In the Future, There Will Be Fairies/Quotes

(Ivan's House; Ivan sitting in his bed)
Ivan: I've been thinking.
Astronov and Neptunia: About what?
Ivan: My future. I mean, sure it's a long time from now, but I just wish I could see what might happen with my own eyes, that way I'll make sure I don't end up a bitter middle-aged man with a hump.
Astronov: We can help with that.
(Astronov and Neptunia raise their wands;Poof; a simulation machine appears)
Ivan: Woah, what's this?
Neptunia: You don't know what this is?
Ivan: Uh, no.
Neptunia: Neither do I.
Astronov: (sigh) It's a simulation machine. You can use it to any advantage, like, seeing the future for instance.
Ivan: Alright! (hops on the simulation machine and activates it) Next stop, the future!
(machine starts; Ivan surrounded in a digital background until it turns into a simulation of futuristic Dimmsdale; Ivan looks around)
Ivan: This... is... amazing! I'm actually in a simulation of the Dimmsdale of the future.
(Astronov and Neptunia poof up)
Neptunia: It does look pretty bright.
Astronov: Even the grass smells realistic. (sniffs the grass) and pleasant.
Ivan: Let's go check more of this place. Hopefully, we might find our future selves.

(Ivan's room; Timmy and his fairies walked in)
Timmy: Ivan, you here? Hope you remember our plan to go to the Dimmsdale Derby this afternoon. Hey, what's this?
Cosmo: It looks like some kind of... messed up looking computer with psychic energy.
Wanda: No, Cosmo, it's more like a simulation machine.
Timmy: Ivan must have wished for it. Question is, why?
Poof: Maybe he wants to see what his future would look like.
Timmy: (sees Ivan and fairies inside the simulation screen) You're right, Poof. Let's go with him.
Wanda: Now, Timmy, we mustn't interfere. Ivan must have made a personal wish for himself. We don't want to be burdens of his own wi...
Timmy: I wish we were inside Ivan's simulation.
Wanda: Oh, why do I even try to explain things?
(Timmy and his fairies poof to Ivan's simulation)
(Timmy and his fairies appear near Ivan and his fairies)
Ivan: Timmy? What are you doing here?
Timmy: We were just in the neighborhood and wanted to say, YOU'VE BUILT A SIMULATION MACHINE AND DIDN'T ASK ME TO JOIN? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?
Ivan: Calm down! I wanted to tell you, but I've got a little impressed of what I am seeing.
Timmy: I'll admit, this does look fascinating. Wonder who we're gonna see.
Poof: Hey, look over there. Is that...
(Future Veronica seen walking to her house)
Ivan: That's Veronica from the future.
Timmy: Wow, I almost didn't recognize her. She seems so relaxed.
Cosmo: And beautiful.
Astronov: And hot.
(Wanda and Neptunia scowl at their husbands)
Cosmo and Astronov: Other than the love of my life.
(Wanda and Neptunia smile)
(everyone looks inside and sees a girl)
Wanda: Who's she? She looks like Veronica now, but shorter.
Future Veronica: Any word on your tryouts, Jessica?
Poof: She must be Veronica's daughter.
Jessie: I am in! In fact, they are so impressed, they've let me be top leading cheerleader.
Future Veronica: Well, for your sake, your cheerleading will go even better than mine.
Future Ivan: I'm home.
Future Veronica: And how's my undercover cop?
Future Ivan: In a successful state that we are all going to a family vacation for your choosing.
Future Veronica: Oh, Ivan, how did I ever get so lucky to have a courageous husband like you?
(both kiss)
Jessie: Well, if you need me, I'll be over there - barfing. (walks out)
Ivan: Wow! I cannot wait for the future.
Neptunia: And who knows? You might be a free man doing the things you've always wanted with Veronica, skydiving while kissing...
Ivan: (muttering)
Neptunia: Going to late night parties...
Ivan: Ah... ah...
Neptunia: And romantically watching movies at night. Eh, the kind of movies when your future child is in bed that is.
(Ivan making a drooling wave with his mouth)
Timmy: (closes Ivan's mouth) I think you've said enough, Neptunia. So, any ideas of whats my future going to be like?
Poof: Let's go to your house and see.

(Timmy's House)
(everyone looks through the windows and sees a woman with her daughter)
Astronov: Hey, that must be the future Trixie with her daughter.
Timmy: That means, I will be married to Trixie Tang. This simulation you wished for just gets better and better.
Tammy: Mommy, when is daddy gonna come back?
Future Woman: He'll come home, sweetie, (turns around revealing her face) he's picking up your half-brother from your mom-in-law Trixie's house.
Timmy: Wait. That's not Trixie. I recognize those purple eyes without the diva-shaped glasses from anyone. (gasp) Tootie Miller is my future wife?! (twitching noise)
Ivan: Hold your horses, T. She did say that your future daughter has a half-brother which means that Trixie could be your future potential spouse.
Timmy: Yeah, I suppose you're right.
Ivan: And who knows, maybe someday, Tootie might get over her habit of stalking you. Nobody can act the same way forever.
(future Timmy with Tommy gets out of the car)
Tommy: But, dad, what's the machine for when it comes to newborn babies?
Future Timmy: I'll tell you when you're older. Now let's get inside. Your mother-in-law Tootie has planned a perfect family trip for all of us.
(Timmy, Ivan and fairies look through the window and see the family make a big hug)
Timmy: You know Ivan, thinking of what you said, maybe I could give it a try. But just risking the fact that Vicky might be my future sister-in-law just gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Cosmo: Maybe we should see what Ivan's simulation has in store for Vicky.
Ivan: I can't believe I'm saying this, but, good idea, Cosmo. C'mon.

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