Jimmy + Timmy Power Hour 5 is the 5th Jimmy and Timmy crossover and a fanmade crossover.


Timmy Turner




Jimmy Neutron

Trixie Tang

Cindy Vortex





Mr. Turner

Mrs. Turner

Mr. Neutron

Mrs. Neutron

Phineas Flynn (cameo)

Ferb Fletcher (cameo)

Goddard Neutron




Fairy World

Turner house

Neutron house

Jimmy's Lab

Danville (cameo)

and more...


One day in Fairy World, Timmy Turner was in a roller coaster there with Cosmo, Wanda, Cupid and Poof. Meanwhile, Jimmy Neutron was in Retroville calling every builder in different dimensions that he could think of. Like, cats that are called Kats from Kat Planet. Jimmy kept calling evrybody. He called someone again. And someone answered. "Hello? Is this an inventor?" Jimmy asked. In Danville Ferb Fletcher answered. He gave the phone to Phineas Flynn. "This is an inventor right?" Jimmy asked again. The phone answered yes. Back in Fairy World, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof got off the roller coaster and poofed back to Timmy's room. When they got there, Timmy remembered something again! "Oh, how I miss you, Cindy Voretex" Timmy said. Then Timmy had an idea. "Guys! I wish I was in Retroville again!" Timmy said. "Wet wo will?" Poof asked. "No, Retroville my boy" Wanda said. Cosmo and Wanda held their wands in the air and they poofed to Retroville. AJ and Chester walked past Timmy's house. "What's all that smoke?" Chester asked. "Is that a portal?" AJ asked. "Maybe, Timmy is doing a science project" Chester suggested. "Let's investigate!" AJ said. They rushed into Timmy's house. Back at Retroville, Jimmy said "Oh wait, what about AJ?" Jimmy called AJ's cell phone number. AJ answered. "Is this, AJ?" Jimmy asked. "Yes..." AJ said. When Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof poofed there, Goddard was there to greet them. "Hey Goddard, my boy!" Timmy said happily. Goddard rushed to Jimmy and the Dimmsdale gang rushed behind. The inventing contest already started when Timmy got there so they had to sneak past the inventors. Some people stared hard at Cosmo, Wanda and Poof when they past them. Finally AJ and Chester got to Timmy's room. They saw a portal. But before Chester could enter, a robot came out saying, "Inventors only!" "DARN!" Chester said.

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