Blonda Have Some Fun !

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Season 1


Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Blondas Have More Fun! Wanda and Blonda Swap Lives To see Who has it harder. April 2, 2005
2 Comet The Actress Blonda's Daughter wants to Become an Actress Too. May 1, 2005
3 Blonda Quits, Part 1 Blonda Quits "All My Biceps" and Goes on a Reality show named "Karen and Frank". The Only Problem Is That While Blonda is Playing Karen, Cosmo is Playing Frank! May 3, 2005
4 Blonda Quits, Part 2 Blonda Tries to Convince The Crew to Hire Her Back. May 8, 2005
5 Who Kidnapped Lucky and Angel? Blondas Son and Daughter Have Been Kidnapped! Only 1 Person could have done it-But Who? May 11, 2005
6 Wand-Bot Blonda buys A Robot Maid That Resembles Wanda. May 14, 2005
7 The Big Break Up Blonda and Juandissimo Divorce after a Big Fight and Timmy has to Convince them to Be Back Together again. May 23, 2005
8 Blonda Responsible Blonda and Wanda switch places again, but Blonda accidently turns Cosmo and Timmy into babies.
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