This is a list of episodes in Fairly Future Series

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Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Tommy And Tammy Tommy and Tammy June 2, 2010 01 11
Tommy and Tammy get Cosmo and Wanda as their fairy godparents.

==Season 1--

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Dimmsville Dimmsville October 10, 2010 1A 11
Tommy and Tammy go to aa place just 1 mile from Dimmsdale.
Tommy Power
Tommy Power October 10, 2010 1B 11
Tommy gets transported into a video game and gets powers.
Remberance Of Timmy's Parents Rembrance of Timmy's Parents October 19, 2010 2A 22
Feeling that Timmy missies his parents Tommy wishes his grandparents would come and the wish comes true.
A Love Wish Too Far A Love Wish Too Far October 19, 2010 2B 22
Tommy tries to impress Cashlin, the prettiest kid in school but she rejects him so Tommy wishes he could be popular and Tammy begins to feel worry and tries to get her brother back.
Manic Dad Day Manic Dad Day October 25, 2010 3A 33
Tommy swaps lives with his dad for a day.
Tammy Loses Her Voice
125px]] Tammy Loses Her Voice October 25, 2010 3B 33
Tammy loses her voice and Tommy and his fairies try to get her voice back.
Please November 11, 2010 4A 44
Because Wanda tries to be polite Tammy wishes Wanda could do good manners so she can impress Cosmo with a gift. My Tommy My Tommy November 11, 2010 4B 44
A girl, Sabrina has a crush on Tommy but he tries to wish away true love but Cosmo and Wanda cannot wish away true love so Tommy tries to break up with Sabrina or she will love him forever.
The School Musical The School Musical November 23, 2010 5 55
Tommy and Tammy are stared on a play and they wish to be the best singers ever.
Otto November 30, 2010 6A 66
A boy named Otto comes and Tommy battles him in a duel or ne'll never see Cosmo and Wanda again.
The Same Tommy The Same Tommy November 30, 2010 6B 66
Tommy keeps on getting made fun of the bullies so he wishes for everyone to be the smae. But then the fairies start to explode when they try to find their godchildren.

Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4 will be made soon as possible.

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