A song by Angel Callie that spoofs Britney Spears's "I Wanna Go".

Before song...

Angel: (stands up for her speech for class president)...And's that is why you should vote for me as Class President!

Angel: Ok any questions?

Elf kid: Angel, is it true that you are in love with Pentrenellisteniso?

Angel: Why would I tell you?

Pentrenellistheniso: I heard that!

Felicia WingGlider: Angel, are you a total coward? `Cause you look like one to me.

Angel: No, and your uniform makes you look fat!

Lots of kids: ANGEL ANGEL ANGEL!

Angel: I'm out, peace!

In song

Angel: (wearing a tulle, swim suit, and sunglasses) Lately people have been asking what I have done in the past few years when I'm busy...

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