IO;SMC Title Card

The Title Card

It's Valentine's Day again, much to Foop's dismay.

With his father pushing him to find a girlfriend to help with his future ruling, he only can think of one girl for the job.

His cousin.


Valentine's Day has hit both Pixie World and Anti-Fairy world. All of their inhabitants seem to be infected with some sort of gross love-virus, making Foop nearly sick to his stomach. In a weird way.

Being 15, hormones were hitting him harder than they were hitting his 12 year old cousin, whom he was starting to find attractive.

Being...well, 12, she was confused by his advances towards her. Because Sidney sucks lel.


Cartman steals Cupid's Love-Arrows to fulfill his fantasy of becoming Cupid. He accidentally shootsAnti-Rosemary

Random Foopney pictures


Sidney loves you

Foop n sid by invaderugli-d5sc7ai

Anime Foop and Sidney

Foopney by invaderugli-d5grbdw


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