I Love Christmas is a song performed by the kids and fairies as they go out of school to celebrate Christmas in "How the Martin Stole Wishmas".


Tommy: ♪I love Christmas, it's a magical word♪
Greg: ♪I love Christmas, makes me feel fully stirred♪
Marty: ♪Watch the snowing sky while singing like a bird♪
D.J.: ♪It's my favorite holiday, not the second, nor the third♪
Timmy: ♪A wonderful time of year to spend with friends and fam-i-ly♪
Jessie: ♪The holiday's nearly here (to Tommy) and I have something special for you and me♪
Neptunia: ♪The presents for the children are a real ringer♪ (looks at Astronov)
Astronov: (speaks) I told you, dear, I'm not a good singer.
Sunny: ♪A Christmas of the generation♪
Juandissimo: (flex) With love!
Blonda: ♪And anticipation♪
C.J.: ♪Santa's coming on Christmas Eve♪
Cosmo: (as a horse) Let's get moving!
Tommy: (as his Dad and Tootie watch questionably) ♪Says... my talking horse, Steve♪
Tammy: ♪Which he happens to purchase on the internet♪
♪ No need for questions, I see the decorations are set♪
Vicky: ♪A waste of money for me♪
♪ But surely you won't see♪
♪ A pint of joy in you might soon turn and flee♪
Mitzie: ♪The day will soon come♪
Marty: ♪Da dee dum♪
Otto: (speaks) I got fruitcake. Want some?
Marty: ♪Blah bleh blum♪
Wanda: ♪Prepare yourselves, it's almost here♪
All: ♪Our most wonderful magical time of the year♪

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