This is the 4th episode of season 10. Written by TG


  • Timmy
  • Mystic
  • Cosmo
  • Kimmy
  • Wanda (Cameo)
  • Misty (Cameo)


Mystic conjures up an all-expense paid trip to Hawai to relax. Misty and Wanda stay behind. In Hawai, Mystic goes to check out the volcano. Cosmo stays with Timmy and Kimmy. Timmy then tells he's "Going to get crackin' Kimmy". Cosmo hears wrong and turns Kimmy into a giant Kraken. Wanda calls and the phone gets shorted out. Cosmo tries to stop Kraken Kimmy but his wand gets knocked away. Mystic comes back from the volcano and sees Kimmy. Then he gets mad at Cosmo for doing this. Then he TRIES to use his magic, but Kraken Kimmy eats it and turns into MAGICAL Kraken Kimmy! Mystic then relizes that if he throws Timmy towards Magical Kraken Kimmy, the wish'll be canceled out by Kimmy's love for Timmy. He does so, but it fails, and he gets swallowed. He then finds Kimmy in the beast's heart. So what REALLY happened was, the beast SWALLOWED Kimmy and used her concern to get out and back to Timmy as its power source. Timmy frees Kimmy and the day's saved. Then Cosmo misshears Timmy AGIAN and makes the volcano erupt. It ends with Mystic muttering "Worst. Vacation. Ever."


  • Cosmo making a Kraken is a refference to the Canon episode, Beach Blanket Bozos.
  • This is Kimmy's 2nd appearance in a TG written episode.
  • This is Misty's smallest apperance.
  • Poof dosen't apperar in this episode.
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