"Uggg..." Travis said as he sighed. Travis soon started singing.

"Seems everywhere I turn there's harsh reality. I'm only 10 years old and I'm way too young to be this disappointed with the way things are I've had it with this place and I'd be better off by far if... I lived in TV!"

Soon Travis' pet platypus,Plato and Platson, jumped on Travis.

"In the company of three! If I lived in TV! Everybody would love me."

Plato and Platson disapear and lots of Travis' friends hug him.

"If I lived in TV!"

Travis teleports to a running track and strarts running bionicly.

"I would run bionicly!"

Travis stops running.

"So maybe I'll go where the cool guys all go "Aaaaaay!' Or with the weatherman, on a show that's filmed today!'"

Travis suddenly appears with weather man. "Why, Hello Travis!" the weather man said. "Hi" Travis said bored.

"You know that up is what I never grow."

Travis teleports to future and starts staring at his future self and his son.

"So here's the top ten reason I should go and....Live Inside TV!

Travis goes to the store and buys the letter "E".

"I could by the letter "E"!"

Travis gets the lead role in a Saturday night comdey.

"If I Lived in TV! And do a Saturday night comdey."

Tavis appears with all his human friends. (excluding ones from other dimensions)

"If I Lived in TV! My loser friends could hang with me"

Travis becomes an English talent scout.

Perhaps I'll become an English talent scout."

Travis turns into a cartoonic platypus. After a minute he turns back in a human.

"If I Lived in TV! No Mom,No James, and No Big Lance! If I Lived in TV! Then that would be a thing to see."

Travis sighs.

"If only I could live in TV. If I lived in TV!!!"

The television suddenly starting sucking Travis into the TV. "Ahh! What's happening?!?!" Travis said not knowing what was going on. Travis suddenly found himself at Dimmsdale. "Hmm...this is the second cartoonic universe I've been to." Travis said remembering the time he visited Danville. Travis walked over to Timmy's house and knocked on the door. Timmy answered the door. "Hi!" Timmy said. "Hey Timmy! Can I come in?" Travis asked politley. "Sure"

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