Baby Junior is the 3rd Fairy baby born in thousands of years and is the firstborn child of Blonda and Juandissimo Maginifico. Originally, he was suppposed to be the second baby, but, Cadde came before him. He has purple eyes like his father and Poof (Only lighter colored), and has dark blackesh-brown hair. He wears only a diaper and crown, but that does not stop him from being cute! His original Evil Counterpart is Pentrenellistheniso (Who is voiced by Chris Sanders and is Anti-Jaundissimo and Anti-Blonda's baby), who's name also does not start with Anti; like Foop. Junior is a friendly, caring, joyful baby that can make you smile anyday. He can speak in full laungauge, but it is fairly squeaky. He was born March 5, 2017 and was a 67-minute long episode, Almost half an hour. When he cries, good things happen, when he giggles, bad things happen. He was originally voiced by Bradly Dee Baker in "The Fairly Odd Baby 2", but was voiced by E.G. Daily in the rest of his appearances. Due to his good looks, he'll someday make a good model like his father.


  • Fairly OddBaby 2
  • Elimination Baby
  • Is there a Poof in the house?
  • A Spellementary Valentine
  • Prehistoric Preshool
  • Poofette and Foopina
  • Angel for Queen
  • Whisp of the Wings (Part one and two)
  • Toddler Twist
  • The Next "77 Secrets of the Fairly Oddparents!"
  • Moddest Odds
  • Magic Remote! (Cameo)

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