"Timmy, why do you freak out when a new neighbor comes in?"
"If there's one thing I hate, it's mean babysitters."
"(disguised as Mark Chang) Don't worry, Mandie. I've changed. I promise that I'll never leave you at the altar ever again."
"Well, at least my dad's scream sounds less girly than your dad's, Timmy."
"(deadpan) OK, if you're Trixie, (puts on Timmy's pink hat) then I'm Timmy."
"Viewers of Fairy World, do my improvised antics make me popular? Of course they do! But is everyone gonna be happy that I replaced Dr. Poof Everwish? I say absolutely not! Sure, he was a freak, but some people found him appealing! And this is why I decide to quit the show, and no network's gonna stop me! It may be for the better, or for the worse, you're the judge here. But, the truth is, I starred in this show not because of the audition, but because I loved Blonda. I mean, think about it, if it wasn't for her, All My Biceps wouldn't have been a thing! As popular as I was, I still think that Blonda deserves way more credit than I do. I wish the writers of the show didn't include me in the upcoming season, whenever that's gonna happen. And this is why I decided to give this Zappy award to Blonda. I know how it feels, when you acted hard all these years and you haven't even won a single Zappy for it. And in my opinion, she honestly deserves at least one Zappy award."
"I can't believe it! It's you! T.V.'s Adam West!"
"He's... gone? I really need to watch the news more often. So, who are you?"
"It's like I'm hearing reverse puberty from the sound of your voice, clip by clip."
"Hey, it would've worked out if Carly was five years younger and Timmy was five years older. (Tootie glares) What? I'm just saying."
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