Ivy Ibrahim is A.J.'s twin sister who is african.

Ivy Kinkle.jpg
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Age same as A.J.
Homeworld Earth
Residence Upper Dimmsdale
Parents A.j.'s Mom

A.J.'s Dad

Siblings A.J.
Production Information
First Appearance Double Date
Voiced by Cree Summer


Ivy wears a Blue white-striped hoodie (with a blue T-shirt underneath), black seatpants, and black shoes, topped with a cherry red cap

Ivy's hair is usually seen in a ponytail braid, but on some occasions (more often than not), her hair is seen untied.


Ivy is like your typical, smart, candy addicted, street smart pre-teen. In her debut appearence, she transferred to Dimmdale Elementary School, specificlly Timmy's class, and quickly made friends. Ivy is the smartest of the gang, and the smartest kid at Dimmsdale Elementary (next to AJ). She also is attractive, because Andre of EPKFATH tried to flirt with Ivy, and failed.

She Debuted in the episode Double Date where she transferred from boarding school, to Dimmsdale Elementary. She was going to come along as a third wheel to one of A.J. and Charlotte's dates. this was until Timmy decided to come along as Ivy's date. Timmy wanted to impress Ivy, so he dressed up as a phat with sunglasses, gold chains, and sparkling outfits. Later at the end of the date, Ivy tells Timmy that he didn't need to dress like that, and he was fine the way he was. 


Agent 5


  • Ivy bears resemblence to Numbuh 5 from Codename KND, both i9n appearence and personality


Ivy Kinkle.jpg

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