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Dealing with the Veronica and Timmy clones

Gary: Irina, we have a problem.
Irina: What is it?
Gary: Ever since you've started that "We Hate Veronica" club, there have been numerous cases of Timmy clones slacking off. Look!
(Gary points to Timmy clones, who are being kissed by Veronica clones)
Gary: (to Timmy clones) You! Why aren't you working?
Timmy clone: We all deserve a break every once in a while, especially when we all have girlfriends of our own.
Veronica clone: Timmy's right!
Irina: (sigh) Let me deal with this. (to Veronica clones) How 'bout instead of a tip, I'd give you a broken nose and black eye? (to Timmy clones) And you, boys, get back to work if you don't wanna end up like your girlfriends!
Timmy clones: (panicking) Sir, yes, ma'am!