Jimmy Sally Power Hour: The Search for Sheen/Quotes

(Lyra Ubetcha Memorial School)
(rainy day; the kids walk out of the school after the dismissal bell rang; Sally and Mary walks out of the school with Stan as Sally’s umbrella and Eliza as her backpack)
Sally: Is this rain ever gonna stop?
Mary: Yeah, I’m starting to forget what the sun looks like.
Eliza: Well, we need to think of something if we want to spend our Spring Break vacation.
Stan: Hmmm… Hey Sally, didn’t you say something Monday about traveling to other worlds this Spring Break?
Sally: Oh, yeah, I did. I mentioned something about meeting some inter-dimensional people who know everything about science.
Stan: Of course. Your working skills with your science projects has been getting a little poor lately.
Eliza: Yeah, remember last week?
(flashback to last week; Sally made her project entirely out of Armos; the Armo toys move around doing the work for Sally)
Sally: It was from my sister’s tool shed.
(Mr. Jewls starts writing and grading Sally’s project)
(end of flashback)
Sally: I wouldn’t have gotten a B- if one of the Armos hadn’t squirted milk out of its nostril to Mr. Jewls’ face after seeing my higher grade.
Mary: What was your higher grade before Jewls changed it?
Sally: An A-.
Mary: A solid A-?
Sally: Anyway, about the whole vacation to another world talk…
(Sally’s room)
Sally: Okay, if I want to change my science grade up to an A, I’m going to need the finest help I can find to someone from another world. Someone who is a true genius, invents stuff every day, and occasionally travel to other planets.
Stan: Well, Sally just say the word and we will…
(a portal opens)
Sally: Hey, nice work on the portal. You knew I was going to wish for one and you went straight ahead in making my wish. Well played.
Stan and Eliza: It wasn’t us.
Sally: Well, either way, I still got my wish. So how ‘bout it? Ready for a little trip to another world?
Stan and Eliza: You bet!
Sally: (run straight to the portal) Last one there’s a slow pacing Pixie!
(Stan and Eliza catch up to Sally and the portal closes after all three went though)

(Jimmy Neutron's universe; Jimmy's backyard; a couple minutes earlier)
(Jimmy turning on his inter-dimensional portal while Carl and Goddard stand in place behind him)
Carl: Is it almost done, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Just a few more adjustments, Carl. We're going to need all the help we can get if we're willing to find Sheen. I told him specifically in my notes not to open up the sheet for my prototype rocket.
Carl: Maybe it would have been smarter for Sheen to figure out the notes if you didn't shorten your name to "J.N.".
Jimmy: Now that you mention it...
(the portal was opened)
Goddard: Bark, bark! (howls)
Jimmy: There! Now, all we need are some coordinates to the nearest world and...
(Sally, Stan and Eliza pop out from the portal and land head first into the floor)
Sally: (gets up and wipes the dirt off of her) Next time, I'm packing a parachute when I land to another... (opens her eyes realizing she looks different) ...world...? (Sally looks around her whole body) Wow! I'm bulgy! Haven't been here for a minute and already I'm excited!
Jimmy: I take it you're from another world?
Sally: Yes, I am. My name is Sally Amber. And this is Stan and Eliza.
(Stan and Eliza gets up and greets Jimmy)
Jimmy: Wait. Wands? Wings?
Carl: Floaty crowny things?
Jimmy: Are they another one of Timmy Turner's computer holograms?
Sally: Holograms?
Stan: Psst. Sally, just play along. It's better if less people in this world find out who we really are anyway.
Sally: (as Eliza nods her head) Yeah, you're right. Hold on. (turns to Jimmy) You know Timmy?
Carl: Yeah, he and Jimmy go way, way back. Welcome to Retroville!
Sally: Retroville? (to herself) Hmmm... Timmy told me about his stories of his time traveling here in this world. (to Jimmy) And you must be Jimmy Neutron.
Jimmy: Boy Genius. Pleasure's all mine.
Carl: It's nice to meet a friend of Small-Headed Timmy's. I'm...
Sally: You're Carl Wheezer.
Carl: (gasp) She knows my name!
Jimmy: So, what brings you all to Retroville?
Eliza: Oh, we just needed to get out of the rain for a little while.
Sally: Also, I needed some help.
Jimmy: With...?
Sally: A science project in school. I thought I could use some help by asking a genius from another world.
Jimmy: (to Carl) Talk about Deja Vu.
Sally: Hey, that reminds me. Where's that energetic friend of yours I've heard so much about? What what his name again? Sheen?
Jimmy: He's... not here. Actually, that's pretty much why we brought you here.
Sally: Me? Why?
Jimmy: It's a long story. Follow me, and I'll explain everything.
(everyone follows Jimmy; he pulls a string a hair out of him and placed it on his scanner)
Vox: DNA match confirmed.

(inside Jimmy's Lab)
Sally: What an amazing lab you got, Jimmy! How did you manage to take the time to build all of this stuff?
Jimmy: Well, if you have an I.Q. as large as mine, you can manage to make anything happen.
Sally: (sees the girl eating plant) Oh, what a cool looking plant with teeth.
(the girl eating plant growls as Sally)
Jimmy: (pounces at Sally) No! Get away from that!
(the plant misses trying to bite Sally)
Jimmy: Word to the wise: stay away from my girl eating plant.
Sally: Girl eating plant?!
(plant growls)
Sally: Oh, grrrr yourself!
Jimmy: Don't worry, that plant aside, everything else is harmless around here, if you count the brain drain helmet. I may be a genius, but I'm not perfect. (take a seat) Vox, pull out the last video footage of Sheen.
Vox: Latest recorded footage of Sheen Estevez online.
Sheen: "Sheen, do not get into this rocket! J.N." Jimmy Neutron! Someone named J.N. is putting all of these notes in your lab! (hops inside the rocket and sees one more note) "Sheen, do not push this button. J.N." (throws the note away) Don't push what button? There's so many. (randomly pushing buttons) No, no, not that one. No.
(alarm sets off)
Sheen: Oops. (the hatch closes and the rocket launches into space) I didn't do it!
Sally: Huh, I've heard right. This Sheen friend of yours really is a bigger idiot than Cosmo by size and not mind.
Jimmy: We've been searching for months, but he's so far away somewhere in space we might never see him again.
Carl: Well, at least we won't have to hear mid-day snoring during school anymore.
Jimmy: Carl!
Sally: Well, don't worry Jimmy. Now that you got magic on your side, you'll be able to get Sheen back to Earth in no time.
Jimmy: Well, as much as I'm still in disbelief over magic, you, Stan and Eliza are just who we needed to locate Sheen.
(Eliza uses her wand to locate Sheen's current position)
Eliza: Hmmm... According to my wand, Sheen is about four million and one light years from Earth in a far away planet named Zeenu.
Carl: Gesundheit.
Stan: No, no she meant the name of the planet.
Jimmy: Vox, set coordinates to the planet Zeenu.
Sally: Now that I think about it, why not just poof to that planet? Simple as that?
Stan: Sorry, Sally, but our wands don't work like that unless said wands visited that place before.
Sally: So, how do we get to Zeenu?
Jimmy: We'll just use one of my rockets. Just needs some modifications and we'll be on our way!
(Neutron symbol appears as it makes a short next scene montage)
(the rocket was being pushed outside of Jimmy's backyard by Goddard using his thrusts)
Jimmy: (rub Goddard's head) Good boy.
Goddard: Bark!
Sally: Jimmy, you think it's a good idea for a small group to travel to an unknown planet? Don't you think we need a couple more recruits?
Jimmy: You read my mind. All I need is a catapult and a thirteen inch paint ball. (looks at Stan and Eliza)
Stan: Hmm? Oh, he meant us.
(Stan and Eliza poof up a catapult and paint ball; the paint ball was in place of the catapault as Carl holds on to the string)
Carl: Jimmy, I don't think this is a good idea. What if they'll...
Jimmy: Don't worry. They will help as long as they require a little motivation.
Eliza: Who does he mean by "they"?
(Sally and Stan pull up their shoulders and arms unaware of what Jimmy meant)
Jimmy: Ready... (Goddard crawls from the inside of his rectangular stomach like a turtle) aim... (Carl conceal his eyes scared as he still holds on to the string of the catapult) fire!
(Carl fires the catapult and launches the paint ball above over Jimmy's house; a loud splat was heard from a distance)
Stan: Uh, where did that paint ball hit?
Jimmy: 3...2...1...
Cindy: (shouts making everything shake) NEUTRON!!!!
(Cindy and Libby angrily walk towards Jimmy with paint all over their face)
Carl: (whisper) Did you know...
Jimmy: (whisper) ...her window was open? I do now.
Cindy: (crack her knuckles) You got ten seconds to explain, Nerd-tron!
Libby: (set the timer) Go!
Jimmy: (talks fast) I finally found where Sheen is with the help of a friend of Timmy's who has computer programs of her own and we need your help to find him and bring him back home safe and sound!
(Libby stops the timer)
Carl: Hey, and with half a second to spare.
Libby: So, you're saying you know where Sheen is?
Jimmy: Yep, thanks to our new friends.
(camera points to Sally and her fairies)
Sally: Sally Amber, I was forced to make the paint balls. Boys, huh?
Libby: Ugh, no kidding!
Cindy: They can be very manipulating.
(Jimmy, Carl and Stan make a glare)
Libby: Some boys.
Eliza: Let me put the paint out for you.
(POOF!;the paint disappears from Cindy and Libby leaving them with clean faces)
Cindy: That's more like it.
Sally: So, now that we've exchange pleasantries and all, what do you say we all team up to find your friend, Sheen?
All: Yeah!
(It's Jimmy Neutron Time plays as everyone modifies Jimmy's rocket)
♪Go Jimmy Jimmy♪
♪That's the voice I hear inside♪
♪Everybody let's bounce♪
♪Straight up come along for the ride♪
♪Go Jimmy Jimmy♪
♪To the rescue through the big blue sky♪
♪Be back before I leave♪
♪It's Jimmy Neutron time♪
(music still continues as Carl talks to Jimmy)
Carl: I sure hope Sheen's okay.
Jimmy: Knowing him, he always finds a away to get out of trouble. I'm sure he'll take care of himself just fine.
Carl: I guess you're right.
Jimmy: Next stop, Planet Zeenu! (back thrusts turns on) Blast off!
(the rocket launches as Jimmy and the gang fly to space)
Sally looks down excited, Carl looks down too but looks back up after being scared, Libby listens to music and Cindy and Jimmy look at the sky and briefly look at each other romantically until they both opened their eyes wide and look away from each other making Jimmy continue to focus flying the rocket)
♪Go Jimmy Jimmy♪
♪That's the voice I hear inside♪
♪Everybody let's bounce♪
♪Straight up come along for the ride♪
♪Go Jimmy Jimmy♪
♪To the rescue through the big blue sky♪
♪Be back before I leave♪
♪It's Jimmy Neutron time♪

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