Baby Lewis

Lewis(Bottom Middle Green)and The Fairy Baby Gang


Lewis is the 9th Fairy baby born in thousands of years and the 1st born son of Schozmo and Ms. Powers (From "Spellementary School". He is the Green Baby on the bottom middle). Lewis also has a twin brother named Louie. (See him in the "Fairy Babies" Catagory along with all the other babies.) He likes to pick his nose in public, and loves to play "Robot Pirate" and "Spaceman". He also likes to break things, but he gets in trouble every time he tries. He likes to eat pizza, ice cream, Nana Boom-Boom's brownies, and chocolate milk. His favorate nick name is Squirt, and his least favorate is Twerp. Him and his brother's evil babysitter's name is Anti-Stiffy, who is also Foop's babysitter and is Stiffy's evil counterpart. Lewis' one true love is Lulu, and he also likes Angel and Cadde, He really mostly likes all girls, while his brother Louie, hates girls because of cooties! He hates Anti-Cadde and Foop, while he sometimes gets along with Anti-Lulu. He also loves being pushed in his stroller, swimming, and having playdates with Poof and Junior. His favorate toys are his green squirt guns and his magical binky. When he sucks on it, it produces a magical outburst, which is how he grants wishes. The harder he sucks, the more powerful the magic. He was born on November 14th, 2033 and is voiced by Tara Strong.

lewis as an grown-up (Another Fairly Odd Future)

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