Blond-dissimo After Remy heard the news that Juandissimo's getting married to Trixie's godmother Blonda, Remy gets himself prepared. Unfortunately, his parents left him a note that he's being babysat by Lauren Ledergerber. She arrives in the nick of time and locked Remy in his bedroom. Remy called Timmy to call a Fairy World bus and Remy jumped out of the door and made his way to the bus. Lauren noticed that Remy was gone and called Vicky to ask her what was going on. Vicky responded that Remy has a fairy. After her reaction, Lauren quicky jumped underneath the Fairy World bus unnoticed. When it arrived in Fairy World, Lauren disguised herself and followed Remy to the wedding. In the middle of Juandissimo and Blonda's wedding, Lauren interruped and dropped out of her disguise and was about to drag Remy away. However, Timmy and friends took down Lauren and Jorgen blasted her away. At the end of the episode, Lauren was shrunked and was trapped inside an ice cube in Blonda's drink and started screaming when Blonda was starting to drink her lemonade, ending the episode.
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