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Lights Out 2 is an Fan-Made Episode Beased on Light Out.

Plot : Timmy Tells Poof an Other Scary Story. But When Wanda comes him seeing timmy telling the story. Then Wanda told Timmy that Poof Will Get Nightmars. Then Timmy Wished Like it was in the book. It was All Dark and All of Dismmale Turn into Monsters.Timmy Ran as Quickly as can for 24 hours like it said in the book. Timmy was so scard and pee in his pants. But Tootie is Find so Tootie Joins Timmy. They Became The Timmie Buster. They Hunted for a Monster, As Timmy saying Be very, very, quiet were hunting Monsters ! As They Hunt all The Monsters. But Cosmo and Wanda made Tootie into a

Tootie Dressed as Vicky

Monster Too. She Turned just like Vicky ! Then It Came Back to Normal
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