It's Girls Night Now performed by Mandie and every female in Dimmsdale she's possessed.


Mandie: This could be quite the place♪
♪Full of wholesome happy faces♪
Dolores: Hanging out♪
Martha: Feeling fine♪
Connie: Where everyone's a friend of mine♪
Martha: Inside this evil joint♪
♪Every guest get's to the point♪
All: This day you live in infamy♪
Tootie: A world of men is history♪
(everyone makes an evil laugh)
All: It's girl's night now♪
♪It's girl's night now♪
♪In the back you can't ignore♪
Connie: Shut the windows♪
Dolores: Lock the door♪
All: It's girl's night now♪
Mandie: There's no escape from Mandie♪
♪You're just a bunch of ants♪
♪Go on run, take your try♪
♪I'll come and scare your pants♪
♪You've had your fun♪
♪You've did your play♪
♪But every rodent has its day♪
(instrumental solo; Timantha, Chloe and fairies outrunning the possessed females)
All: It's girl's night now♪
♪Join the fun with no regret♪
♪Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed♪
(The girls jumped inside a manhole escaping)
♪It's girl's night now♪
(It's a boy free zone)
♪It's girl's night now♪

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