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(Dimmsdale Elementary School; Timmy and Timantha check their lockers, Ivan and Trixie walk over to Timmy and Timantha)
Trixie: Hi, Timmy, tell me I'm pretty!
Ivan: Hey, Timmy and Timantha.
Timmy: Hey, Ivan, and a special pretty hello to Trixie.
Ivan: And speaking of special, Timmy, Trixie's got a surprise for you. Close your eyes and pucker up.
Timantha: Doesn't this sound suspiciously like a prank?
Ivan: Just trust me. I think Timmy'll like it.
Timmy: Okay.
(Timmy closes his eyes and puckers up his lips; Trixie kisses Timmy on the lips and electrocutes him, making Timmy's hair rise up; Ivan laughs)
Timantha: I knew this was a strangely elaborate prank...
Ivan: Gotcha! (laughs) Now that's what I call a shocking kiss!
Timmy: Good thing I don't live in a world full of puns. I've heard of joy buzzers for hands, but for lips?
Ivan: This isn't the real Trixie, Timmy. (pushes a button on Trixie's back, revealing her as a robot version of Trixie) It's a robot Trixie!
Timmy: Wasn't she one of those destroyed robots that I saw a while back?
Ivan: Yes. This time, I managed to build a working version of the robot, and this time, she's not piloted by a fairy. I've brought this over as a school project for show-and-tell that Crocker's planning today. I've also got a robot version of Tootie in the garage, but I've decided to bring robot Trixie along with me.
Timmy: Good thing you didn't bring robot Tootie here, otherwise I'll be running away from her!
Robot Trixie: I'm sorry about electrocuting you, Timmy.
Timmy: At least robot Trixie is nicer than the real one. The real Trixie never apologizes for anything she does to dump me!
Timantha: Maybe she'll come to her senses someday, big brother. Nobody can act like a jerk forever. Besides, Trixie's not overly evil like Vicky.
Timmy: That's true.
Ivan: I hope this will be enough to impress Crocker and not give me an F.
Neptunia: (as Ivan's pencil case) Especially since you've built it yourself, without our help!
Astronov: Well, almost without our help, since we gave him the parts Ivan wished for.
Timmy: I don't have high hopes for it. You know how Crocker usually acts.

(Crocker's classroom)
Crocker: Thank you, A.J., you get an A. Ivan Prestonovich, would you care to come up and bore us with whatever you dragged into school today?
Ivan: With pleasure. Fellow students, I present to you robot Trixie, which I've built myself.
(students gasp in amazement)
Trixie: That robot looks really uncanny!
Ivan: I'll take that as compliment. My robot can also transform into the real Trixie. (pushes a button on robot Trixie, enabling her human disguise)
Students: Wow...
Trixie: It's like looking into a mirror.
Ivan: Exactly. Can you tell the difference? Neither can I.
Timmy: Wow, I'm seeing double! Which one's the real Trixie?
Trixie: I'm sitting at the desk beside yours.
Timantha: We know.
(Ivan pushes a button on the back of robot Trixie, turning her back into robot form)
Ivan: Robot Trixie, do your best impression of Trixie.
Robot Trixie: I am a very popular and shallow girl who likes Timmy only on a few occasions when he meets my desires and then I dump him sometimes for no good reason.
(the real Trixie is shocked; crickets)
Ivan: Did I mention that my robot is also brutally honest?
Trixie: While your robot does a very good impression of my voice, that was a rather harsh statement. I don't act like that. I may be popular, but I'm not shallow!
Ivan: I'll sort it out later when I get the robot back home.
Crocker: Very nice, Ivan, but I have a question: did you make this robot using, say, magic?
Ivan: No. Check out my hands. (close-up of Ivan's greasy hands) See the grease? I worked hard on my robot.
Crocker: Then where'd you get all this stuff to make your own robot version of Trixie with a holographic disguise and a spot-on impression of her voice?
Ivan: Uhh...internet?
Crocker: Well, then, here's your grade: an F! (gives Ivan paper with the letter F in red)
Ivan: Good thing my robot doubles as a paper shredder. (puts his F grade in robot Trixie's mouth, who then shreds Ivan's grade; Crocker stamps the letter F on Ivan's head) Ow!
Crocker: I'm just making sure that F stays on your head.
(Ivan groans and turns off his robot)

Ivan: I wish Timmy was a robot!
(Astronov & Neptunia activate their wands, "ROBOTICIZE!". Timmy then turns into a robot)
Timantha: Wow, Timmy, you look... more metallic than ever!
Timmy: Thanks, sis. But why would I have to be a robot exactly?
Wanda: You see, sport, since you're now a robot made from very durable titanium, nothing can hurt you.

Ivan: Hey, let's test out a refrigerator magnet on him!
Astronov: Ivan, I don't think you should do that.
Ivan: Oh, come on, what's the worst thing that could happen?
(Ivan puts a magnet on Timmy's head causing an electrical surge in his head)
Timmy: (waving arms around in a panic) Get it off. Get it off! GET IT... (his eyes turn into music notes) uh-oh. ♪ Oooh, Ember ♪
♪ You will remember ♪
(Cosmo & Wanda's fishbowl breaks)
Wanda: NO! Our fishbowl!
Timantha: (while Timmy is singing) Turn it off! I can't stand his singing!
Ivan: But how?
Timantha: Try taking that magnet off!
Ivan: Okay.
Timmy: ♪ ...so warm and tender ♪
♪ You will remember my name ♪
(Ivan takes the magnet off, Timmy's eyes turn back to normal)
Timantha: That's better.
Timmy: (panting) Keep those things off of me! Magnets screw up my inhibition unit!
Ivan: So you flip out and start acting like some crazy, tone deaf rockstar?
Timmy: Yes. I guess an average robot that no one understands would have to be crazy to wanna be a rockstar.
Tootie: (off-screen, chanting) Timmy! Timmy! Timmy!
Timmy: Knock it off, Tootie! Who said anything about me wanting to become a rockstar?
Cosmo: Uh, you did, Timmy.
Timmy: Who do you think I am, Ember McLain? How ridiculous!

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