First Major Appreance in The All New Fairly OddParents!

"That would be me."
"GOING TO BED!!!" (after interrupting Remy)
"I'm sure that wherever you "need to go," it can wait... never!"
"Hmm. Remy hasn't said anything since I've locked him in bed. Better check on the rich brat."
"He's gone!?" (looks down) What the heck kind of bus is that? (pulls up her phone) Better call Vicky.
"Vicky, do you know anything about a bus with magic like sparkles all over?"
"Remy Buxaplenty and Timmy Turner have fairies?!"
(hanging on underneath the Fairy World bus) "You're gonna get it, twerp! When I get your little fairy friends, you're next!"
"Fairy World, huh? Hmm, I think it's best to stay out of sight so I can follow him."
"I object, for a very serious occasion!"
"The name's (drops out of her disguise) Lauren Ledergerber to you, beefy boy! (to Remy) And your fairies are going to pay the price for my babysitting payment."
"All too easy." (after taking Cosmo and Wanda's wands)
"Well, that was a dumb move for me."
(a crowd of angry fairies and godchildren surrounding Lauren) "Okay, let's be reasonable."
(while Jorgen's charging his wand about to blast Lauren away) "Oh, crud. This is gonna hurt."
(shrunk and trapped inside an ice cube in Blonda's lemonade) "I hate happy endings."

Confrontation with Timmy

"Why... can't... you... stay... MISERABLE!?! You irritating twerp, we B.R.A.T.s will never stop! I will terrorize the rare childhood that is yours Timmy Turner! I will torture you for as long as my lungs breathe air, or for as long as your lungs breathe air. Which ever comes first!!

Slowly coming to her senses

"You think I want this to happen? Constantly losing to a bunch of losers like you! But,... it could be worse-- become that blue potatoes unexpected pawn? No thanks. You know, it's kind of ironic, seeing is how we babysitters are the ones making your lives miserable but actually making your hearts stronger with the aid of your fairies trying to make the world a better place no questions asked.
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