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Jimmy Timmy Channel Chasers is a fanmade crossover movie made by Dl34, and is a sequel to the season 4 episode "Channel Chasers".


Vicky has once again gained control of the magic TV remote in the future she is a galactic empress with an army taking control over every universe there is. Future Timmy, Cindy, Carl, Sheen and Libby had tired there best to stop her but she's just to powerful to add to it Jimmy along Cosmo and Wanda have been destroyed and Chester and AJ are now on Vicky's side as her main men but Future Timmy has manage to sent a message to his younger self warning him about all this. In the present Timmy wake up to find Cosmo and Wanda gone same for his parents and no Vicky so he goes out and hang with his friends. That night Timmy comes back to see that Cosmo and Wanda still hasn't come back wondering where they are, that's when it happens. Some kind of machine falls from the sky and lands in Timmy's front yard which play a video message for Timmy. In Retroville Carl and Sheen are hanging by themselves since Jimmy's isn't around, that's when Timmy shows up having used an escape pod Retroville. Timmy tells them he needs there help and they are ready to help out in anyway possible. He needs neutron help as well but they tells him that he's gone and they don't know where, so Timmy goes for Cindy and Libby's. Back in Dimmsdale after they use Jimmy's wormhole portal, Timmy shows them the message he receive that the entire universe is in trouble of being destroyed and that Vicky's has gain control of the magic TV remote again. Cindy and the others wonders what this is all about so once the message is over Timmy tells them. He tells them everything that happened in Channel Chasers and wonders how did Vicky manage to get the remote back since he wished both magic remotes away. They then try and see what Vicky's up to, Timmy wonders why his parents left without living with her. While on there way to Vicky's house they find her who comes out from behind a tree, telling them she remembers everything before (Channel Chasers) she even shows them the magic remote which she found in Timmy's closet (full of his unwished stuff) two days ago while he was raking in the backyard. The remote hit her in the head which brought back her memories of it and trying to take over the world. So she then tried to do a revenge plan, also remembering Timmy's fairies she kidnaps them while Timmy's was sleeping, she broke into his house the next day. But she first kidnaps Jimmy Neutron that day once she learns about his universe while he was hanging out with Timmy and capture Jimmy before he uses his hypercube to returning to his universe. She even got rid of Timmy's parents by sending them on a five day vacation to Florida. When Timmy ask where they are she tells him she has hidden them in the TV but she not telling them which channel but she does tell them that there's a new network she's planning on going to on channel 299 called the U-verse network which is after Dictator Week channel 298 this U-Verse will allow her to take control of the entire universe. she then runs away with Timmy and the others following her, they split up with Cindy and Libby finding her. Cindy tries to fight off Vicky until Vicky punches her which knock her out of unconscious and then she grabs Libby luckily Timmy, Carl and Sheen sees her with Cindy and Libby and follows her, that's when Vicky goes through a nearby TV using magic remote. Thinking there's no way to follow her Timmy shows Carl and Sheen the other magic remote he wished up that he found in his closet just before they left and also a Cosmo Tracker with Cosmo DNA, if they find Cosmo they will also find Wanda and Jimmy so they go inside the TV. While in they see Vicky but not Cindy and Libby, Vicky tells them she throw them into one of the channel boxes then she runs off again and once again Timmy, carl and sheen follows her. Carl wonders about Cindy and Libby but Timmy tells him we will have to worry about them later but Timmy can only imagine what show they are on at the moment which turns out to be Captain Green and the Eco-Teens (the "Good Old Days!" episode) Timmy Carl and Sheen chases Vicky though the Futurellis, Jonny Hunt, Walnuts, Space Spectre, the Meatflints, Go Go Racer, Snooper Dog and the Clue Crew and Blackbird and Sparrow. Blackbird and Sparrow is where they meet up with Cindy and Libby having done some channel surfing themselves. The others shows Cindy and Libby went to were Carpet Critters, the Youth and The Restless, Adolescent Genetically Altered Karate Cows, Tvtubbies, and Snooper Dog (after Timmy, Carl and Sheen left). the chase continues now that there together again the next shows they go through are The Amazing School Bus, Ted and Jimmy, Rabid Rabbit, Haunter the Friendliest Ghost in the World, the Feldmans, Poppyseed Avenue and finally Maho Mushi once there the Cosmo tracker picks up a signal which means Cosmo, Wanda and jimmy got to be there. the plan is Timmy, Cindy and sheen will fight off Vicky while Carl and Libby look for Cosmo, Wanda and Jimmy using the tracker. Carl and Libby manage to find them in the castle but there frozen in place. The fight with Vicky is raging on and it looks like Vicky is pretty powerful luckily Carl and Libby shows up with Cosmo, Wanda and Jimmy with Timmy unfreezing them with the remote, after that he explains everything to them right quick and the they need to make sure Vicky doesn't get to the U-verse Network. Timmy then comes up with an idea now that the U-verse Network is on the air he goes in it with Jimmy with Vicky following them. The U-Verse Network is like completely different universe, once they see Vicky there's one last chase going on. Along the way there are portals that shows scenes from the Fairly Oddparents and Jimmy Neutron like connecting though there memories for some reason. There is a room that they find and goes through with some stuff that will allow someone to control the universe Timmy and Jimmy need to make sure Vicky doesn't get to it but she manage to get in the room, that's when Timmy freezes her with the remote and then takes away hers and finally sends her back out of the TV with her outside unconscious and then picked up by some strange men in a van. Once Timmy and Jimmy get back to Maho Mushi everyone ends up in the U-verse Network with future Timmy appearing he says some stuff, shows them scenes from them going though different shows and even remembers Cosmo and Wanda then he takes them home with them going back to a few shows first, the Feldmans, Space Spectre, Walnuts, Carpet Critters and the Futurellis then Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda end up in Timmy's room while Jimmy and the others end up back in Retroville. this all ends the next day with Cindy in her room playing a saxophone which she took from the Feldmans show by mistake but she's not very good at it so Libby who comes in then leaves. at little of the Simpsons theme can be heard while she's playing when Libby leaves, and that's the whole story.


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