• Lea's voice actress, Diana DeGarmo, did Cosmo's singing voice for the song "Gimme the Wand" in the TV special "Fairy Idol".
  • Lea was named after Lea Salonga, the singing voice for Jasmine in the original Aladdin film.
  • Lea's been having a feud with Norm for the last 10,000 years because she was bullied and humiliated by him in the past.
  • While Norm lives in a magic lava lamp, Lea lives in a magic, more ordinary looking table lamp.
    • Lea's lamp was bought by Stuart Amber at a thrift store, and was mentioned to have been thrown in the trash at one point.
  • Much like Norm hating Canada, Lea hates the U.S. state of Alabama for some reason. Ironically, Diana DeGarmo, Lea's voice actress, was born in Alabama.
    • Unlike Norm wanting to destroy Canada, Lea does not want to destroy Alabama.
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