Kirby in Dimsdale is the first episode of Kirby Quest. The episode shows Kirby crash lands into Dimsdale and meeting Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof.


Kirby is seen sleeping on a star when he suddenly woken up by a space rock that hits his star and sends him all the way to Earth.

Meanwhile in Dimsdale, Timmy sees a star exploding and wonder what that could mean. Soon enough, Kirby lands on him and they slam though the ground. Timmy yells "What's the meaning of this?" Kirby looks sadly at him.The two decide to be friends.Then, out of nowhere, a penguin with a hammer runs past them. That was King Dedede, Kirby's enimy. He landed in Dimsdale too. Kirby soons stumble upon a purple ball. It turned out to be Poof. He ask Timmy why he has a ball in his yard. But, it turned out to be one of his godparents. Kirby meets the three and makes another discovery. Just than, there was a flame in downtown. The five run there to find what's making the flame.

In the town, the squid knowned as Squidy begins to flame the old buildings. He soon discover the five and charges up another flame. Timmy wishes for a barrier that will refelcet the flame and hit Squidy. It worked! Kirby has an idea. When Squidy fires another flame attack, Kirby sucks it all up. He becomes Fire Kirby! Timmy and the others were in shocked. Kirby and Squidy face a huge battle thoughout downtown, Dimsdale. In the end, Kirby defeats Squidy and tosses him back to outer space

Back in Timmy's house, his fairies made Kirby feel comfortable in his new suroundings. They agree for him to stay and make wishes too. Kirby's first wish was for giant sized apples. However the apples squash them as Cosmo says "Wow, that's an overpowered apple!" Timmy then says "This could need some getting use too" as the episode ends.


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