Imaginary Irina image
Gender: Female
Species: Imaginary Friend
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Green
Personal Information
  Unwish Island
  Ivan Prestonovich (formerly)
Timmy Turner (formerly)
Tad and Chad
Denzel Crocker
Dark Laser
Imaginary Gary
The Pumpkinator
Super Bike
Super Toilet
The Sphinx
  Timmy Turner
Timantha Turner
Ivan Prestonovich
Chloe Carmichael
Chester McBadbat
Trixie Tang
Love Interests:
  Ivan Prestonovich (formerly)
Imaginary Gary
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Imaginary Irina"
Last Appearance:
  "Keep Your Enemies Closer"
Voiced by:
Jennifer Hale

Imaginary Irina (Irina) is a minor villain in The All New Fairly OddParents!. She is an imaginary person who used to be Ivan Prestonovich's best friend/girlfriend, until Ivan abandoned her after finding real friends.


"Imaginary" Irina was Ivan's imaginary friend before Ivan had fairies, she was later turned real by Ivan's wish. After Ivan met real friends such as Chester, Timmy and A.J., and getting a real girlfriend, Veronica, he stopped playing with Irina, and locked her away in his mind. Irina was left heartbroken, and resented Ivan for this, and one day after Ivan wished Irina into existence, she revealed that she was furious at Ivan after being alone for all that time and for getting a real girlfriend. She wanted to get rid of his girlfriend, so that they could be together again, but decided to spare Veronica when Irina fell in love with Timmy's imaginary friend, Gary. When they went to Unwish Island, Irina formed a club "We Hate Veronica", in addition to Timmy clones, there are also Veronica clones, created thanks to the Magic Copy Machine that Ivan allowed to use for Irina. The Veronica clones not only acted as girlfriends for every Timmy clone on the Unwish Island, but much like their real counterpart, also acted as punching bags and volleyballs for the unwishes.


Irina has short orange hair, with a hairstyle similar to Ms. Keane from the Powerpuff Girls. She wears a pink shirt over a black jacket, blue short jeans, yellow leggings and red shoes. She shares the same nose shape as Ivan. Irina's voice is similar to Princess Morbucks from the Powerpuff Girls, albeit slightly lower and less shrill sounding.


Irina shares some of the personality traits that Ivan has, such as pronounced stutter and being averagely smart. She often flirts with Ivan. Much like Trixie Tang, Irina asks the boys to tell her that she's pretty. She really likes hanging out with other boys, especially Tad and Chad. Much like Tootie's crush on Timmy, Irina also has a crush on Gary, Timmy's imaginary friend. She tries to keep her cool even when she is in extreme danger from things caused by Ivan and Timmy.
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