I'm Cute for You! is a song sung by Tootie in Return of the Musical: Vicky's Evil Plot!


Tootie: I'm the one everybody wants to see!
I'm cute for you, boy;
I'm as cute as can be!
I'm adorable, lovable,
I'm cute and oh-so kissable!
I've done everything I could to make you love me!
I'm cute for you,
You know it's true, Timmy!
I'm on the cover of every magazine!
You might think I'm vain...

Timmy: Not at all, my dear.

Tootie: You might think I'm a pain!

Trixie: You are, my dear.

Tootie: But I assure you I'm just me!
I'm just being honest,
I'm oh-so modest!
I'm cute, and beautiful!

Timmy: This song is really long.

Chester: Though nothing seems quite wrong.

Tootie: I'm cute...
There is no dispute!
My picture is in the dictionary,
With the definition of cute!

Timmy: Cutie Tootie is So Cute!
Cute, Cute, Cute, TOO CUTE!

Tootie: I'm cute for you!

Timmy: Cute, cute cute!
Oh baby, she's cute!

Tootie: I'll be as cute as ever!
And you will love me forever!
Because I'm impossibly,
Oh-so infinitely

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