Lightning Goldenglow
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Fairy
Age Immortal
Homeworld Fairy World
Parents Moonshine Goldenglow (father)
Siblings Goldie Goldenglow (sister)
Shimmer Goldenglow (sister)
Production Information
First Appearance Love Triangle (brief cameo)
Voiced by Tara Strong (Love Triangle)
Yeardley Smith (School of Crock)


Lightning Goldenglow is Goldie Goldenglow and Shimmer Goldenglow's sister. She likes seeing lightning during thunderstorms. She is a little similar to Goldie. Lightning Goldenglow first appeared as a brief cameo in "Love Triangle", which she was voiced by Tara Strong. Her latest appearance was in School of Crock, which she made another cameo appearance and was voiced by Yeardley Smith (the voice of Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons) instead of Tara Strong.

Childhood with Goldie Goldenglow

Lightning grew up with Goldie ever since she was born. She once heard about Poof being born, but Goldie didn't pay attention to Lightning. After Goldie didn't pay attention about Poof's birth, Lightning decided to tell Goldie that it's true that Poof was born. Then, Goldie Goldenglow apologized to Lightning. She then went outside and saw a strike of lightning. She got happy about it because she finally found out who she was. She then yelled, "I know who I am! I am Lightning Goldenglow!!!". When Goldie was going to Spellementary School to do the school play, Lightning told her, "Good luck, Goldie." When Lightning went to see Goldie at the play, she got excited. During when Goldie kisses Poof at the end of the play, Lightning felt eternally grateful for Goldie Goldenglow. After the end of the play, Lightning told Goldie, "I am so proud of you, Goldie, you're finally in love with Poof". Lightning and Shimmer Goldenglow both greeted Poof after the play saying, "I saw you at the play!". Goldie and Lightning now became best friends forever. On Goldie's birthday, Lightning always did a tribute of Goldie when she was born and during the play with Poof. Foop then apologized to Poof saying "I'm sorry for trying to steal Goldie from you in the past." Lightning always was Goldie's favorite sister next to Shimmer Goldenglow.

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