enough about it and escape to get the help of an ally: Timmy Turner and his fairies. They get involved in various chases scenes including a car chase where we see the alternate future older Trixie driving a old Plymouth Valiant with Timmy, Trixie, Cosmo and Wanda as passengers who get chased by Tad and Chad driving a big truck. Meanwhile Cosmo and Wanda have taken the precaution to put Poof into safety but only Norm the Genie is available to babysit Poof and he tries to learn to Poof to spell Canada. Unfortunately no luck for Norm.
32 The Model Timmy With Cosmo and Wanda being able to spend so little time to themselves, Timmy agrees to take Poof to the beach while they can have a lazy day at home. Right when the two arrive at the beach, Timmy spots Trixie. For a majority of the afternoon, Timmy tries to catch Trixie's attention, much to the frustration of Poof. Poof informs Timmy he wants to go home, but before Timmy allows this he sees that Trixie is fawning over the male models at a nearby swimsuit competition. Timmy bargains with Poof that if he turns him into a swimsuit model, he will wish him back home to Cosmo and Wanda and meet up with them back at home. Poof happily grants the wish and instantly poofs home afterwards. Only when the cameras start flashing in Timmy's face does he realizes Poof has turned him into a beautiful, young, FEMALE swimsuit model. Now, a bikini-clad "Timantha" must make it home before the pictures of him (her) are released in a magazine issue later that day. If the photos from the shoot are seen, the world will fall in love with her beauty, promoting the true love block and trapping Timmy as a swimsuit model forever.

Fairly OddParents Fanon 2 Season 12

  1. The Magical War: Timmy wishes he was in Fairy World. Timmy then sees parts of Fairy World he's never seen before. Then he goes in sees Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda and teases them so then Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda get fed up and free all the Anti Fairies. Meanwhile The Pixies are on earth wreaking havoc and then poof themselves to Fairy World to wreak more havoc. Anti Wanda poofs herself down to earth and kidnaps Mom, Dad, Tootie, and Trixie and holds them in a prison in Fairy World. Meanwhile back in Fairy World Jorgen declares a war between The Fairies, The Pixies, and The Anti Fairies. So then the Fairies, The Pixies, and The Anti Fairies are fighting and Timmy is about to wish that all this would stop but Jorgen then dismisses every Fairy in the universe away from there God child until the war is over. The Pixies and The Anti Fairies then open a gateway to earth so the war can take place in both worlds. So earth is being completely destroyed because of this war and so is Fairy World. So The Fairies, The Pixies, and The Anti Fairies are now fighting both on earth and Fairy World so now everybody on earth knows about these magical creatures so then the U.S. Army joins in the war. AJ and Chester find the gateway to Fairy World and go in it. Meanwhile Mark's parents, MAN-DIE, and the whole entire Yugiopatimia army are on earth looking for Mark. Also Vicky finds Norm's lamp and then gets Norm and then she wishes that she and Norm could be part of this war. Also Crocker teams up with Remy and Juandissimo. And Evil Crimson Chin finally reveals his newest plan to destroy the Crismon Chin by forcing the writer for the Crimson Chin to destroy the chin in his newest issue. So the fight between The Fairies, The Anti Fairies, The Pixies, earth, Yugiopatimia, Vicy and Norm, and Crocker and Remy and Juandissimo begins and The fight between The Crismon Chin and The evil Crimson Chin also begins. This was the series finale for Fairly OddFanon 2.
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