Jacelyn Magnifico
Jacelyn Magnifico
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Age: Immortal
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Purple
Personal Information
  Helper to Juandissimo
  Buxaplenty Mansion
  Miss Stupid
  Timmy Turner
Production Information
Voiced by:
Jill Talley

Jacelyn Magnifico is Ra'kayla Buxaplenty 's narcisstic fairy godparent, and the current girlfriend of Cupid.


Jacelyn is a hispanic fairy first introduced as a side-villain working alongside Ra'kayla Buxaplenty, an enemy of Ta-Leah Turner's. Cabe and Wade were reluctant to provide any information on Ra'kayla's fairy, who was disguised as a purple ferret, until she wished that they would. Wade revealed that Jacelyn Magnifico was his ex-girlfriend. Throughout the series, Jacelyn goes from a villain, to a minor annoyance, to somewhat of a friend to Ta-Leah and her fairies.


She looks just like a mix of Wanda and Blonda, except her eye shadow is a mix of black and purple, and her hair is black. She also has the same skin color as Juandissimo. Her shirt is also white, and she wears the standard fairy pants. Her eyes and earrings are also purple.


Jacelyn often compliments Wade, as she's still infatuated with him and constantly tries to get him back. Cabe is extremely jealous of her as she makes attempts to steal him . She is known to pull her tight white shirts down to show off the top halves of her breasts, sometimes even several times consecutively after she poofs them back up. She works as a formerly well sought-after (by various male fairies) helper to specific massage practitioners. Jacelyn seems to be an infamously bad cook, for as one of Jacey's punishments for Ra'kayla was that she could keep Jacelyn on the condition that she eats only her cooking. Jacelyn's extremely jealous of Blonda, since she is Juandissimo's wife, and Jacelyn is extremely close to and overprotective of Juandissimo. Jacelyn thinks Blonda hates both of them, and only married Juandissimo for the pleasure of making Jacelyn extremely jealous. However, that thought is false. Jacelyn currently serves as a main villain, as she hates Wanda for being the former love interest of Juandissimo, for Juandissimo pays more attention to his love interests than Jacelyn. Cosmo, extremely overprotective of Wanda as he is, often serves as a bad enemy to Jacelyn. Jacelyn was permanently scarred when realizing Juandissimo was dating and paid more attention to his date, who was Wanda (then it was blonda who juandissimo would soon marry). As revenge, she often sabotages any romantic moments between Wanda or Blonda and another guy, driving Cosmo, Timmy, Wanda, Blonda, Remy, and Poof to hate her. She is just considered a minor annoyance to Juandissimo, but if he wasn't her brother, he'd also hate her, driving her to be unpopular in Fairyworld, Pixies Inc., and Abracatraz. However, before she was bestowed upon that scar hiding in her, she was very popular, liked by even the Anti-Fairies, especially Anti-Cosmo, but this was mainly for her beautiful appearance.

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