• In the future, Ivan, Timmy and their friends would often threaten their kids and/or nephews to send them to Vicky's Day Care if they misbehave.
  • Ivan and his fairy godparents don't appear in the crossover episodes nor "A Mile In Popularity's Shoes", although Ivan is mentioned in that episode.
  • Ivan has the same birthday as Tootie, and the same birthday as the fanfic's creator, WikiaIvan1997.
  • Ivan was originally going to be voiced by Justin Roiland, the same voice actor that did his teen and adult voices, using the same voice as Morty in Rick and Morty, but then WikiaIvan1997 decided to get a different voice actor for Ivan - Kath Soucie, the voice of Phil, Lil and their mother Betty DeVille in Rugrats, alongside other various roles.
  • Before he and Chloe lost their fairies, Ivan's last wish was to end world hunger.
  • Ivan's least favorite holiday is April Fools Day, as revealed in "A Foolish Mistake".


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