Joshua Van Strangle is recurring character in Fairly Odd Parents , is the brother of Jorgen . He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson

Joshua Van Strangle
Joshua Van Strangle
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Fairyl
Age immortal (30,00001)
Birthday June 1st
Occupation Fairly
Homeworld Fairly World
Residence Van Strangle House

House of Joshua

Interests Muscles
Parents Jorgen Van Strangle ( brother)

Cosmo Cosma (cousin) Mama Van Strangle (mother) Nana Boom Boom (grandmother)

Siblings Jorgen Von Strangle (brother)
Production Information
First Appearance The Brother of Jorgen
Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson

Joshua works with his brother Jorge in the fairy world have muscles that neither your brother is part of the Von Strangle family member

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