Kurai Serena Aino Or simply known as Kurai is a Free-Spirted Schoolgirl that Sanjay fell in love with. Character:She is your Normal,Smart,Sweet, Candy addicted,Pre-teen. In her first Appearance She Transferred to Dimmsdale Elementary School in Timmy's Class and quickly made friends. Kurai is also the smartest of the gang like Ivy She is the Smartest kid at The Dimmsdale Elementary School (Next to A.J. and Ivy.) She is also attractive and Sits next to Sanjay. Profile: Gender:Female Age:Ten or Eleven Species:Human Hair Color: Black (Normal) Later Golden Blonde (Angel) Race:American Residence:Where Timmy lives/Bikini Bottom. Family: *Mom *Dad *Sally(Younger Sister) *Mina (Second Younger Sister) * Jacob (Younger Brother) Friends:*Timmy *Misty *Tara *A.J. *Chester *Amy *Rei *All the rest Including Spongebob and All his Friends. Enemies:*Mr.Denzel Crocker *Vicky *Francis *All the Anti-Faries *The Pixies Appearance:Kurai wears a Pink blouse with A Sailor Collar with a Pink Pleated Skirt and Long black Hair That is put up like Sailor Moon's Hairstyle And Long White Socks And Black Mary Janes She also has Purple eyes that became Blue when she was reborn as an Angel. In her Angel form She had Golden Blonde hair and Had White Angel Wings and Wore her Hair loose And She Was Naked With Her Silver Crystal. History:When Kurai was a baby there was A Lab Accident That Her Mother survived And Kurai Survived Too But it left Kurai with A Black Moon Cresent on Her ForeHead Her Father Rushed her to the Hospital and The Doctors Said They Could't Fix so Kurai Had the Cresent Mark on her forehead And She also Appeared in The Anime Version Of Fairly Odd Starfish But She was Killed in a Battle By A Stray Laser that was Meant for Timmy,Spongebob And Patrick,Fired By One of Plankton's Battle Robots. She Jumped in the way to Save Them And Took The Laser that Shot her in the Side,Which Left Her with a Terrible Wound that Killed Her Instantly. However,her sacrifice led to a more serious turn than Timmy and Plankton's Rivalry. She is later Reborn as an Angel without The Black Moon Cresent on her Forehead She also Had Golden Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes She Also Helps Sandy Get Back To Bikini Bottom So She could Help Spongebob and The Others. She was Buried in The Cemmentary and She LIves In Heaven Now But Appears a Ghost-like figure Of Herself Or Her Normal Form.
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