Twinda: What are you doing, Wanda! I'm a chef! Not a fairy godparents!

Wanda: Really?! How about Hannah?

Twinda: I-I love to be your g-godparents and I want you can't sle-ep like m-me! [laughs maniacally].

8th years-old Vicky: I think she is not Twinda, but she is TwinBies! Run!

Timmy: I wish everything back to normal!

Twinda: Na'ah! I'm a crazy-crazy godparents who cannot SLEEP!!! [her head is changed into a dragon head].

Wanda: Oh great. Now my sister is insomniac.

Timmy: Don't worry Wanda. We can makes Twinda back to normal.

Cosmo: Yes! [giving Twinda 100 cups of coffee]

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