"Quintin, stop doing that weird dance" -Jenna Seesponges

Jenna Seesponges
Jenna make rest, practice and play soccer is tiring...
Gender: Female
Species: Sea Sponge
Age: 12

1 (Baby Seesponges)

Birthday: May 23, 2000
Personal Information
  Grace Suspect

Other girls at her school

  Francis Cornfish

and his friends.

  Soccer Practice

Defeating Francis Cornfish

Mr. Seesponges (Father)

Mrs. Seesponges (Mother)

Grandpa Seesponges (Grandfather)

Grandma Seesponges (Grandmother)

Connor Seesponges (Brother)

Quintin Seesponges (Brother)

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Incorrect Spelling (Pilot)

A Large Problem! (Official)

Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Jenna Seesponges is one of Mr. Seesponge's kids. She has 2 brothers named Connor and Quintin. She is one of the 3 main characters of Fairly OddSeesponges, Connor being more known.

Early Life

Jenna was born May 23, 2000. She went to See Angeles Preschool and liked to do Arts and Crafts. In elementary school, she got Straight A's and only 1 B in third grade. 5th Grade was great for her and Jenna had a lot of fun.


Jenna is extremely nice to her two brothers and is with Connor during Soccer Practice in which they are both on the same team (It is a Boy's and Girl's soccer team). She likes all of the nice girls at her school. Jenna doesn't talk that very often.


Jenna is 4'9, just like Connor. She wears a pink T-shirt with black soccer shorts (she is busy with Soccer practice but still has time to do homework and relax).


Connor Seesponges

Jenna and Connor go on adventures in almost every single episode. They respect each other a lot and do whatever it takes to stop the bullies at See Angeles Middle School.

Quintin Seesponges

Jenna and Quintin rarely make contact with each other and Jenna sometimes hates Quintin when he does a weird dance with weird noises.

Her Parents

Jenna never gets grounded by her parents and her parents love her very much.


She respects all nice people and despises mean people.


Ever since kindergarten, Connor and Jenna have been defeating Francis Cornfish.


Jenna knows some martial arts and that helps her with defeating Francis Cornfish.


  • Soccer Practice
  • Defeating Francis Cornfish



  • She has earned 15 different trophies.
  • Jenna once ran 1 mile without stopping to walk.
  • Once in a while, she pays chess with her mom for hours and hours until they see who's a clear winner.
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