The Song Written by FlowerBloom

Flowerbloom: I love Flowers, I love flowers, I Love flowers! They are so Beautiful! All the colors of the Rainbow, Oh so Pretty! (smells a daisy, then a rose, then a tulip)

The Flowers: La La, La, La La La la la la! We love Flowerbloom, She loves us!

Flowerbloom: Lovely blooms of colors, Growing faster than lightning! Bloom, Bloom, Bloom! (Flowers start to grow all around Flowerbloom)

Flowerbloom Callie: Little sprouts, Full of fun and joy, How I wish I could be like you, Sprouting at a rapid rate, All covered with dew!

The Flowers: We are so beautiful, So pretty and masculine, Join us Flowerbloom, Join us! We are all so full of Glee!

Flowerbloom Callie: Oh Flowers, I daydream throughout the day, So free, So dewey, So full of love! Oh how I wish to join you!

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