Jimmy Sally Power Hour: The Search for Sheen/Quotes

(Lyra Ubetcha Memorial School)
(rainy day; the kids walk out of the school after the dismissal bell rang; Sally and Mary walks out of the school with Stan as Sally’s umbrella and Eliza as her backpack)
Sally: Is this rain ever gonna stop?
Mary: Yeah, I’m starting to forget what the sun looks like.
Eliza: Well, we need to think of something if we want to spend our Spring Break Vacation.
Stan: Hmmm… Hey Sally, didn’t you say something Monday about traveling to other worlds this Spring Break?
Sally: Oh, yeah. I did. I mention something about meeting some inter-dimensional people who knows everything about science.
Stan: Of course. Your working skills with your science projects has been getting a little poor lately.
Eliza: Yeah, remember last week?
(flashback to last week; Sally made her project entirely out of Armos; the Armo toys move around doing the work for Sally)
Sally: It was from my sister’s tool shed.
(Mr. Jewls starts writing and grading Sally’s project)
(end of flashback)
Sally: I wouldn’t have gotten a B- if one of the Armos hadn’t squirt milk out of its nostril to Mr. Jewls’ face after seeing my higher grade.
Mary: What was your higher grade before Jewls changed it?
Sally: An A-.
Mary: A solid A-?
Sally: (sigh) So anyway about the whole vacation to another world talk…
(Sally’s room)
Sally: Okay, if I want to change my science grade up to an A, I’m going to need the finest help I can find to someone from another world. Someone who is a true genius, invents stuff every day, and occasionally travel to other planets.
Stan: Well, Sally just say the word and we will…
(a portal opens)
Sally: Hey, nice work on the portal. You knew I was going to wish for one and you went straight ahead in making my wish. Well played.
Stan and Eliza: It wasn’t us.
Sally: Well, either way, I still got my wish. So how ‘bout it? Ready for a little trip to another world?
Stan and Eliza: You bet!
Sally: (run straight to the portal) Last one there’s a slow pacing Pixie!
(Stan and Eliza catch up to Sally and the portal closes after all three went though)

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