Lights, Camera, Police Action!
Season 2, Episode 9
Written by WikiaIvan1997
Directed by Sophia Hartman
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Lights, Camera, Police Action! is the ninth episode of the second season and the thirty first episode overall of The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan.


Rebecca hears about a movie based on C.C. Cruiser and the Hot Rod Squad being in the works, and wants to star in it. Sally wishes for her mom to act in that movie, however, Clyde Darhk broke out of prison again and plans to sabotage the movie's production.


  • Cheryl Hines as Rebecca
  • Rob Paulsen as Stu
  • Grey Griffin as Sally
  • Jason Alexander as Stan
  • Dee Bradley Baker as C.C. Cruiser
  • Tara Strong as Tina Tune-Up
  • Daran Norris as Director
  • Mr. Lawrence as Clyde Darhk
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