Jaden Seesponges
Gender: Male
Species: Seesponges
Age: 53

Jaden Seesponges is a member of the Seesponges Family. He is 53 years old like Denzel Crocker. He is Mr. Seesponges brother. He is also Jenna, Connor, Quintin, and Danny's Uncle.



Jaden is not in this photo but he is playing with Tangy.

Jaden is nice to everyone, even Tangy. He hates mean people and has them as his enemy. He has Mr. Turner as his best friend.


Jaden wears a T-Shirt with a surfboard on it with green soccer shorts. He is 6'2, which is somewhat tall compared to most of the Seesponges family. He also made the fastest mile time in the whole Seesponges Family.
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