Imaginary Irina
Season 2, Episode 4
Imaginary Irina.png
Written by WikiaIvan1997
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Imaginary Irina is the fourth episode of the second season and the fifty fourth episode overall of The All New Fairly OddParents!.

Rating - TV-PG


Ivan remembers that he had an imaginary friend/girlfriend named Irina. So, he wished for Imaginary Irina to be real, but things get worse when Imaginary Irina wants revenge on Ivan for abandoning her when Ivan finds a real girlfriend. Ivan can't even unwish her because Irina is from his imagination, and thus she is part of him, allowing Irina to make wishes too. Timmy and Ivan must now find a way to prevent Irina from getting revenge on Ivan before she eliminates him as an act of vengeance.



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