I'm Glad to Know You is the first ever song in Kirby Quest. This song is used in the episode Kirby in Dimsdale that shows how glad Timmy and Kirby are now that they are together.

Kirby: I never felt this way before.

Timmy: I think not.

Kirby: Oh you should know. But now my life is complete with you by my side.

Both: Everything will be alright from here on then. I'm glad to know you.

Kirby: You know I am.

Timmy: Duh. Tell me how you come here in the first place.

Kirby: Okay then. It was a long story, I'll just cut to the chase. I was sleeping on a star in space. When, a rock destroyed it and I hurdled into you.

Both': And then from that moment on, our friebdship begins  on. I'm glad you're hear. Right next to me. I'm really glaaaaad to know... yooooouuuuu.

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