I'm a Kitty Cat is a song from The Grim Adventures of Timmy and Tootie.The song is a parody of Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract.The song is sung by Timmy,Tootie and Grim.


Timmy (rapping): I'm M.C. Timmy on the rap so mic it

Here's a little story and you're sure to like it

So don't be a dummy, don't be a fool cuz Tootie's 'bout sing like, Paula Abdul

Tootie: Baby seems we never ever agree you like the movies and I like T.V.

Timmy: I take thing serious and you take 'em light

Tootie: I go to bed early

Grim: And I party all night

Timmy and Tootie: Our friends are sayin' we ain't gonna last

Tootie: Cuz I move slowly

Grim: And baby I'm fast

Tootie: I like it quiet

Timmy: And I love to shout

All Three: But when we get together It just all works out

Timmy and Tootie: We take--2 steps forward

Grim: I take--2 steps back

Timmy: We come together

Grim: Cuz I'm a Kitty Cat

All Three: And you know--it ain't fiction

Grim: Just a natural fact

All Three: We come together

Grim: Cuz I'm a Kitty Cat

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